i did not go

flower tatoo

I did not go. It was the coffee breaks. I figured there'd be two coffee breaks, or at lesat one and I can do that ride alone. But it's the connection and network that matters. I know. I can find them when I go out. Besides, do I really need it?

I don't know. But I chickened out on this one. Do I want to go out tomorrow? You see, in that same amount of time, I can go out and have a grand time riding myself. Do it. I can and will go out for a ride after breakfast.

I will ride three hours, then check out the tents from at least two shops. I can and will ride to devonport later, stop by the lbs to get a spare inner tube and I am done. I can also do some shopping around for a tent. So look at the different bike shops then see what's in store.

I can do that. It's all about the definition. I write a lot. I see that. Do I really need a group to ride with? Where else can I go. I do not have money. I see. I am reacting to the reflection then. That is what's stoppeing me then. I am reacting to the reflection.

Next time, see that for what it is then move forward. I think the wife can drive me out tomorrow. I will do an easy 40 today. I think I can do hibiscus coast. I haven't been there before. Just drive down and see where that leads to. There are several uphills going there. I see that. It is a long downhill ride.

I can do that every week. Or do something else instead. But it is going to be an interesting ride. If I get a flat, then I can call my wife for a pick up. I can bring my stuff with me as well. Too much trouble, but it is part of the exploration.

I will just get me a spare, then work my way from there. I think I can buy a set of spokes, but that might not be where I want to be. It is all variance. I see that. I am also a careful rider. I will get some. But for now, it is the cash flow that needs to be worked out. What else is out there for me?

Only that I get to the other side each time. Just write. Do what interests you. Find what is exciting and go that way. ok. The first time I did aikido, it was like this. I was shy. I did not know how to do it. But people were waiting. How else are we going to move forward?

So if money were not a factor, would I go? Yes. Then I am just reacting to the reflection. I see that now. I will go tomorrow then. Wife and kids might want to go as well. I am going to have to wake up the wife early if I am going there.

If I am going, then I am also going on saturday rides as well. Then I am going to have to get a jacket and a tent. If I have those then I am going to the winter solstice ride. Then I am going to have to get a tent. This is getting expensive. Why not just ride?

This is the point. I can't go to that ride. I can still have a great time riding without being a part of the group. I can go for a destination, spend time there, then come back. I can do that. Or explore beyond albany. That is a long way off, but I have been there before. It is the rides that I am interested in. not the spending.

If that were so, why not just ride. I am writing this to get this out of my head and into paper. This way, I don't have to go around in cirles in my head. I can see it out here and I can let it go when I finish.

Do I need a group to ride with to get that state of being? no. that is clearn and easy. I do not need to join a group to get that state of being. In fact, I can go for a ride to the city, spend the day there while resting, then ride back. It is the ride back that is the killer. Maybe wife can pick up when I get there? We can have coffee then.

I think that is possible. Will she like it? Of course. But we are broke right now. That is reacting to the reflection. Then I can do something else. Like what? I can just ride around and see what happens. It is going to be a good ride though. I can look it up and see what is in there.

It is a good long ride. It is a good training ride as well. I don't have to go fast. I can go that same pace. Last time, I was trying to catch up with the family. This time, when I go there, I go on my own pace. I can take it easy.

I can go for a picnic when I get there. Then ride home. Where to get water? There are a number of fountains in the park. I can stop by for water in there. There's one in mission bay. That is going to make for a good expedition. I can it an expedition. There is that question of making it, rather of having an adventure. It is not an adventure if I know what is going to happen next.

The same with joining that group. ok. If not that group, where else can I join a group for riding? I think that is a good enough group to join for riding. Or I can save up on the money and get myself a tent. That is good and I can go out for rides already.

That is going to be good training and expeditions galore. I can do that. What else is there for me to do around here? Just ride. Get a tent, get that crate attached to the bike, then start going out for rides. It doesn't have to be a pannier. It only has to be soemthing where I can put my stuff in. the backpack is good. Then I only need a crate that I can put in there for long rides and camping.

I think we can go camping together. I think it is possible to do that. Just get to the other side each time and see what happens. Just see what happens is good adventure motto. Get out there... see what happens.

I will put that on my website?

I can do that. But it sounds incomplete. I know. What else is there for me to write about. I am a few sentences away fom finishing these pages. Just finish. I am done. One more sentence. There. Done.