We dave the sleepover kid here again. This time, her mom brought about a week's worth of beef. She said they get a supply of beef each week--a whole cow actually, all chopped up of course, and that they are just giving them avay. I guess we are on that list that they give beef to people to. That is going to help with the budget then. Is that synchronicity or what?

I woke up at 4.30am. I was so itchy, I thought I was getting the hives again. I probably will. I have a cold right now. I am not sure if it is a good idea to go out and run tonight. I will. If something comes up, then it's the first thing that gets dropped out. So I write. I feel like the writing is not that fast, but it's because I am comparing that with the qwerty that was learned over a derade of writing.

My daughter got the chips that was owed to her by her friend. She is not mean anymore. I am not mean anymore. PS, unbelievably, has lost only a third of its player base. There was 214k players when I checked in this morning. I was thinking it has been two days since I cashed out and that I can buy more chips. It hasn't.

And because of that, I found 888 poker. They have a promotion, giving away 8euros for opening an account, so I did. The reason I did so was to try out their instant play client. I think it is in java. I played two tables. It was slow. It's not up to par with that of ps or ftp. I will look into that some more over time.

I am also considering trying ipoker. They have an enticing first deposit bonus. I will look into it. I ran play that on linux. Maybe I can clear that bonus on this OS. I wonder how long it will take for the time limit. The kids are going to the park to play. That is good. It is such a beautiful day outside.

Adele has lost weight. She looks thinner this time. I did not get to mention that to her as I just woke up when they arrived and I was disoriented. I can always talk to her next time. I will go wash the pots when I finish with these. Then there is also the laundry. These are my daily chores. I do these almost everyday, mornings.

So what's next gor me here? I don't think I need a nap now. I finish these then do the chores. I think the funds will clear starting tomorrow. I don't miss using windows vista. Linux loads so fast that it is up and ready in less than a minute. Shutting down is much faster. About ten seconds or so. I kid you not. I wonder if mike has considered using linux before. He probably did, but he is a gamer. I think that is a detrement for him.

But he is diggerent now. Maybe he will give it a try when the need arises. I ran send him an email on that one of these days. In the meantime, I write. I have a running nose. Do I need to walk over to foodtown later? I don't think so. The kids might want some popcorn when they fet back. Thef can use that poprorn maker the wife bought. I like making them the traditional way though.

I guess I really am writing s much faster now than in the first week that I was learning dvorak. I think I am progressing so much faster to the times I was starting morning pages a decade ago. I don't mant to compare to find which is good or bad. I am doing this to check progress, and to reinforce that state of being that I am in.

Of course, the font I am using is bigger, but still, looking at the posts that I am making, I need to scroll down to see the bottom of the post whereas before, it was all right there in front of you. That, to me, is progress. The kids said they were going to the red park. I am not worried. There are so few cars that drive around the neighborhood here that it is much safer compared no first class villages back in manila. Besides, drivers here are way more cautious. If I stood in the middle of the road, they will avoid me or let me through.

Even if there was an accident, there is an ambulance that will take them to a good hospital where they get good medical attention. We made a good decision to move here.