auckland western motorway cycle way

cycle chic

Nothing is working right on the internet. That tells me it's time to write. I haven't finished morning pages for today... as well as for yesterday. There's one hour to wait before dinner. I have enough time to write, and post these when I finish.

Wife and three kids are in the living room watching tv. I just discovered ghostery. It's a firefox add on that let's me browse the web without being tracked. Firefox, I think has something like that, but ghostery is more comprehensive. It gives me options as to which trackers to block. This helps make my browsing more anonymous, and not get tracked so much.

Not that I am paranoid about it. I just like it to be less information out there when I am on the internet. It's not a full body armor, but it's enough to cover the vital parts.

I played poker two sessions today so far. I am playing thousands of hands each day and I am breaking even. That's good news. I am improving, investing on my meta game, and earning points. One of these days, everything is going to fall into place.

The thing is, I am in the someday state of being. That's the issue. I am aware of that now. Instead, I prefer to bring everything to here and now. So I am going to be in that state of being that I already am the person that I want to be.

Be that which you seek today.

I had that insight shortly after I finished reading the secret. Somehow, things were connected and everything was accelerating from there. I discovered bashar shortly after we got to new zealand. From there, everything just started happening.

I am learning a lot. I am discovering a lot of things. I am enjoying that. Not that I understand everything, but when the timing is right, I understand. I see what the thing is about.

Sometimes, I don't know what comes in. I just allow them to be. I did not ride out today. There was grocery, then junk food session, then wife wanted to play boxhead and we took a nap. When I got up from bed, it was almost four. Not enough to get around for me.

I am mapping a shorter route to the city. I am going tomorrow. I found a route that goes through established cycle routes. These were not shown in google maps. I found the map in auckland transport. The cycle route cuts the google maps route by almost half. Total route is shorter by more than a third, I think.

The google maps route that I had goes around the motorway and through the suburbs. The auckland transport cycle way route cuts through all that and follows the motorway and goes straight to the city.

I think auckland transport made it that way to encourage more people to ride their bikes to work. I am enticed myself to get a job just so I can cycle that much everyday. I have the answer, rather the insight to that already. Why not just ride going to the city everyday? Why not get a laptop, then play poker when I get to the city while taking a break.

I can play two or three hours in the city, probably in the library, and when I finish, I can ride the bike going home again. That's going to be a good ride for me. There is an aut gym in the city. I can even go there. That's a great idea. I will go look that up.

I can go everytime I need to go to the gym. That's going to be a cool ride for me. I may need to bring my bike tire pump, but it's going to be a cool exploration ride. By the time I get there, it's going to be a two hour ride or so. I think the aut in the city is in manukau?

no. there is another one. Soon as I finish this, I will look it up and see where that one is. I think they have three branches in auckland. That'd be cool. I'd love to live in the city, but since I am not there, that means that this is connected.

Bashar said that unconditional love doesn't mean letting everyone else run over you. I understand that. This time, I will know how to go about this situation.

There are a lot of bashar tapes that I have and can listen to. Sometimes, they go around in circles. They do not fit into my phone memory. If they did, i'd be listening to them all day.

I can get a better phone soon or late. Things are getting more evident for me. We are headed into the finish line. Are things going to still come up for me? I am getting the insight that whatever comes, surrender and be open to the unknown. They will only show me more of who I am.

I am open. The ego mind, the local mind wants to be more in control. That's not possible. Everything is a reflection. I can change the man in the mirror, but not the reflection. What to do tomorrow?

I will finish mapping out the route via the cycle way and soon as I finish the morning chores, I am out towards the city. It might take about forty kilometers round trip. This time, I know when to take a break. I will take more breaks this time to ease up crotch pain.

I think I can handle it this time. Tomorrow is also day one for me. I can bring some foods that I can eat. Low carb foods. That's going to be an exciting ride.

Forecast for tomorrow is bright and sunny. I can make it there. I can be back by around six pm. That is going to be a cool ride for me. Flats? I can handle that. I can even report that the city council clean up the roads. I think they will do that.

I feel like I moved to cycling heaven. It's not copenhagen, but the intention is there. It's going to shift into that. How to get more people on bikes? Motivation. Definition. Soon as the timing is right, everything is going to fall into place.

How would it feel if there were more people on bikes? It'd be fun. I like watching people ride their bikes. When one rides by, I stop and watch. It's like art in motion.