sunday easy

bike tour in the tropics

How long will it take to cycle across new zealand? I'm not sure. I'd give myself six months. That's plenty of time already. If I were to do that, where am I going to get money to support myself?

I have thirty bucks coming in every week. I think that is more than enough.

Who is going to take care of the kids? That's the big question. Wife is going to need assistance with that. This is why I want to go alone on christmas. When else is there another long stretch of holiday? I don't know.

The christmas break looks like enough, but it's not really. I can only do one stretch... either the north island or the south. Why not break it down and make it two? I think that's possible as well.

I just want to go out and ride. But from where I am now, I am not doing much. Tomorrow, I will ride to the city. Rain or shine? Yes. What to eat? There is that meat I have cooking in the oven. I can have that. There is also eggs.

I think the meat is more than enough. I can save that for tomorrow's trip. That is more than enough for two meals. What about wife? She's not in the mood. Not my job to make her happy.

She got upset last night when I told her that we can't make it to the rotorua trip on august. Her friend invited us as they, the friend's church group was going and had one planned in august.

I was excited about it, but after thinking it over, I don't think we can make the trip. The first symptom for me was that to ride there and back, it is going to take a lot from me and I wouldn't be spending time with the family given the short period of time.

The second signal was that wife said that the family budget was short and we may have to tighten things up a bit. When I hear that, I go on stealth mode. I hardly buy anything for myself.

This morning, I splurged a bit. I went to the takapuna sunday flea market looking for a tool I need for my bike. It's an allen key to tighten the kickstand for my bike. The allen keys that I have are too small for the one needed.

I was able to find a set, selling for seven dollars. I only had four dollars on me. I decided that I can save up in the coming days and just come back. I let it go at that and started walking around.

Then I came upon a second stall. This guy was a regular to the flea market and sold used tools. I found several allen keys of different sizes. He said that each one sold for a dollar.

I thought it was too expensive.

Looking at his inventory, I also found a small screwdriver that I can use to tighten the screws on my shades. It also cost a dollar.

So the allen keys and the screwdriver together would cost three dollars. I thought it was a good enough deal and bought them. Now I think my tool bag is complete... for the moment.

I am sure I will find more tools and get them when the need arises. Right now, I have everything that I need. I went home. I had mapped out a route to the dairy flats, north of albany. I was thinking I could ride this later in the afternoon.

After gym, I went home, and felt that I did not have the motivation to ride anymore. Riding that 40km would be enough to make me sore tomorrow. That might mean me having to postpone the city ride on monday.

I'd rather do the city ride and miss the dairy flat ride. I decided to stay home. Not soon after, wife and kids were back. It seems she brought the kids to takapuna and spend some time in the beach. She bought them fish and chips for lunch.

Since they did not go swimming, the kids were naturally bored. They wanted to go home. That's why they were back so soon. I was thinking that they'd be away for a much longer period of time.

One of my daughters boguht a soda in can. She also wanted to create the soda can stove herself. I think it's good that she is interested in these things. I have good deposits with this one daughter. I think I have that in all my kids. Keep it up.

I try not to control them. I let them decide for themselves. Sometimes I do not agree, but I always trust that they will decide what's best for them. I just give examples on how to go about things. As they say, you teach by the quality of your example.

I seem to have sticky fingers as I write. The fingers are not so automatic this time. Am I doing yoga later? I can do that. I think I will have time for that.

I think I will. What about wife? She is going to be watching tv. I have like the starting symptoms for gout. This is why I am sticking with low carb this time. I have lost two kilos already in three days.

I think it ws the yogurt that stalled my progress. I see that now. Before, it was two kilos a week. Now it's faster than that. I am going to finish this sooner. I think this is synchronicity.

Everyithing is connected. I am losing weight faster now because I am that kind of person. I am bike and camp guy. The reflection and experience is showing that. The shift has been made. No need to make things happen.

When the shift occurs, everyithing happens easy.