I am going through contrast right now. I did not pass eligibility for publicly funded healthcare and now I am going to have to settle the NZ$2000 hospital bill.

I don't really mind paying so, and am actually relieved that the decision came out. This way, I do not have to get anxious about it. I just feel down because I was hoping I did not have to do the installments. The payment is spread out over a period of two years. It's not going to be a burden after all.

It's not what I wanted, not what I prefer, but this is here. synchronicity then is telling me that this is something I need to go through. What am I getting out of it?

This circumstance gives me a reason to spend more time with the online business I started a while ago. It's a consultancy business that helps startups with their social media communications. I enjoy the creative part of the work, which is writing.

The local mind is running around in circles trying to figure out how am I going to pay for it. When I catch myself doing so, I observe it. This circumstance has given me the opportunity to work through anxiety. If I stay in this light, in this awareness, then I will attract the abundance. If I choose to be anxious about it, then life becomes difficult. I am given a choice. This is what the contrast is about. Black and white. Which do you prefer?

I am going to allow this in my life right now. I know someday I am going to look back and see why this happened and how it fits in with the overall picture.