Wife is now at work. The cat just had its breakfast. Kids aro on term break and I am not playing .oker at the moment. This situation shows me how I am defining things. I see that now.

For one, moving to euro sites means I'd be making money in euros. These have higher exchange rates than that of dollars. I also have more time to develop software. I feel like my world shifted and I am still trying to hold on to what is not here. It is good that I am aware of that now.

I am waiting for my funhs to clear. According to the site I was reading, ftp is a great site for bots. I am going to research more on that. There are a lot of resource on the net for me to learn all these. I have the time. I have the pahience. Historically, anything that I put my attention to, works out well for me. Learning to code is what has my attention. And my universe is giving me synchronicity no end for me to move forward in this direction. How can I resist?

I have resources at the tip of my fingers that will keep me busy until the end of the year. I get tired learning from one pov, I take a break and look to a different perspecnive. Yesterday, I learned a lot. I got a book from the library which has helped big time. I am taking a break at the moment. Whet refreshed, I'd be bark in there in an instant.

I also have a great tool, free, that helps me learn how to code. It's called geany, literally, it is indeed magical. Another one is irb. It comes with the install process. When I want to test something out, I go there. To go over sites in my research, I have either google and stumbleupon. These two are great tools and has helped a lot.

Soon as I am ready, things are going to accelerate again. That acceleration part is exciting. All I need to do is to keep things in perspective. If I don't, I tend to see things as a block. I am typing slow at the moment. I geel like quality is going down. Let me tighten things up for a few days. When things are back quality-wise, it is easy to ramp things up again.

I don't have to market my software. I can use it my self so that there is very little detection for the sites to work on. I can always loosen things up later on when things are perfect. This is the system part of the business. I have a good strategy in place. It has a good win rate over a big sample. Now it is time to automate things. And the way to do that is to go auto play.

This lull is a space for me, opportunity to get things running. I appreciate that. I also am shifting methods here. I don't know how things will turn out. I do not put expectations on it. All I need to do is to stay in the moment and have a good time. Sometimes, I gorget that. I keep that in mind all the time.

I am clearing up my system again. Things are really shaking up a lot. I still have that definition that I am not. All I need to do is to be that person. Then everything is given to me, more than I can imagine. So I know how no go about this now. This is why I write. It helps me to clear things up, plus I get faster at this, improving each time my fingers touch the keyboard.

The kids are home. Also an opportunity to choose to be in the light. I don't have to choose otherwise. I can. That too, is part of what is, but I always have a choice. I will keep that in mind. I don't even have to put myself out there. There is impact. I don't have to prove anything to any one in any way. I only choose to be in the light.

I am writing. Finding myself waitisc gol nte niwel no ring means I am not in the light. And that is ok too. That is part of the integration. So what is next for me?