How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

I am sleepy. I helped out an old person with their internet connection. I practically did not know what to do as their os is in italian. It would have been easier if it was in english. I can do one more check tomorrow, and then I will recommend that they call tech support. That will save them time. In fact, it is a reliable way to get help for them. It is free and the people who can help will have the tools to troubleshoot the problems they might have. It is not my problem if they have language problems, but I am sure tech support will have english speaking reps in their roster.

I am feeling resistance in me. I had a good run this afternoon. I am sleepy. This is what coffee does to me. This is caffeine crash. This is why I drink coffee. To get sleepy. I will sleep in an hour when wife gets home. In the meantime, I am freezing my ass off here. It is cold. That means weather tomorrow will be good.

There is a lot of things going on in me. I don't have to write the whole poker bot code right here right now. The learning process comes first. The thing for me is to simply be a better trader today. If I learned something new today, then that would be a good day. Even if it were just one tweak on vim or the bash shell, or something about python that helps me understand something better, then I had taken one step forward to learning python.

I don't have to compare myself with the coders in SO. They, like me, probably had white belt days like I am having now. It is unfair to compare to get value for the self. I can compare to see the contrast, but that is as far as I can take it. I will always put things in the positive light so that it serves me.

Tomorrow, wife and kids go to church. I think marcus will want to walk with me again to church. Why does it feel like my fingers are not resting and are instead hanging off the air. Maybe I can retake the typing test to make things more permanent. I can do that, but that is not exciting for me. I would rather do this writing and see the light, the contrast, then adjust accordingly.

Kids are watching tv. I have been stressed out all day. There was sleepover guest. Not really her sleeping over, but just coming over. It upsets me to have her around. She behaves differently from my kids. I guess that gives me contrast. I want to see this in a positive light for me. I get to appreciate my kids more seeing the contrast with someone else's kids. For one, my kids know how to clean up for themselves. My kids are better behaved. Not that one is good or bad. They are only different.

I am writing and forgot to set the timer.

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist