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I spent most of my day learning vim. I think this is easier to learn, for me at least, than emacs. For one, there are modes that make it easier to work in. I still have a lot of commands to internalize, but I have enough under my belt to get me through with learning python as well.

Tomorrow, I can resume learning python. I started down that road this morning, but I got sidetracked. At first, I decided I'll make do without emacs, but vim was nagging my imagination. Since I wasn't able to concentrate well with python, I decided to give it a go. And I am not regretting that I did. I found all the easy tutorials that I needed. There was vimtutor as well, which taught me a lot about vim. I think I spent my whole afternoon inside of vimttutor.

I can say that I had a productive day today. There were some resistance early in the day--can't help that. But soon as I was in learning mode, things just went gray all around me and I was able to focus on vim. I have a cheat sheet set up. That will help me while I learn my way around this tool. There is also the online help. There is the vim help, that I have yet to learn. If I can't find answers, my last resort is to post my questions with stackoverflow. That is one great website specifically for programmers. Plenty of questions and answers for everyone.

I think this is the second morning pages for today. I was able to write one at the start of my day. Start of the day for me is after I bring the kids to school. I have breakfast, then fire up the pc. I think that is the most productive part of my day. It is quiet and it's just me and the cat. First session ends at around 1pm. Sometimes I take a nap. That refreshes me, resets me for the rest of the day.

Afternoons, after the kids get home from school, it is not as productive. There is plenty of distractions when the kids are home. Nothing I can do about it. I let the kids use the pc to do their homework while I do something else. Night time, I have time again to get into the zone after dinner. It ends at around 10.30pm. That is a long stretch for me. I learn a lot of things with this schedule.

For one, my typing speed is now up to 30-ish wpm. There is still plenty of room to improve with this skill, but I am improving ahead of schedule here. Python, that is where the meat of the learning goes. Vim is more a prerequisite, so it gets time now and then.

Whenever I get stuck with one of these three, I do something else. If my cup runneth over, I go out and go for a run. I do five kilometers every other day, as a minimum. I do two days on, one day off as a routine. It works well with me. I feel better that I am running. it is like taking a nap in the middle of the day, only that I am outside and moving the energy.

I am halfway through my timer. That is ok. No rush for me. Only that I practice and this is where I am. There is this idea, belief maybe, that I have to improve myself. I also made my first post with MMT. It isn't much, but at least it is a start. I like that site. it helps me keep in the light. Not that being in the dark is bad. Only that I prefer being in the light.

So what is the difference? I feel lighter, more centered, more at peace, quiet mind when I am in the light. When outside of the light, I tend to think more. The ego wants to control everything. When things start to tighten up and get that negative feeling, that's the automatic trigger. I see the thoughts and the light is turned on. And I pay attention to what is happening within me. That's when things start to quiet down.

It is a continuing practice. There is no graduation. There is always something there. There is contrast everywhere, even inside of me. It is interesting that this is my practice. It takes a lifetime of practice, and I will never get there eventually, but it is ok with me.

My back is starting to complain. Maybe I can take a nap or go to sleep when I finish these? I think I want to wait up for the wife. I'll do that. She still has a period after a week. She said she will have that checked with the doctor on friday. Maybe things will get better before that. But it is all up to her. She has to choose to be in the light. I can't teach her that. I sometimes find it hard to keep myself in the light myself.

I can only set an example. If she sees the light that way, then good. If not, so be it. She will find the light someplace else. I found mine not in the church. There is so much confusion in there for me. I am getting tired. I will take it easy from here on. I will post these, then just slack around. I have like a half hour to wait before wife gets home. Morning pages is so much fun than typing practice. At least this way, I get to practice connecting to the flow. That is where writing source comes from.

I wonder where code source comes from? It is probably the same. It comes from the higher mind. Bashar says the local mind is not capable of finding solutions. it can only feedback what is happening. The ego mind cannot know how things will happen. That is a lot of composting for me. I have less than a minute to go to finish this exercise.

I am now going to while away the time until I see that timer. Then I will post. I used to include photos in here. But then again, I will have to download them, then upload them again. Too much effort. i would rather do somethong else. done. Timer - simple online countdown timer