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i am experiencing a lot of anxiety again. waiting for my breakfast. three pieces of chicken. i guess this is the contrast. and i am learning how to stay in the light. that of the state of bieng that i prefer. i am not happy with the new ubuntu upgrades. why can't they just stick with what works? because they want more user base. i am seriously considering debian. it is based in that os and according to this study, it is one of the best out there. i just want something that works and will work without too much problems.

i like the 11.04natty narwhale. i can configure it and there was support for a lot of the things that i need. now this ocelot came out and it shook everything out. i am shaken and i had to spend a lot of time configuring it. at least this moved me into this direction. i am also considering marketing in the real world. no more odesk for me. to get paid i will go with the credit card or use bank transfers. that be an easy way to do this.

to market, i will spam emails. will that get attention? i don't know. do i need to network? i can only if it feels good. i am so anxious right now. how to let go of this? i write. i write so it comes out in the open. no need for me to fix this. i just write what comes to my head. i don't have to un anxious myself. i use this energy up. this is why the energy is here. there is so much contrast happening in my life right now.

i am also thinking of chnaging the os for my kids pc. it is slow with the ubuntu natty but i need that still. or i change mine to win7. but then that will open up a can of worms. first, virus. i will have to deal with that too. then i will have to download and install a lot of stuff. this is the path of least resistance. do nothing. i will resume web2py. there is a lot of contrast. i am finding web2py easier to understand than django.

i am going to stick with this. it feels lighter to learn web2py. i am going to stick with that. when things get too technical, i lose attention and start doing a lot of other things. that's ok. this is part of the equation. i can remove the bookmarks that serve no purpose or reclassify them someplace else. i can always look them up somewhere later.

and who is that website that awarded web2py? i think web2py is a serious contender for django. the mailing list is so active. yesterday there was double the number of messages in web2py than in django. is that a sign that one is better? no only that there was a lot more messages yesterday. what about python3? that's not a problem for me now. what i want is to finish that tutorial. like i did with that django tutorial. there are not a lot of books out there for web2py. that's ok. there's a lot of resources on the internet to help me learn.

there is the mailing list. that is the main. then there is stackoverflow. there is also the documentation. i remember running web2py and getting into admin on fluxflex. i just hope they are reliable. it worked for a week, then the wordpress site stopped showing up. i will play with it some more. dotcloud, it is running ok. it gets slow at times. i am not seriously going to move my marketing blog over there. it is going to stay with blogger for now.

after i finish this blog, i will surf until it is time for my breakfast. i am wondering if the lawn mower is coming today. i can walk to the bank and get money if they are coming. i am waiting for their text to get money. otherwise, they will come next week. no problem with that. i can reply that i'd get money. if i am not home, i will leave that in the mailbox.

anyway. i don't want to have to be anxious with that. i will do yoga then run later tonight. i will run everyday until i am not able to run. then that will be my rest day. i will pay attention to that. being in the light, going for the excitement, or being in the light and practice integrity. there is not much else. if things get too anxious, i will stop doing that which causes it and point downstream.

the reason is that the brain doesn't grasp where things are headed now. i am learning all this. this is uncovering. it is already there. no need to learn anything or get from the outside. just allow things to happen. things will go as a reflection. today is day two. it was a pretty easy day one yesterday. not a lot of issues. i can make it a week.

i am not sure i want to go in the direction of that other one. i can post comments now and then. i can write something, an article or so about running startups. i think it will be good that it is there. there is plenty to learn from the folks around here. how to share from that thread? i don't know yet. there's a lot of things for me to do. no need to rush. just deal with comes up in front. choose the light. point downstream. choose the path of least resistance. the one that feels better for me. there is where the practice is each day.

weird dream last night.

The best Linux distro of 2011! | TuxRadar Linux