Seize the Day

I haven't written morning pages for some time now. Might as well be now. Brother emailed that they are not paying realty taxes on the house they are living in. I guess they are subconsciously making someone else decide for them. It takes very little to put something in each month. That way, the creditors are off their back. I guess they want to experience that path. I don't know if I can help them. If I can, I would. I am not able to. That means they are on their own.

I have clementine and it works just fine for me. I like vlc better. When i think of a song, it would be easy to add it to the list of songs I have running. I can run that right now and listen to it. It tends to get buggy some times. I made an update of that software this morning. Something was buggy with this pc this morning. It did not start, boot right away. I had to turn it on and off several times. Little boy went to bed early today. I wonder why. Maybe he got tired and sleepy early.

Back to vlc, it has a lot of tools in it that I have yet to learn. When the need arises, when the question is there, then I will learn it. No need to learn it and I won't find it. I don't want to force myself to look it up and learn it if it is not in my vibration. As for my brothers, I don't know how things will turn out for them. Maybe they are going to learn something from that. Maybe not. They know that I do not have work at the moment. I have a business. It is making money. It is working as expected. I am leaning how to automate it right now. That is the next step. Not that I have expectations for it. It is just what I see immediately ahead, or what the next step is for me. I am interested in learning or how to automate it. That is where I also want to go. It excites me to be that person who can tweak this tool to suit be better.

Now that I am going there, I only need to be in that state of being. I am looking for a second pc. Something that will act as back up as well as a promise I made to a daughter. I can make something work here. The second one will be exclusively linux. It will have smaller memory and capacity than this one as it is a second hand pc. I am going to learn about hardware with these two. Next step for that is to get a monitor and maybe a router.

I am listening to this music file. It feels like it is not quality. Should I switch to clementine? That is another app that I like using. I adjusted the volume settings so it is louder. I like this song from heart. It is powerful and full of emotion. I liked, enjoyed listening to it in the car. Those were great times. I had good friends and things were great.

It is about this lady who had an affair with a stranger she met. That is exciting. I would like to be in that situation if possible. I like the rhythm. It is about sex. I wonder how things are in there. I don't know. I am paying attention to it, listening as I write. The kids are going to sleep now. Wife is still watching tv.

I wonder where that band is right now? They are not writing anymore? Probably they are. Or some of the other members have moved on and are doing something. But when you are young and in a band, you know you are going to make something out of it. No expectations, just enjoy the ride. That is where I am right now.

I finished the medical requirement this morning. That is one step closer to getting the permanent residency thing. Then the kids go and get theirs, then we submit everything. Things will fall into place. No need for me to force anything here to happen. My job is to feel good now. Nothing is more important than I feel good now. The transitions to this music player are not as clean. Why is that? But I like that it can be loud. I am listening to jesus jones right now.

I think I can make something happen here. This is the morning pages and this is part of the practice here. I go to bed later when wife is ready to go to bed.I am not sleepy right now. There is no discomfort in me. I am going to learn python after I finish these. Only when the kids use the internet that I open tor. Otherwise, if it is just me, I don't use proxy. Unless I need some privacy when browsing. Then I turn it on.

It works for me. I get the privacy I want. More so when the browsing or the sites I visit reflect the personal side of me. Is blogging part of that? Not really. This is somewhat anonymous. No names. I try to avoid that. There is ten minutes remaining to my writing. I made breakout this morning. I made some good plays--I meant early afternoon. Not morning as I was away all morning. The switch to the next song is not clean. Try clementine now. Or can I do something with the switch? switching now.

It is on now, clementine. I like the name. Amarok must have been a great app back then. This clementine is a fork from that version, 1.4. I like this clementine. The transition is smooth between songs. It is easy to listen to it. I adjusted the system volume so I can get louder music and drown out everything else. I have seven minutes to this writing. I will learn python after I finish posting this.

It has been sometime that I used scribefire. I have already taken it out of firefox. I like addthis better. It has all my blogs without me having to enter them one by one with username and password. This is so much easier and has eliminated steps to automate things. I wonder how you make an app like this.

I think things like this, not just python but add something to it like django so it works in the web. I am going to learn that. I have some good basics already in place. I know where to look for answers. I know how to look for answers. That is important. This hardware issue is also the next step for me. I am considering getting work part time in a tech shop where I get hands on learning from them. I can even work for free. I think I can offer my services for them. How else am I going to learn this? I don't know yet. I can ask around. I can even offer my services full time to that. I will look into that some more.

What else are there to consider here? I can send them an application letter stating that it is what I want to do. I just go there to help build pc's. They do not have to pay me. They can pay me an allowance or something. No cleaning. That is not going to be part of the job description. I have this vision for a company I want to start. Everyone shares in the profits of the company equally no matter the seniority or know how. Everyone depends on each other any way.

The music is transitioning. This is great. I think it is great how they do that. How do they do that anyway? There is also a notification that comes out. It tells me what the next music is. It doesn't get garbled when the switch happens. I have less than two minutes to go in my writing. I can write with my eyes closed and get less error as I am more careful here. This music is not sharp. I wonder how I got this music? I changed it.

Now it is playing pearl jam. Do I want to work? Only if it interests me and excites me. That is important a criteria for me. If it don't work for me, then I am not going to go there. Do I want to go to birkenhead? We will see. I will send over an application. If it works out, then good. If it doesn't, then I can do something else. I am done here.

Seize the Day