10.15am saturday

I don't write as much again. I've been busy and my foot is healing. I am not in as much today and with nothing else to do, writing is a good option. So here I am.

I have been trading. I got margin called twice already. Good thing that the minimum deposit is only ten bucks. But this hasn't happened before. And this is part of the process for me. No need to invalidate it or shun it out of myself.

What did I learn from this? I am learning how to code mq4. The margin calls are tuition paid for learning. I've tried three methods, maybe more. I have narrowed down the trading methods and I think I have one that works.

I haven't made the ea for that one method yet. I want to test it some more. Soon as I am convinced it works, I will write an ea. For now, the indicators are 48 smoothed ma and 200. I trade the failure off these ma's. If there is breakout from these ma's, I wait for the failure/dead cat bounce off these ma's , then trade that instead.

So far, it looks promising on eurjpy. Cable, maybe. Eurusd is so choppy right now. Audjpy is also very choppy. Ej is more stable off these moving averages. I can take the week off next week to observe how to method works. I can also work on the ea programming while observing. I can run some backtests while I am doing that.

If things work out, I can fund my account the following week, then trade accordingly. There is the one hundred percent bonus. I can avail of that. We'll see how far that goes.

While sitting, I am playing poker. The bankroll went from a little over five dollars to a high of 24 dollars in one week of play. Not bad. I just sit and wait for big hands, then go all in. not all the time villain will call. But when they do, it adds into the bankroll.

The thing is, you keep your losses small. These are part of doing business. You get paid on the big hands when villain thinks you have nothing. The key here is keeping your losses small as you build up your image.

I think the same principle will work in trading. Trade as many as you can when the signal comes up. When you do catch the trend, ride it for all its worth. I think that is the principle that I am working with right now.

I dreamed of mike last night. Weird dream. The feeling I got is more like chastising myself for something. I guess the dream pointed out to me how I have been treating myself all this time. I see that now. This is why these things happen. To show me where I stand. I am thanful for that.

It is my brother's birthday today. Can I do a foot bath? I think so. I can use plain water for that. Hot water? Not necessarily. Plain tap will do. I wonder if I should use betadine? I can. Or maybe not. Do I do that once a day? I think so. While I am sitting in front of the computer is good. Let's do that after breakfast then.