sunday morning pages

mexican food

I am practicing dvorak, agin. I am doing one page then I am going to post these up. The way I see myself going forward with this is by doing one page every morning.

So be it then. I dreamed about the santillans from tanay. I think the kids there are adults by now. I wonder if they still remember me. They were like marcus' age back then. It has been more than a decade now. I wish them the best.

Some people will move out of your life. It is normal. This is part of the process. They will come and they will go, no matter how much they mean to you right now.

This is the cycle of life.

This is the process. Everything happens for a reason. And so is my writing. Sometimes I write good. Other times, it is going to be like this, where things are slow, because I am making adjustments.

And this is ok too. It is part of the process for me. Most of all, it is my process. It is not someone else's. And so I accept it. No need to disown it. This will not serve someone else. It is addressed to me. Hence, it will only work for me.

What else to write about?

Write about anything that comes to mind. No need to hurry up and get things done. Once you understand and accept that the universe works this way, you will marvel at how it works.

It is all very simple. You will see that you are, and have been always supported. Always. In all ways.

But it is up to you. That is what unconditional love is about. This is what I am learning here. This is why I write. It comes out where I can see them.

This is going to go faster the more that I practice it. I have been here before. I've seen it happen before. So I allow it. It's like in the movies.

Will I play poker today?

Only if it is part of my excitement. If I am not excited about it, if it will feel like going to work, then do not do it. Only do things because it is part of your joy. If it is not, then it is not in the agenda.

Can I live this way all the time?

Why not? It is my reality. There will be issues coming up. They are there to help clear things up for you. Allow them to come up. They will tell you if you are on the right track or not. Most of all, enjoy your day!