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Morning pages!

I have been reading a lot about bitcoin and the p2p economy. I think it has potential, the only problem is that it is difficult to get in on that. You can't just participate and buy or sell bitcoins. But once you are in and have everything set up, it has great potential.

In what way? For one, it is an economy supported by the peer network and not some institution. Bashar mentioned something about this, now synchronicity is knocking at my door, saying, 'hey! take a look at this!' There is a lot of opportunity for growth in this direction. I think this is the reason for me taking a break in poker, so I can pay more attention to this, plus the fact that I am learning how to code. Everything fits together.

I am going to play with the codes after I am done posting this. I had a whole day yesterday tweaking the allconvert program. I made some breakthroughs yesterday, finally able to make the code work the way I envisioned it. Now I am going to add more factors to it so that it converts more. After that, I am going to post the code for peer review. I think there is a way to cut the code in half, making it more efficient. I will do that when it is ready.

Wife went to work today. I woke up half past two this morning because of my hives. They were in my fingers and foot. That tells me it is in its final phase. That is a welcome occurence. I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep so I fired up the pc and surfed the net. I surfed about bitcoin. It was interesting and I was curious about it.

I learned about anonymous and how committed and dedicated its members were. I Wonder how they got started. Institutions are afraid of what they can do. They are very adept at what they do. They know their job well. I wonder what happened with their war with the govt of nz? They declared war with that govt after that copyright law was passed. I am not hearing much about it. Either they have effectively disabled the internet facilities of the govt, or not much happened after the publicity went down. We will see in the coming days.

I did not get to write yesterday. I think. Or maybe I did, but couldn't remember. I saw this channel on youtube and it is for startups. The host has a lot of ego in there. He has this sidekick who only interjects every now and then, then the host cuts him off after a few sentences. He gets paid to do that? I think he is one of the seniors in that project. Too much ego in there. I might have to unsub from that later when it doesn't suit me anymore.

It has been raining again. It is going to be a wet weekend. It is winter. We get more of these these days. I want to run later, but it is going to be super cold. I can do yoga later, and after my daughter gets back from the mall, I can run. Right now, the schedule is too tight for that. I will do what I can with what I got. Right now, I write. I can do facebook, but it gets too predictable in there. i would rather do a lot of other things. Like stumble. I learn something new when I do that.

I have been feeling sick because I was buying into someone else's belief system. That if I have high cholesterol count, that I am not well. I read somewhere on a low carb blog that it was expected of you to have high bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is healthy as well. I will look into that some more over the coming days. But for now, that was an aha moment. That shone the light in me. Now I see better.

One daughter finished with her computer turn. There'd be more later on. One daughter is going out with her friend to go to the mall. I am in this situation to see that I can still be in the state of being that I prefer even if the circumstances are not what I want them to be. I learned this first from my father. I was drinking a lot. He explained that I don't have to be the heaviest drinker in the group to have fun. It made sense. Slow but sure, I got rid of the alcohol and still had a great time with the group while they drink. I drank soda instead. Diet soda. My dad also had a diabetic friend who did that. He drank regular coke. He was fat and all that. He was good friends with my father then. I think he has already passed away.

I think I am here because I am to go a process of growth. This sometimes doesn't make sense. But I put myself here. This is where I am. I am not here by accident or by forces beyond my control. It is only that I am resisting this and want what was familiar that I am having a hard time. I see that now. I am in the light. That is the goal each time, that I be in the light and make the present moment as best as I can--by being in the light.

I don't have to be an expert python programmer. I only have to be better than I was before. With that goal in mind, I am always having a grand day learning. The process serves me well. I have seven minutes to go, so I am going to bramble to kill the time and to fill up the pages.

I miss the last few days we had in manila. I can still feel it. The sm mall in taytay that we frequented. The mall. I miss them. The people. The things I used to do there. The buko after workout. The isaw. I used to work out in the morning, do something then have buko and isaw later in the day. I miss that. I also miss the dates with the wife. We watched a movie twice a week. We had a great time then.

Things are different here. We are evolving. Is it better here? Or was it better back in manila? Not that one is better, good or bad, but only different. I think I am here to choose to get that feeling even if I don't have what is familiar to me. I don't have to have twice a week dates with the wife to have a good time with her. We can do something else without that and still be in the light.

I have beef stew to last me all through the weekend. The kids can have that, or egg for lunch. I don't think they are hungry right now. Do I want to go get a nap? My eyes feel tired. I can take a nap when I can't help stay awake anymore. Right now, I am ok, but feeling tired.. Not really tired. Maybe bored. I miss playing poker. I haven't logged into windows for a long time now. I don't see the need to. If the need is there, I can easily do that. for now, linux works and it works well for me. Better than expected.

Sometimes there is the issue that it don't shut down properly. It's not a regular thing. Once in 20 shutdowns I suppose. I can look it up when it gets out of hand. For now, things are working perfectly. I looked up computer janitor and saw a lot of neggies about it. But when I tried it out, it worked well. It removed the old distro from the grub list on start up. I did not expect that. I thought I just removed some dead files, cleared the register the way I did with vista. It worked great for me. I removed computer janitor from my pc after reading the write ups. I might put that back in again, or look for a better alternative.

I have less than a minute to go writing here. I will just extend this, it is called delaying the time, there is a better term for this playing basketball, I forgot what that term was. I haven't played in a long time.

The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle (pay what you want for five awesome video games)