I'm tired. I had a short nap. Wife doesn't get what I am going through. That's ok. This is here so that tells me that this is part of the process that I go through. No need to change her. That will not work. I've been there before. Now I know that it will not work.

What is going to work for me then?

I am going to work on improving organic search for that blog, low variance poker. That is what needs my attention now. How do I do that? Come out with online poker related stuff everyday.

Eventually, I am going to go up stakes. Do I need to do that thing that I do? With what? There are more fish on zoom tables. But how do I deal with that quick fold thing?

I don't know. Ignore it? I get enough tables anyway. Just open up a table that needs my attention. No need to click on get new one. That way, I do not accidentally close a good hand table.

I can do that. But will that slow down the tables that I play. The reason I did not get good at basketball is because of that. There is a time limit to that. After a certain period, the facilities will not improve as it has to go someplace else.

It is better this way. I am learning how to make money on the internet. I already have one product to market. I am going to start off several more others.

The thing with my blogs is not to teach but to share my experiences with others. This way, I am a valued resource for them. This is how it worked for jim and it might work for me as well.

That's the position I am going to take with my blogs. I feel exhausted still. I feel like I did not get much from the nap I got. Do I want to go to bed early today? I will play a bit later.

I am going to concentrate on zoom tables. The reason is because there are less short stackers in there and more fish. Fish tend to call you down to river with top pair. They might even go aggressive. If I don't have anything, then good. Besides, they will not see it coming if they do not have pokertracker.

What's good about zoom is that there are many players always. There might be less short stacks on higher stake levels because they tend to accumulate their chips. I think I can play with this and see what happens.

It's back to normal schedule tomorrow. There is a movie tonight? I don't know. Usually sundays there are good movies. I think it's supposed to be showing now. I feel sick. I think it's the kfc meal I had earlier. That is going to bother me tomorrow.

Just focus on getting more quality content. It's the newbies that the blog is after. Then things will grow from there. I just share my experiences with them. It's up to them if they learn something from it or not.

Am I going to go for super nova again? It will be fun. But there will be times when it will get boring. The kids want to play with this computer.

It was good to explore the city. But not their way. The wife's way is different from mine. That's the part that I don't like it is the restraint.

But they are the reflection. I like that lady in the yellow car. Why am I not there? I don't know. I think it is time to amp things up a bit that. Was the reason for the trip. To show me the difference in my frequency.

That was a good trip then. I don't feel that deficient now. I just see the difference in the vibration. I am going to use that to my advantage.

Do I want to stop playing? I am going to concentrate on my writing. No more copywriting for others. I am going to do this for myself and improve these things.

I learned this from the programming blogs. The blogs are the better resource. I see the path they have taken and I can choose to see if that is also what I want to do.

They see that I am selling something, but that is to make some money. If they do not want to buy, then so be it. But if it is going to help other people, then it was a plesure for me to do so.

Will I also sell my own product? Soon as I have a good product to offer. What else is there for me to do? I can do a network forum. I can have a link on facebook groups. That way, people can post comments, questions and suggestions.

Will it work this time? What is? I don't know the group. Or is it better to have a wiki style group page like the one with stackexchange. There is already one group that works like that. I can and am going to sell my product.

I am going to craft that. I need to shower after this. I feel sick from the kfc dinner. I can do something else instead. I am going to shower after I post this. I don't think they are going to skype it is only seven pm.

There is plenty of time. I am now on page three. This is the last page. I don't have to worry about it. I can still play one more session later when I feel better.

I don't have to go out. I can find that light inside of me just sitting in here. But then again, I don't get out that often. So it was good. It was Synchronicity. I can work with that. Synchronicity.

That is how I live my life these days. No need for me to plan anything. Just get to the other side each time. Point downstream. If it looks good and fun for me, I go there. I don't keep long term goals anymore.

Some experts say that one should have goals to be successful. I don't think so. That was so last decade. It doesn't work anymore. That is progress. It is expectation. That is judgement to what is and that gets me off the light.

I don't want to go there. I just follow the excitement. That tells me I am on the right track. I used to have goals and now I don't know where they are. I did not achieve them. I discarded them. It no longer served me. I realized that it was not the path I want to take.

Pointing downstream and following my excitement is better for me. That is getting me feeling good now, in this moment, where it matters most. Everything else reflects from that thereon.

How to explain these to other people?

I don't have to. They see that I am happy then good. If they ask and really want to know then I explain it to them. If it works for them as well, then good. If not, then they will find what they need some place else.

It all works. It only depends on which path you want to take. I am taking this path. This and that not this or that. Calling stations also make money. They know which ones make money or not. I can donk on the turn and that is also a valid strategy, but it is more expensive.

I'd rather keep on doing what I am doing. I know the stats. I can keep to them and see what happens. What else? Variance happens. That is part of doing business. I am going to shower after I finish these. Then I will play another session of poker.