sunday night before school starts


i am sleepy. i just had a downswing this morning. how did i attract that? how does that fit in with the big picture? it's all connected. my job, the ego mind's job here is to see how it fits in with the process. how is this connected?

i am not being good to myself. i see that. tomorrow, i start going to the gym. i am no longer giving priority to my wife. action reaction. if she is going to treat me that way, then i will react accordingly.

do i want to use this font? the other one, courier 10 is neat and tidy. this one looks like it's an old typewriter. i like this one still. it's got style. it's not perfect and that's what i like about it.

i write and this one has no autocorrect. libre office has been crashing on me all day. i'll stick with this for now and just write. i was able to make progress today with three blogs.

first, i changed the domain url for the bitcoin blog. it's now called i think that's a more appropriate domain name. second and third, i added an incentive for people to share my website with their facebook friends. that will increase eyeballs to my site.

it's not much, the freebie that i give to them. will have to make changes to the poker and make it more like copy paste the forum things, then offer that instead of the other book. but in the meantime, it's going to work that way. i will change that later.

this is page one. at least i have page numbers here so i can see how fast i am going. no need to be fast. just write. this looks different as the fonts are tightly packed together compared to libre office.

wife and kids are watching a cable movie. i don't enjoy them so much. it's predictable. at least the wife is doing something without me, but with the kids. i think this is the trend over time. i am not spending as much time with her anymore. she loves with conditions. if you do not meet her conditions, then you are nothing to her.

that's just contrast for me. i can choose against contrast. if there were no contrast, then there is no need to choose. so i choose. what else is there for me to write about?

just get to the other side and see what happens.

if someone were to steal my identity, do i fight it? i don't know. but i don't think i am going to do it the way they do in the movies. i will see it as part of the process. no need to fight it. if people get hurt, then they get hurt because it is all a cocreation.

this is the reality that i live in now. i know i am going to get into trouble for this. par for the course. this is how you learn how to write. you write down everything that comes into your head. if someone uses them against you, then that too is part of the synchronicity.

this doesn't have autocorrect or autocomplete. i am forced to write the whole word with this one. do i want it that way? this is part of the practice. i can write with the other one when i have to. for now, i work with this. no need to do stuff.

i get so sleepy when i am working, but when i go to bed, i spend an hour or two just tossing and turning. is it the coke lite?

i am not having coke lite all day tomorrow. only during dinner. i am full right now. do i want to run tomorrow? i am going to the gym tomorrow. no matter what. i will use my daughter's bike. that is part of the process for me. when will it start to pour in?

i don't know. but for now, i have a website that matches the product. immigration. there are ten million people in manila looking for that information. if they can leave the country, they will. so there's a big need there.

people ask me how to move with the family. all the time. i think someone will click on that someday somehow soon. so be it. no expectations. things will happen when they are going to happen.

people will see it and will be motivated. they will be moved by their need/wants--problems. bencivenga was right. it is all semantics. wants and needs equals problems. that is how i am going to address them from here on.

so when you have a problem, you are looking for a solution. that is what we provide as sales writers. we show them how to solve their problems. it is that simple. no need for emotional triggers and fancy words. just tell them how you can solve their problems, then demonstrate how you are going to do it.

when it makes sense to them, they are going to bite. if it doesn't make any sense to them, they won't bite. i wonder how much is the cost for the immigration report? i think it has to be below a hundred. if more, then it might be too expensive and there might be a return.

but if you price them right, people will want that information. these people looking to get money is looking for a way to take things easy on them.

i think it was good that i posted those blogs early today. the people will see them and will be motivated to do something about it. i am learning and moving forward with this all the time.

what else is there to write about? just write and get to the other side. no need to fix this. no one is reading them anyway. if they want to use it against you, then that shows how they see themselves in relation to me. they have to take down someone who is better than them.

i see that now.

no need to feel bad about it. i know who i am. i know where i stand. it doesn't matter what others think. i know where i am. in our time, i was the best. even if they continued training after i stopped, i can pick up things easily and can beat them again if i had to.

but i don't want to go down that road anymore. i have better things to do with my time. i am moving forward from here. if we cross paths, then there is something there for my process. i learn something all the time.

and if they affect others, so be it. it is part of my process as well. this tells me that i need to go down this road as there is something here for me. that i can learn what i need to learn and no need for a teacher. the teacher is going to be a hindrance in the process. that i can learn from reflection and experience. that is the best teacher of all.

i see that now.

i am moving forward. i am finishing these, then i think i can go to bed. the movie they are watching is about to finish. i am done here.