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I found myself facing a wall solving python exercises, so I decided to take a break. A typing break. I will get back to python in an hour. It was supposed to rain today. I was thinking of doing the laundry but there wasn't enough dirty clothes. I guess I am going to have to do them tomorrow. What to do when I take a break?

I am already doing that. At least part of that. Do I need a new keyboard? No. I just need to be present when I am doing this. The b key is an issue with my typing. I will be more aware of that from here on. What is next on the agenda? Do nothing for an hour. I can take a nap. I can watch porn. But wife is expecting some rain tonight. That counts out porn until tonight maybe. Rain was supposed to happen last night, but I was tired and had carbs. She did not do much and I did not do anything. I figured she wasn't that interested at all. I fell asleep in a few seconds from that.

The fingers are feeling tight. Why is that? Do I need to make some changes here? I think the e is being hit by the ring finger. That puts a strain on the hand and arm in general. I might go back to the lessons if that persists. I was thinking of doing something else for a change. Like I can go to the library. But that takes time away from python and vim. I decided to stay at home. I can take a one hour do nothing break later on.

Do nothing as in I can maybe go for a run. That counts as a do nothing hour. I can also do yoga. I did not do yoga yesterday. That will be good for me. I can do that after I finish these. I still have seventeen minutes to go to finish these writing. I think I had a good day learning how to code yesterday. It doesn't seem like it because I immediately started on a new exercise that I did not finish.

I feel like I am rushing this. What is the definition there then? Like this thought that this moment is not perfect and I am rushing to the next or to a future moment, and I lose my light doing that. What I can do instead is find that light and stay there. I can act as if I already was a great programmer. No need to look to the outside for proof of that. I, in my own universe, am the best at everything I say I am. No need to prove that to anyone else.

I am running tonight. I did not run yesterday. I will do yoga when I finish these. Then I can have an early lunch. I am like a student here. A homeschooling student. I am the teacher and student. But that is not a good metaphor there. The universe is the teacher and I am learning from the universe.

I find something, then I post them to s/o. That way, someone gets the points, I learn. People will always want to earn points in there. That is how they promote themselves as programmers. The more answers they get, the more points they make. The more their credibility goes up. I think that is a great system they have at that website. And now I am a part of that community. This is how I am going to learn python by myself.

How long will it take? I don't know. How long it will take to come up with my poker bot? One year? This is my first month learning python. I am doing so much progress. I think it is plausible. Two years is a dead on yes answer. I can make a bot in two years. I know where to get answers. I work on this everyday and in two years time, I will have a bot. The question is, how good will it be?

That is not going to be answered now. I am not there yet. When I get there, the answer will present itself.

So what do I do now? I will do yoga. I will give myself a break. If this was school, I am going on morning tea break after this post. So I shifted my vibration now to that of homeschooling myself. If I can make this work, then anyone can learn anything. I think the answers are all out there. This is why I decided to teach myself python. To prove to myself, at least, that I can learn anything about anything from the internet.

There are resources like tutorials and forums. There are also tools, free tools that I am using to learn. Python is foss. All of the tools that I am using to learn python are foss. What more can you ask for? So where is this going? That I can learn this and get a job or something. I know people in manila who have kids. They are worried that they will not be able to send their kids to higher education because of inflation.

My answer to them is this--fuck higher education. It is only paper chase. In today's world, you don't need other people to tell you how good you are. You put it out there, and you get votes. Say, I wanted to learn computer science. That is usually a four year course in a university--back in manila at least. Instead of paying tuition and all the expenses that go with that, I use the internet. I can learn everything that they are teaching in university at a much shorter time than four years.

And this is what I am doing.

Not to prove anything to anyone, but to myself. That I can learn. Now, if the worried folks were to see what I did, maybe they too, will decide that there is a different path that they can choose. How to get a job with that?

Let's say I finish the course and learned everything that a computer scientist needs to know. I will create an application and put it out there. I will create a whole library of applications and use that as part of my resume. This way, when I send out my resume for a job application, the folks will see what I have been doing all this time.

As an employer myself, I would look at practical knowledge than just credentials. Anyone with money to burn can get credentials. A lot of people do. I don't have money to burn. I used to. Not today. I don't have that today in order for me to find out that I don't need it. As bashar said, state of being matters most.

That is also what my life's theme is about. It is difficult. It is like giving yourself a handicap in order to gain acceleration. But it is good. I only need to remind myself what this life's theme is about. When I lose the light, I go down in despair. It is not a state of being that I want to spend the day in. I would rather be in the light.

python 3.x - [float(i) for i in lst] - Stack Overflow