This is going to be my morningpages fr the day. I am writing this copy and I have like today to finish them so I can move forward with my day. What is the problem? I think I have already defined them. I have a promise that these packages helped other people--they might be able to help you.

Take one package, use it for thirty days, it could be the help to sleep package, try it for thirty days no charge. If y ou like it, then come back and avail of these packages as well--again with another thirty day money back guarantee.

If for any reason you do not like them, let us know and we will send you back your money, no questions asked. You can even keep the package and don't have to send them back. We will even put a hold order on your credit card payment. We will not encash your check.

How's that for a guarantee? This libre office is better than abiword, it's just that it takes longer to load. I think it has something to do with the funcions. These are not with abiword, so it loads faster. Just the capitalize the first letter of the word in the sentence is a big help. I don't have to come back and do them later.

Also there is auto correct and auto complete. I don't have to worry about those as well. I can concentrate on my writing. I also have camtasia on windows 7. I can make videos later. I am even teaching my daughter how to make videos themselves. They can get jobs on fiverr later when they are able to make those as well.

If they can finish one video per day then that's five dollars for them. If they can finish ten in a week, that's fifty dollars. That's a lot of money.

When they work together, someone collects information, one will collect media while another one works on the video production, then they can all get more things done.

They are creative already. I just point to them what they can do with it so they can make money with them. I think I have something working there. I will go in that direction. I just need to copy paste some of them then I can write out the first draft.

I am also going to use some of the videos in the series. Is there something else I can do? Can I record what happens in my sound card? I think I have software for that. What is that letter doing there? My fingers are not doing the things that should be done. This tells me I am not doing my practice as often as I should. I think I need to do some more practice with the keyboard again. I can do that later. I am going to do them later. For now, cat in the can with the canister and the cinch is the cunt and the cactus in the c. I am writing down c's so I can practice them. The index finger is taking over with that and that causes problems for me. I am going to be more aware of that so I can be more conscious of what is happening.

How did that happen? I am now aware and I am going in that direction. How did that happen? I am not lazy. It just happened. It is subconscious, which means that I am not checking into that more often. I am aware, so I am moving past this.

What else can I write about? I have everything. I think I can work with that proof. I need problem. I can use the proposition that they use. I just need the motivation.

I think the not having control over life. The feeling of anxiety that looms over the people. That life is beyond their control and that this is causing them anxiety.

I am having that experience and I can write about that. There is the weight issue, there are externals that I can't seem to control. BWE is something that can help put semblance of control in my life. I really can't control anything that's on the outside. It is a reflection. What this does is that it quiets the mind. This helps me put things into perspective.

Seeing things better from a different perspective, I am able to deal with these issues more effectively. The c, what happened there? How did that happen? I can do an exercise there that will help with the issue. But that is going to take time away from my writing. I can do that later.

This is page two. There are one more page after this. I think I can do the exercise later when I finish the Facebook page copy. Then I can work on the video. I think the can has some issues that can be resolved.

The kids have playstation 3. are there games available online? I think so. All I need to do is look, then buy them so I can have them for the kids. I don't think it will be that expensive.

What else is there to write about? I think I have everything in here. I have direction. Do I need to stop writing now? I can stop writing now. All I need to do is to continue with the Copywriting.

How did that happen there? I think I changed something and it became a habit for me. What else is there? I can just do that and see what else happens. I can think of it this way and I can write this way. I am can be more aware of this. Can is a big word. That is the word for today. I can. I can type better with this. Can is something that I am working with.

Wife has issues. I cannot change her. I can only change myself. That is the reflection there. There is the lesson. I can move on forward from here. What else? I have the tools that I need to write this copy. I will finish them, then send them over to the client. Then I can have the rest of the day off.

The other computer has finished what it is supposed to do. If my eldest daugher finds making videos enjoyable and makes good with it, then she can make money with it. The other sisters will see what it is she is doing and will want to learn about it as well. Then they can help me with this business and together we can make a good business out of it.

I just get a small manager's cut. Fifteen percent is a good standard price. We might need another computer so we can all work together on this. I think there is a demand for this.

Demo is better than telling about it. How can you show a video showing how effective it is? Show people using it. Testimonials. I think you can get testimonials for five dollars at fiverr. I can recommend that. I can tell them what needs to be done.

Or we can hire a voice over talent for that. It will only last a few minutes. I think I can even do that myself. Where else can I get that. I have camtasia. I can do them myself. I can do video editing from here.

The files need to be saved as video. I can write the script for that. But what else is there for us? I think we don't need people really. We just need voice over talents. I think we have a media company in the making here.

Let's run with this and see what happens.