morning pages on a sunday evening

bike kiss

Wife is still watching tv. She should be making dinner now. Kids are messing around. Too much noise. I am going to divide my time between writing and playing poker. If some folks can make good money playing poker online, why can't I?

Variance is and can be a factor. I think I already know that. I think I know how to work with that as well. It is when variance hits hard that I can't deal with. I wonder what the wife is going to make for dinner. She wants me to make dinner so she can just sit and watch tv. She will claim that she has other stuff to do. But she sits in front of the tv and just watch. If she can prioritize... man, I have been here before. I don't like the feeling.

I think the weather forecast in the coming days is rain. How am I going to ride then? I can ride, but the bike is going to get wet. I can go for a run. I have done so in the past when it rains and I enjoyed doing that. Too much noise. I am not able to write. I don't want to play poker this way.

I will play four sessions of one hour each. I can commit to that. Where am I going to get time for that? I don't know. I can do that though and write the other four hours. I can prioritize my things to do and finish them when I need to do them. I don't have to write something for each of the blogs that I have.

I can write one hour for one blog. What doesn't get updated is not meant to be updated for the day. I wonder if sister in law is ever going to go online. There goes synchronicity again. I wonder if that will work again.

Synchronicity. It works. I think it is more stable this way. I tried reinstalling this on linux, it did not work. I wonder why this is so? I don't know but it should install without any problem. It did install but there were problems. It did not run. I would rather have this one instead.

I can play poker after dinner. I rode my bike to the mall. Instead of doing day one, I had carbs. But that was during breakfast. So be it then. This is supposed to be here. I am disrtacted with all the noise. Third daughter has her art stuff. She wanted one for some time. We found one in the mall. She got one. My kids get it and I did not have to work for it. This is the process that I am going through. That I am supported, and my family, even if I did not make things happen. That I am ok with this. This is what I am going through right now.

I wonder if wife is making dinner. Do I have to make that happen as well? I don't think so. Just be in the moment and see what happens. I stopped getting clients. It was easy to get clients. Finding one that I want to work with is the tough part.

I would rather work for myself. It is still being employed. I am supported anyway. I am getting financial support. I can work with that while I am building and growing up the business. Soon as it is there, then I don't have to get that anymore.

I wonder if the wife is making dinner. I don't want to have dinner late. Do I want to play poker now? I can play. I can update my blogs as well. Daughter eldest has shut down the computer.

I found this off track cycling trail near unsworth heights. I wonder if there be others. I think there are. I am going to find them when I ride some more. There are more. I am sure of it. Where else can I ask them? I can ask the group of pinoys here. I wonder if any rides a bike as well?

I don't have any response from the application I made for that cycling group. If they ride in here then good. If it is in the city, then I am going to have to get a ride from someone from around here. Rides start from 930am. That's good enough for me. The rides are slow and easy. It's not a race training ride. That's what I like about it. I am looking forward to joining that.

So far, no response. I am thinking that it is because of the weekend. I will wait until wednesday. If no response, then I will call and see what is the issue. I think it will fall into place. I think riding on sundays is a good way to spend my time. I can avoid spending time with the junk food eaters. I don't think sister in law is going to go online today.

We will see what happens later. I am doing morning pages right now. I am writing even if I did not see what I am writing here. No need to edit these. Just write. I wonder what wife is going to make for dinner. Weekends, she cooks. Monday to friday, I cook. She used to cook as well, but she has been coming home late.

This week, I think wife is going to be taking the bus. She spent a lot this weekend. I wonder why she does that. I put in my time and effort. She spends the money. I think I need a say in that. I think there is something wrong with the setup. She can't just spend just because she is directly earning the salary. I take care of the kids and do the house chores. I have a say in that.

If not, then if things get short, then it's her problem and I don't want to hear about it. She spends the money. Why should I be worrying about the budget as well. If you ask me, going to the mall should be once a month when there are extra. She doesn't see it that way. I guess this is the process that I go through.

Just do this and see what happens. I have a forex trading account but it is not active. I haven't made any trades just yet. I think it is going to go sideways. I am looking for good support or resistance before opening a position.

Besides, there is also risk reward to consider. I can check that out on monday when things start opening again. Dollar seems to be gaining strength. Trade what you see, not what you think.

That is a good rule of thumb there. I am writing. No need to see what I am writing. I wonder what the kids are watching. It is kinda quiet. I wonder if that is something I want to see as well?

Not enough good shows around here. I'd rather watch youtube videos. They are more interesting. How did it get that way? It's their fault. Writers are not being paid well. They go for cheap writers and expensive actors. It don't work out that way.

It's the industry's fault then. Why should we pay to watch or buy junk? They should have money back guarantee. Otherwise, go torrent.