Good thursday

lake house

The wife had a down session on poker last night. She calls too much, doesn't raise enough and doesn't know how to play postflop. I think the poker guide that I am coming out will simplify that.

I can't teach her right now. Her cup is still full. The only time I can get through to her is when she accepts the fact that she doesn't know.

This is why it's possible to make money with online poker. There are a lot of people who do it for leaisure... a few want to do it for business but do not know how to make it work.

I am a bankroll nit. I can move up stakes, but I want my skill level to be up to par regardless of how much bankroll I have. I just applied to be tested for a driver's license. They did not even check my eyesight again.

I think there's a way around that. In any case, I think I have too much anxiety. I can see that. That means I am outside of the forrest. I am not going to the gym today. I had a sore throat last night. It tells me I am going to get a cold. I'll skip today, then maybe go back next week. That's a long weekend there.

I miss it. Too much worry and when it comes up, I just flag that. That's how habits are formed. That's how I reverse a habit. You need to replace it.

Am I going to post these when I finish?

Not really. I don't have to. I have a lot to write about. One is that social media marketing is a farce. Small businesses do not need it.

They show you that blue chip companies, the big boys do it and they are profitable. It's true. But for small businesses, it won't happen.

For one, big boys have the budget. We don't. Second, their stock price improves an average of two percent if they have a good pr campaign/ad for them. When public perception is good, their stock prices go up an average of two percent.

Imagine if your company is publicly traded and you had a billion shares. Imagine what two percent rise in the stock price will add to your capital.

Small businesses do not have this. No matter how good your pr campaign is, it's going to add to the cost of acquiring new customers. If the pr campaign doesn't bring in new customers consistently, it's a leak. Plug it.

Therse are the things that I write about. The howtogrowbiz blog is getting more attention. I am a different person now. I don't care about how it's going to happen. All I need to know is that I am in that state of being that I prefer. No need to react to the reflection. It's a reflection. I become, the reflection follows and I experience.

That is the equation. I am scheduled for the driver's license test on wednesday next week. In the morning. I drive the wife to work, have coffee, then finish the test.

Then after a month, I can apply again for the regular license. There was a brazilian lady applying as well. I think she is someone else's gf. She looks hot. Not exactly supermodel hot, but my standards hot.

I am getting old. I feel it. This is why I see it. I am aware of that now. This is the awareness. No need to fight it. I am not getting old. I am getting strong in the spirit. That's where the real action is.

So things are moving forward. One step at a time? Not really. All things are happening right now. I am moving forward with this. Even poker is starting to look good. I am going to do yoga when the kids get home then.

I use windows more often than the other one. This is because poker is in here. Also camtasia. I am going to get some videos made. If the books arrive today and I get notified by the library, i'd like to get them.

This way, I have stuff to read while we are away. If not, so be it. I can have them when they arrive next week. Things are starting to happen fast again.

I think it was the bank snafu with the telecom payment. I was sure I made the right input. I wonder why that was so? Anyway, it's behind us now.

What else do I need to write about? This is page two. I have one more page to go. I write three line paragraph then I move on to the next line. Tis way, the text doesn't look too blocky.

How to get that tab inserted every new paragraph? I don't know yet. I have to do them manually. I think it helps to make it easier to read if I tabbed them.

But if I can't then so be it. It deson't have to be.

I also vary the length of the paragraph. Sometimes, one, few times two. This way, it varies.

What you want is for the reader to stay with you. But that is just the external. Of course the story matters. If you have something to say, then they are going to read it if you are interesting enough.

If not, they no matter how much you prettify your text, it's not going to work. So am I a copywriter still?

Yes. I am making copy for my own and not someone else's. I am following claude hopkins' advice to go solo. In odesk, I am just working for someone else.

I have always wanted to work for myself. Now I am. I work less and am stressed less. The money is there. It's the energy. I just need to align with it.

But I am aware of this now. And I am moving forward. I pick up the kids from school at two pm. They come out early today. Starting tonight, they sleep whenever they want.

They can even sleep in the living room. I think I got this bug from my daughter. She was sick the other night. Now I got it. I just need to sit this one out.

I'd like to run later tonight. I think the kids can make pizza. What will I have?

I started wearing the old pants now. It's still tight, but I fit in there again. I really let loose last year going into christmas. I see that now. Things are different.

For one, I no longer have those cravings. It's just an excitement issue. Now it is past me. What excites me now? Working and growing my business.

Nothing beats that. When I make my one percent for the day, I am happy. I am excited. I just need to do one percent better than yesterday.

It could be a blog post. It could be a tweak. It could be a different offer. Anything that makes the business improve by one percent and I am happy. I have had a productive day.

You don't get that working for someone else. It has to be like to the max all the time. This is why I work for myself. And now I am working on the definitions. Rather, seeing the definitions that I have and realigning them.

I don't have to fight myself to it. I just need to observe, hey, I am holding on to this definition. And then I let go. By being aware of it, I let go of it.

Also think that all things are possible. When I worry about something, I do not fight it out of my head. I just acknowledge my self that everything is possible.

If that dread is there. Then it's possible. This opens up the energy in me.