10.15am saturday

I don't write as much again. I've been busy and my foot is healing. I am not in as much today and with nothing else to do, writing is a good option. So here I am.

I have been trading. I got margin called twice already. Good thing that the minimum deposit is only ten bucks. But this hasn't happened before. And this is part of the process for me. No need to invalidate it or shun it out of myself.

What did I learn from this? I am learning how to code mq4. The margin calls are tuition paid for learning. I've tried three methods, maybe more. I have narrowed down the trading methods and I think I have one that works.

I haven't made the ea for that one method yet. I want to test it some more. Soon as I am convinced it works, I will write an ea. For now, the indicators are 48 smoothed ma and 200. I trade the failure off these ma's. If there is breakout from these ma's, I wait for the failure/dead cat bounce off these ma's , then trade that instead.

So far, it looks promising on eurjpy. Cable, maybe. Eurusd is so choppy right now. Audjpy is also very choppy. Ej is more stable off these moving averages. I can take the week off next week to observe how to method works. I can also work on the ea programming while observing. I can run some backtests while I am doing that.

If things work out, I can fund my account the following week, then trade accordingly. There is the one hundred percent bonus. I can avail of that. We'll see how far that goes.

While sitting, I am playing poker. The bankroll went from a little over five dollars to a high of 24 dollars in one week of play. Not bad. I just sit and wait for big hands, then go all in. not all the time villain will call. But when they do, it adds into the bankroll.

The thing is, you keep your losses small. These are part of doing business. You get paid on the big hands when villain thinks you have nothing. The key here is keeping your losses small as you build up your image.

I think the same principle will work in trading. Trade as many as you can when the signal comes up. When you do catch the trend, ride it for all its worth. I think that is the principle that I am working with right now.

I dreamed of mike last night. Weird dream. The feeling I got is more like chastising myself for something. I guess the dream pointed out to me how I have been treating myself all this time. I see that now. This is why these things happen. To show me where I stand. I am thanful for that.

It is my brother's birthday today. Can I do a foot bath? I think so. I can use plain water for that. Hot water? Not necessarily. Plain tap will do. I wonder if I should use betadine? I can. Or maybe not. Do I do that once a day? I think so. While I am sitting in front of the computer is good. Let's do that after breakfast then.

thursday 10.15pm

I made three trading losses earlier today. I was playing with different methods. I got bored trading with just the 200ma. I learned my lesson. Now, I have a long position on eurusd. Price just broke above 200ma, went back down but didn't hit my stop on the swing low. It's back above the 200 again. London session. We'll see where the bulls will take this and see what happens.

Day chart is playing around 200ma. Right now, it's below that. It wouldn't take a big move though for price on d1 to trade above this moving average. The theory here is that, in a trend, price will first cross the 200ma on the lower time frames. I can trade this from m1, but that's too much noise for me. M5 is more acceptable for me. Not too choppy and not too high a time frame that it costs a lot to trade.

We did grocery earlier. Wife is learning how to trade as well. I have rashes. I don't know where I got these. I think it was from the shirt I wore to the grocery. I started getting itchy at the grocery.

I took an antihistamine tablet. That's going to hit in an hour's time. That will help me sleep later. I have a stop order in place so I can walk away from this trade. I also have a take profit order just in case there be sudden spikes. Either way, I can sleep on this trade and not worry about it. One thing I will do before I sleep is set a trailing stop. Maybe fifty pips or so. That way, if price checks back again, I will have something to keep.

How will new york trade this? I don't know yet. All I can do is trade what I see and not what I think. So right now, I have a trade. There is a bit of a negative feeling in me. I know that. I am aware of that. I don't want to code right now. I have a lot of issues here.

I am starting grok lifestyle tomorrow. I did not have dinner. I wasn't feeling up to it. I did not have the apetite to have dinner. I had a chocolate bar coming home from the grocery. That rook care of the apetite. I can work out tomorrow when I get up. I can also choose to ride my bike after I drive wife to work.

Some time during luncht ime, I can do yoga. Then I can walk in the afternoon or so. That will be like three workout sessions. It's not much. It's not as intense. It's good enough for me.

The sprints, I do that with the hill climbs. Those are my all out workouts while riding my bike. So I kill three birds with one stone. I get sunlight, I do max heart rates and I go easy workouts as well.

So when I finish my bike ride, the only thing that's missing is the yoga part of the protocol. I can handle that. I think that be a good enough workout routine for me. This one here also smells like it's burning. I can use something else instead.

That I cannot leave with my kids when they go to sleep. The other one looks safe enough. I can give that to them. I can throw this one away, or get something else.

tuesday AM

Finished my yoga just now. Price just broke below previous hour low. I am looking for a 123 entry to go short on eurusd. Target? Moving average? Probably so. We'll see what happens. Where's the stop? Previous candle high on m5, or so. Yes. That's the one.

Kids are home in the living room. This is summer vacation for them. Wife's px90 arrived an hour or so ago. She will start exercise protocol tomorrow. I don't have to go there myself. I already have three days under my belt. Today is the third day. I started sunday, or probably saturday?

People are posting these facebook stuff about privacy. I think I am going to not do that. I understand that I make myself public, rather lose my privacy when it comes to facebook. Some people get paranoid about it. So be it if there is a concept of privacy. People will know anyway. Besides, there is a sense of dishonesty about it.

Do I need to show myself as a good person? I don't have to. I am who I am. No need to prove anything to anyone in anyway. Just be myself and if I step on other people's toes, so be it.

Looking to go short soon. We will see how this will go. This is a new candle showing up soon. Where is opening price? I don't know yet. Do I want to short this? Trade what you see, not what you think.

This keyboard feels different. The other one is smoother. This is a dell keyboard. Let's get used to this one. I made changes to the shortcuts anyway. Do I want to switch back to ubuntu? Maybe so. But not anytime soon. I have a lot of stuff here with me. I don't want to be moving things around.

If the next hour candle will have my entry to go short, then so be it. The candles are starting to get wider. I think that is resistance there. But really, it is just going back into the congestion area. Do I go long here? Not yet. Why go long? I don't know. Do nothing is easier. There is nothing good to trade here anyway.

I am going to do more of that—do nothing. That is ok. I guess I just get bored with not having a position. This is not going to test the moving average anytime soon. I don't think so. Then why go short? I don't know what is going to happen next. That is the logic in there.

What to do now? I can take a nap. I can have lunch when I get up. I can have coffee then. I can do ruby programming when I finish these, or if I don't get to sleep. I think taking a nap is good. 02:02 is the time. I keep seeing a lot of that lately.

Price id headed down again. Do I short this? I don't know if I should it is a tte for the opening price. We'll see how things go from here. Do I really think it is going to go down?

Where is the continuation pattern?


The market is open. Monday. Wife is in the office. She said she wanted to trade later when she gets home. I think there's one more she needs to learn—entry. But she will figure out what she needs to know when she needs to know it. That's how I learn.

I can't really teach anyone. I just share my experience with them. If they pick up something in the process, in my process, then well and good. I am glad to be of assistance, if any. If there's nothing there for them, then so be it. That's what I am doing with the wife. I try not to teach. I only show her what worked for me n the past. It somehow cuts her learning curve if that helps in anyway.

I think that's how I too, learned in the past. I am going to do one page of this, morning pages, then post these on the internet. Then I can go on my way. I can do something else later on. What else do we need to do here?

I don't know. Basically, I am trading support and resistance levels. Previous day high and low plus hour chart high/lows. I wait for 123 on breakout and on failure, I also enter on 123. if that doesn't work, I minimize my losses and cut the trade. If not, I let it run.

With this method, I am thinking of adding to my position on every hour's trade. I wonder how that will fare? We will see. It is good in a trending market. It is going to be a pain if the market is choppy.

I am wearing contact lens today. I don't have windows on my pc. I don't need that anymore. There is the poker game, but I don't play that as often. I find that, when I move up stake levels, either I meet better playes with bigger bankroll, or I meet someone who is not afraid to lose money. Either way, the odds of making money is better in the forex market than it is in poker.


The odds of having a pair on preflop or on the flop is one in three. The odds of making a big hand is one in ten. One in ten big hands is what you are after. But when villain doesn't have anything, then villain folds. So my one in then and villains' one in ten is the times you go to showdown with a big hand.

In rush poker, max chips is 100 big blinds. That is not much of a return to make a big bankroll for me. Playing in regular tables, I will need a bigger bankroll as they need 250 bb to play full stack. I did make some money while I was in there. I'd start with minimum or so, then i'd be able to double that or twice double in a year's time.

I can get a stake, but I get pressured to play more. I will not have time for programming and trading forex and anything else. I just play get the number of hands each month. That takes too much time.

Anyway, I am back in trading. Maybe I can install the poker software in the laptop. Maybe not. I am happy with this. While not trading, I can do somethine else.