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weird, but i don't feel like doing anything. i just woke up from a nap. it was an hour and a half long. i know because my daughter used the computer and she has a timer.

i guess this is down time for me. i get a new client when i feel like it. right now, they can all wait. this ahole client sends em a message wanting to work with me again. i tell him i was offended by his copy paste comment. no need to go there again. he doesn't have social skills.

if he will insist, i will ask for higher rates. but that's a dead end job. he is not going to listen to me. what's the point. the campaign is going to be a dud with him. i'd rather use my energy with someone who will listen.

i have two weeks. i can get a new client by then. i can and will get someone who is better. the kids wanted me to go with them. i did not want to. i still have to make dinner. wife can go pick them up. bring kyla with them to pick them up.

i feel too lazy to do anything else. i am not even hungry. i did not work out today. i think i wanted to, i was scheduled to do yoga.

I was going to use the addthis page to time my writing, but got lost in the deal. let me just keep writing then i stop when the wife gets home. i don't feel like doing much of anything. i don't do morning pages as much any more, so i do this right now.

i stopped doing the typing test. i even reverted back to the old keyboard. this is so much easier for me. no need to make changes, although that will make things so much easier. you want to test that again? I will go back to writing again. i will write to practice. but then again, that will rewire everythig on my keyboard. i wonder if that will change things?

it will. the keys are pointed by location. i am talking about pokerstars here. so i am going to make changes to how things are keyed, then take things from there. too much effort. but will that make an improvement?

the old pinoy freelancers group on facebook is boring now. i don't like hanging out there anymore. there's no group that's good to hang out in and have a chat. i can move on from here. what else do i want to do? i don't know yet. i can take on cheap jobs.

if i just want to get the job done and the practice. i can move on from there. what else is there for me to do? i don't know yet. i can go check it out. that will make me busy. i can lower my fees again to ten bucks an hour. i don't have to apologize for my rates. i think fifteen bucks an hour is good.

the copy i write is going to last them for some time. i even make changes to my own copy now and then. i think i just made changes to them today. i added some proof elements to it. i don't have a portfolio page. i think i have them. where else can they see them? do they have to see them?

what if i gave them a list of the stuff that i did in the past? that will take them to a different page. that's in odesk. i don't want to bring them there. how else do i show them what it is i have done in the past? i think that will come up. just stay here. i can do spaghetti now.

that way.. no onions. wait for the wife. then i can make sauce. otherwise, it is going to taste different. we had lunch earlier. broke my diet. i can do something else. like what i don't know. i can play poker later on. just waiting for the wife then i will make dinner.

i paid my daughter for work she does. she withdraws applications on odesk that are three days old. i don't have to do that. she does them. maybe next step is for her to send applications for me. it's going to be copy paste.

how else can i make it not copy paste? I think copy paste is good. i have already given the message i want them to have. i think the message is sufficient. i get a response from them.

what if i were to lower my rates? will i get better response? if it is just the quality of the work, then i think i can handle that.

but what about my other clients? if they see that the rates go down and are erratic, what will they say? They wil opt for the lower rates seeing that i can go there. instead, go for quality. if i go for quantity, then it is going to be like that.

i would rather have time for myself. that is where true power lies. i want to enjoy time alone for myself. this is why i write. i think i can do this every morning from here on.

oh well. i can just do this and see what happens. i have my finger in every pie. how can i do royalties? like take on cheap work and offer royalties. do i need to make a copy for that?