sunday was ok

I am considering not playing on weekends. Plenty of fish that will call to river, or attempt to steal on the turn. Maybe I need to step up my game, play less tables on weekends.

How few is less? Maybe four tables, then grow from there. That way, I can pay attention more. But the reason I play more tables is to get more numbers. The more hands that I play, the less the variance. The variance tends to peter out that way.

One more thing, ps client has changed the client software and now I am able to play the maximum 28 tables. I don't know if that's good or bad, but I am going to start experimenting with it... to play with it. This might amp up the number of tables that I play.

I am back to almost break even. Do I play tomorrow? I want to play more with my bike. I am on low carb for the next ten weeks. I am motivated to work out. Today is day two. I weighed in at 91.10 kilos. That's pretty cool considering that I have been eating a lot these past few days.

My target is 20 kilos off, or elise's birthday, whichever comes first. If I stick to straight low carb ketogenic diet, I think I can go through woosh. That will help me lose pounds sooner. I am also doing long rides. That helps a lot.

I am considering going to the city during the week. The only problem with that is that I gotta get back home fast as I need to get the kids from school and feed them. It's the last week of school and we have a two week term break.

I don't know how this is going to turn out. I can still work out while they are at home. I can even go do yoga early in the morning. Wife can leave without me anyway. Do I go early to the gym?

I think that is possible. I can finish at around ten am and be home then. Kids breakfast? I'm not sure what to make them, but in the meantime, I can choose to go to yoga on thursday morning and see what happens. The only thing to consider here is the weather. It tends to get cold.

It's not as cold this time. Last year was cold. I remember doing yoga with the oven on and open so it gets warm. Or I am now more adapted to the cold weather. Why not take the kids camping while on term break?

Where to go? It's going to cost about five dollars each night to go camping with them. Or we can probably do that with the wife. We will need a tent though. It is going to get cold. We can do the camping with the car. This way, we can bring all the stuff we will need to get warm.

I think that is possible. Where can we go camping then? I don't know yet. Long bay has a campsite. I think we can go camping there. Also is the waitakere ranges. We can also go camping there and hike at the same time. It is a considerable ride from here, but might be worth it.

We will see what happens. This way, I don't have to play poker on weekends. Or I can play, but play less tables. I can do that. I can learn something when I zoom in. 24 tables and I am on autopilot.

This is because I want to play with less variance, by doing more hands. It's not this or that. It's this and that. Otherwise, there is going to be just one player. There is no one method that will make money. Right now, I am just going through another dry spell. It's a bummer this way.

This is something that every player has to go through. I am doing my low carb. I am going to start feeling better soon. And it will show in the reflection, in the experience that is reflected back to me.

No need to wait for that. Just BE in the moment. That is the key for me. I wasn't in the moment when I am on tilt. I am looking to the past and to the future, and not finding what I am. I see that now. I am writing and this is my outlet.

Do I go to the gym tomorrow? Yes. Yes I am. It is good to go to the gym. I get to have some sun, see some nice ladies working out, and I get to ride my bike. I am also on my weightloss regimen. I am looking forward to that. I am shifting already. This is what the shift is about.

The ego can accept small changes here and there. This is how I shift. I am learning still, more like seeing more of the light. When I see the light, everything is good.

The intention is no longer to have success, but to find alignment. Success is a relative term. It is comparing with the joneses. Whereas finding alignment is, I already have everything that I need. If it is something that I do not have, it is a matter of looking into the definition.

Like I do not have the success of the contemporary corprate executives that I know, but I am able to live my life the way I want to. They are saving up for that for the future. I am living that way now.

Their salary can buy them toys, I am able to play with and enjoy my toys whenever I want to—my bike. I ride my bike each day and I enjoy it.

The corporates can buy more expensive bikes, but seldom have the time to enjoy them. I have a grand time riding my bike to the gym. When I get there, I see some nice ladies while I work out.

I have a great family. I have great kids. I don't own a house, but we live in a nice neighborhood, and we live in new zealand.

The corporates do not have this. Not that I am better. I am only different. This is how I find my excitement, by finding the definitions that I have and finding alignment...being in the light. This is what life is about for me. Is this living a lie? no. I don't think so. If it's not interesting enough, I don't do it. Getting a job is not that interesting enough for me.