tuesday contrast

mother with toddlers

i am not enjoying dvorak. i removed it again from my pc. i am not writing as much as i want to. it restricts me. I am going back to qwerty. I'll just take breaks from my writing to make it easy on my fingers. Also will do more cleansing in my system. That helps out.

I want to see more of these writing. I used to write three pages and it was a breeze for me. It's easy for the dvorak, but it takes some time to learn them and my head is getting confused.

I have a lot of issues in me. I think I can get used to this again just by looking at the keys. This way, I see what it is that I am writing. The ideas flow easier this way. I can keep this up and write more this way.

As it is, I think I lost a few days of writing. That's part of the process. This is how we find what works and what doesn't. I like this font. It's got something to it. It's like courier 10 pitch but there is this irregularity to it that makes it look like it was typed using an old typewriter.

If only I can post these fonts to blogger. I was thinking i'd use the image of the document, but that is going to affect the visibility of the text. Better to work with what I got.

We are going out for dinner tonight. I don't feel like going. I am practicing my skills here. I will get something out of this anyway. If not, then it is meant to be something else.

I got tired of working for clients. I'd rather build up my brand. It takes time, but so far, the universe is showing me support. So I am going to go down this road and see where this leads to.

I have to update the other blogs. Make them update once a week minimum. That's going to increase traffic in the long term. I still make three pages, but it's like two and a half pages because this font is bigger by one point.

That's ok. This is all a part of the process. Just write and get to the other side each time. No need to edit. This is the morning pages. I write what comes to mind. This helps to clarify the water, gets me back in the light.

I don't like that sleepover girl. She gets me upset. She is almost always fighting with my son. He's part to blame anyway. They are both bossy with each other. I can't deal with it right now. They both have to grow up some more. It's going to be next year before she comes back for a sleepover. I am going to say no to the next request that she makes.

Thursday I am taking the daughter to the doctor to have her vaccinated. I am also going to have our records there updated. I can go to the gym tomorrow. Will I? I want to start working out again.

I am going to pay the credit card, then order the contact lens. It lasts for two weeks, but I can extend that for three to make them last longer by a bit. Not five weeks like I used to. I still have to shower and then we are going to go get the wife. Do I have books waiting in the library?

I think it is going to be closed when we get there. I am not happy when the kids are at home from school break. I feel bad that I feel that way towards them. I guess that's resistance there for me.

They are always fighting about the petty things. I get dragged out of the light. Then I am a holier than thou person there. I see that. See why I write.

One more kid in the shower then I am going to shower myself. I am going to check where the other valentine's is in the city.