new directions in my poker business

fishing on the beach

I'm trying out a different typewriter font here. I think I like it. It's like in bold, but not really. Dark and solid. This might replace american typewriter. I can make this as my new default font.

I think I have a winning sytem here on zoom tables. I just play this system, earn the vip cash bonus and move up vip levels and I am making money. No need for fancy plays. I go for the long term. I go for low variance play.

I think I am going to get sucked out. That happens. It happens to everyone. I too get lucky over others. Earlier, I think my set was beat, but I got quads at the end. That was good there.

And this is encouraging for me. I don't think courier new is this clean and interesting a font. I like this better. I can print this out even. I will change default fonts into this one. This is cleaner for me. I am going to stick with this one. Although the other one is also interesting so I am going to keep that.

Here it is. This is how the other one looks like. Travelling typewriter. It's got some weak places there. So the other one is looking better already. I am going to switch back to that now.

I don't get how I can use this font on blogger just yet. It needs a server where it can be hosted. I think I can make an image for that and make that work, but that is going to take some tweaking and research.

It will come. I'll just enjoy writing for now and see how far this goes. The wife and kids are watching tv. They were watching american idol.

Jessica is losing steam. She looks one sided. I don't think she is going to win this one. She has range, but it comes across as flat. There be others who can win the title from her unless she changes something.

morning pags

I am happy with my poker. That was a good run earlier. It got me to the other side and made a new high winrate. I got a new high for this month. I am going to get the vip bonus to pay for the rake. It's like rake back for me. I get part of my rake back for being a regular. I think that be good enough.

Maybe I can play as a prop player, but there's not enough players in those new tables that it's going or I think it's going to give me variance that I don't like. On the other hand, I am going to learn how to play heads up and short handed in those tables. So what am I going to do here?

Play it tight maybe. Just wait for the good hands to come then slow play. Is that going to work for me? I can do something else. I can keep playing with pokerstars. They take care of their playes. I think. They seem to be doing good at what they are doing. That's why players go to their tables.

Yes. I think I will stay with pokerstars. I have something good going here already. This is page three now. Man, I like this new font. I am keeping this and probably get rid of the others? Not really. Just keep them there. Be on the lookout for others, but keep this one here for now.

Also get to the other side. Wife wants to go out tomorrow. I can take a break from all this. I am taking a break right now. I don't know if that was a good nap for me there. Do I go on a break tomorrow? What food am I going to eat? I can do a day one, but I am not looking forward to it.

I don't feel perfect in that. My vibration is lower there. I think I just made a good new friend there with sherman. They are good people. I wonder if I am going to see them again. I think getting on facebook is good because even if you do not talk with people, you see their status updates and that gives you an idea of what's happening.

I also need to make a reply to george's shoutout there. I just finished five hundred hands this session. That's how much I do in a session. I can bump it up to six hundred tomorrow. That's like four sessions of six hundred hands. That's a lot. That will get me finished with the silver star status. That will double my vip points.

I think that's a good plan. Earn the points, move up star level. If I move up stake levels so be it, but work for the star level instead. Break even player will get me there. What else? Because the points will add up the dollars.

I see. That makes better sense for me.