four degrees C this morning

The tent was delivered earlier, but my daughter was listening to music with earphones and did not hear the knock on the door. Courier left a pick up notice. I am going to stop by their office tomorrow to pick up.

That's one down. One more to go... the pannier. And that is going to be three weeks from now. Waiting. I can go test drive the tent in the backyard. I think we have rains, rather showers coming in next few days.

What's important is that I found out how cold it can get inside the tent. Also need to test how much clothing I need overnight to get myself warm.

There's a three day ride coming up with acta. I have a tent now and I can join that. The next question is, how much to get there if I am going by carpool, and how much will it cost per day on the ride.

That is one primary consideration for me, the cost of riding per day. Otherwise, I can just go out this weekend and ride wherever and camp where I need to. It's just the fence that I am thinking about. That's the issue.

I was going to play poker with half an hour to go before pick up the kids from school. But then again, it will take half an hour to get settled in with the number of tables that I play. I'd rather do morning pages, then play after the kids get home.

I had an easy morning session this time. Yesterday was tough, and so were the other days. I played close to five hundred hands last night, inching my way up. Near five hundred, I had two big hands, big pots that I lost.

Part of doing business, I know, but it hurst as well. I was resisting, that's why it hurt. It was very cold this morning, four degrees celsius. Coldest so far. It's going to be like this a lot of mornings.

I wake up early the last few days. I think I can do yoga mornings instead of making time for it in the evening. This way, I can do yoga everyday. I am running low on fruits. I was thinking of taking a break today, then do day one tomorrow.

That's how I always think when supplies are running low. I can finish the fruits today, then do low carb tomorrow. Good until my daughter's birthday. I want to finish this and get it over with. Low carb is the fastest way for me to finish this and reach my ideal weight.

I haven't tried vegan. The thing with vegan is when the family eats out, I have nothing to eat. I can finish the fruits today, the go back to low carb starting tomorrow. There's enough food in the ref for that. I think.

I can stop by the grocery tomorrow. I think there's still conrned beef, or not. I can get pork cheeks instead. And what else? I can have something else to eat. There's eggs.

This is the issue with my situation. I am going to get son from school. He's the only one that went to school in the primary kids. Two daughters did not go to school. One went to the doctor and the other one is recuperating from a cold.

I am going to take a nap later on. I always take a nap in the afternoon. It is still cold around here. I can go for a ride, but probably not. I will have to remove my contact lens, and the kids are going to be home without an adult.

I try not to leave them without adult supervision. My oldest is a teenager. If I really have to go, I leave her in charge. Otherwise, I go out when they are all in school, or I don't go out.

I haven't been out since last friday. I am going out tomorrow. I will go to the gym first, then on the way home, stop by the courier office to pick up the tent. I write a lot. I am not copywriting anymore. I just write. No expectations. I will update the blogs later on. For now, I just write and finish these.

I found a flicker group where they update pics with bike touring pictures. I love it. I have two right now that I use for desktop background. One for linux and the other one is for windows, the two OS for my one pc.

When I get tired of looking at them, I get a different one. I am going to have to revive the gloves to keep warm in the morning. They don't really keep me warm, but they help. It's best for me to put my hands under my armpit. They warm up faster that way.

My fingers right now are cold. And it doesn't even snow here in auckland. The snow is down south. I am still cooking the chirstmas wellington trip in my head. It's easier if it were just me. I want to go round via coastal roads. But if wife and kids are not going to go home in three days, costs will go up.

I am working out a general itinerary, but I am sure things will change as we move closer. I have a few resources that I can use to map out our trip. The internet is the primary resource here.

I am projecting a conservative cost of a hundred dollars per day for all of us. That's conservative. I think it is more realistic closer to two hundred, considering how they eat with junk food when bored.

Sitting in the car getting from here to there is going to be boring for them. Plus, most of the time, I am riding my bike. One of the kids will have to learn how to navigate... or I get my wife garmin.

That is the easier alternative. This is why I play poker. This is the business that is working out right now. I have been playing two years and I am still at it. I am ahead, but it's not supporting me.

I wonder how this is connected to my big picture? I am aware of that and looking for the answer.