i am done with dvorak. I deleted that from the keyboard options and am now back with qwerty. This isn't the only keyboard that I'll be using anyway and I am sure to be using keyboard outside as well. But I was used to the other one a;rready. I guess I am going to have to unlearn everything then. I will get used to this over time.

It is going to bd slow again. I am going to get used to this over time. I will just practice writing all the time thenw I think this is the last revision that I am making then.

 judt got back from foodtown with the kids. We just walked, but I am pooped. It was warm and we were walking at such a slow pace. I had tons on my backpack, so I have an excuse that I was going slow. Do I really want to keep to this layout? I was used to this already. I am back to square one.

There is resistance in me again. I feel like I want this writing to be easier on me. What else can I do about this? Nothing. Just keep going in this direction and make the most out of it. I am editing as I write. What are we having for lunch? Nilaga. Am I running later tonight? I don't know. We will see how things will go from here then decide later.

This is another adjustment for me. I am going to stick with this. If I werre to work in a different pc, I am going to have a slower time writing. It is not going to be that hard this time around. I have some background in touch typing. All I need to do is ramp things up and things will be back to normal.

I am resisting this. There is so much resistance in me right now. What to do about this? Nothing. I will just keep to this and make the most out of this and see what happens. I am still not playing poker. The funds are still not with me. I can reload with the minimum amount. I can play ten tables at a time for now. That is going to get things running into that direction. I feel like my fingers are all over the place.

I used to write without looking. I used to write and not care about anything and it will come out all right. I will just do this for a week and this is going to be all eight in due time. The kids are playing again. I want to have coffee but that is going to not help me sleep. I can have that later after my nap.

Maybe that is what I am doing here. I am waiting for me to get sleepy so I can take a nap again. I am making nilaga. The kids are starting to argue. Do I fire a warning shot? Kids. They are always fighting. I don't want to interfere with them at this time. They can handle things by themselves. Do I need to make them lunch?

Not right now. I am putting myself first.

Tv is now off. They know the consequence of their action. I will get this working again in a week's time. I was there already. These kids are annoying me? They are always fighting. Man. Did I waste my time learning that? I don't think I did. I want to revert back to dvorake It is so much more organized that way.