inside out

Poker... I had a good run up today. This is variance. The winrate was sideways all of last week. Then it broke out of congestion. I see this when I trade the forex market. So how is this related? How can I use that when I play poker?

It has something to do with variance. All that time the winrate was sideways, I was on risk control. If I don't have a big hand, I don't want to make the pot big—folding often. While I am doing this, I am always buying the pot at a discount. This gives the impression that I am aggressive and bluffing at pots all the time, almost.

Other players might think that I often play loose and not care. That I am fish. This is why everyone IS fish. There are no particular player who is fish. Someone you do not know is fish. Specially if you win a big pot from them.

But looking at the big picture, they too are going through their own process. The key to making good is that you play well. It doesn't matter that you lose the pot. What is important is that you do not lose your stack.

This is also why you need to have a big stack when playing. It is seldom, rather, it doesn't happen all the time that you have a big hand and villain wants to make the pot big with you. But when the planets are lined up, you will want to have a big pot with you. This more than makes up for those times when variance is on the low tide. When the tide do comes in, you want a big net to catch as many fish as you can.

I have been home all day. Next week, i'd like to spend time for myself. This is not how I want to spend my weekend. I'd rather be riding outside. This is how I see myself doing. It's already dark. I can go out and go for a walk after dinner. They are going to go on skype with mother in law. I'd rather do something else.

I can set up skype for them and get that ready. When they do start talking, I can do something else. What about tomorrow morning? Why not ride out tomorrow? They are going to church anyway. I can go back and do something when they are back.

Like I can ride to devonport. It doesn't have to be a sprint training. Just get out there and enjoy the ride. Wife is going to be at home when they get back from church. I can go to the gym after breakfast. That'd be nice. By the time I get home, it's lunch time. She leaves some time around four or six.

I think I can make good time riding tomorrow. What else is there for me to do? I can go to takapuna and enjoy the flea market. There's so much to see there. I enjoy going there. I can leave the bike some place there. I can ride the bike tonight, but it'd be cool just to walk under the moon. I think we are getting the full moon tonight.