I have fifteen minutes to write. i don’t know if i can finish three pages of this. i am going to drive my son to a school disco. it starts at six. i leave in fifteen minutes and we have enough time to walk up that hill to his school after parking.

it’s a walkway going up to their school. there is limited parking inside the school and i am assuming it is going to be full. my son doesn’t want me hanging out in the disco... specifically asked that i go home and come back later when they are finished.

these kids are sure growing up fast.

one time they don’t want you out of their sight. these days, they don’t want you anywhere near them when they are with their friends. my eldest teen doesn’t even hug me anymore. i get a kiss when they go out, but that’s how far it goes. i’ll take that anyway.

my son wants me to buy him hairgel. he’s seven, i think. i did not bother about hairgels until i was like sixteen. anyway, that’s how times are these days.

i don’t have much in my agenda so i got me a javascript learning book. i think i am going to go through that right now. i’d rather grow my business than get a job, even if it were a self employed job. i think the trick here is to behave like the businesses are working and i am a successful businessman... rather than worrying about where the money is going to come from next.

i think the people at the forums are helping, but some of them are just as clueless as i am. i think it is better to get feedback from people who has experience--reddit. that’s a good source of information for me.

wife is going to stop by the school on her way home. we can all go home together from there. i will make corned beef for dinner. is there enough time for that? will the kids get hungry before dinner? do i have to upload myunderwood for this?

i can do that. it’s in dropbox. i like mediafire better as i can get more files in there. but i have to go to their website whereas dropbox updates auto. i can do mediafire for the files i don’t really need, back up files, whereas files like these, for writing, i can go for dropbox. so i have best of both worlds.

there is google drive, but i don’t have much use for it at the moment. it’s there, i can use the five gig, but not right now. i have more than enough with mediafire. it’s unlimited. i am not a power user for that anyway. this will work for me right now.

this is page two. i have one more page to go. not much writing here. i am watching my daughter stumble anyways. i wonder what will happen if you open a document from both sides and update them. which one will be used to over write the other?

i don’t know. no sense trying that right now. i think we can leave now. it only takes a few minutes to get up there. no rush. i can write some more then see what happens. i am back with vim. i am learning that again. no rush. i am also learning javascript. that’s good enough for me here. i can check out other things as well, but for now, this will do me good.

i think i can use javascript for the websites that i make. i think that the date function is pretty good and that i can use that. we’ll see what happens from here. do i want to hang out in that disco. maybe my daughter will want to go to the disco or something.

i think that is possible. some of their friends are going to be there anyway. is clarisse going there? that’s my daughter’s best friend. she might. she’s not sick. i did not ride my bike today. i’ll ride tomorrow.

in fact, i can ride to city tomorrow, then ask my wife to come get me. she might want to have coffee in the city with me. how’s that? where? i don’t know where starbucks is around there other than at queens road. i think we can go there, but parking is a problem. we can have coffee at takapuna.

i have a few more minutes. i can at least finish page two. then i can drive my son to his disco. i used to go to parties like that. i had a grand time going there. plenty of nice ladies to meet, but i wasn’t good with the ladies back then. i just watched and looked. i did not have a girlfriend until i finished college.

kinda sad looking back, but that’s how things went. i can’t worry about that now. things turned out good anyway. there were plenty of missed opportunities looking back now. i only wish i believed in myself more.

and that’s what it’s for. that i will beleive in myself more right now. have more trust that i will get there. so it is. i see that now and am moving forward from tehre.

do i need to make uploads soon? the fingers are kinda tired. do i want to change back to dvorak? that is easier, but they are not adapted to vim. i can not use that for vim unless i remap the keys.

one more thing i want to learn is autohotkeys. but i don’t go to windows that often. i trade, but it’s not everyday. i check out the london charts time zone and that’s how far it goes. i am zoomed out from trading these days.

eddie is going sideways anyway.

i have five minutes. i am done here.