The market is open. Monday. Wife is in the office. She said she wanted to trade later when she gets home. I think there's one more she needs to learn—entry. But she will figure out what she needs to know when she needs to know it. That's how I learn.

I can't really teach anyone. I just share my experience with them. If they pick up something in the process, in my process, then well and good. I am glad to be of assistance, if any. If there's nothing there for them, then so be it. That's what I am doing with the wife. I try not to teach. I only show her what worked for me n the past. It somehow cuts her learning curve if that helps in anyway.

I think that's how I too, learned in the past. I am going to do one page of this, morning pages, then post these on the internet. Then I can go on my way. I can do something else later on. What else do we need to do here?

I don't know. Basically, I am trading support and resistance levels. Previous day high and low plus hour chart high/lows. I wait for 123 on breakout and on failure, I also enter on 123. if that doesn't work, I minimize my losses and cut the trade. If not, I let it run.

With this method, I am thinking of adding to my position on every hour's trade. I wonder how that will fare? We will see. It is good in a trending market. It is going to be a pain if the market is choppy.

I am wearing contact lens today. I don't have windows on my pc. I don't need that anymore. There is the poker game, but I don't play that as often. I find that, when I move up stake levels, either I meet better playes with bigger bankroll, or I meet someone who is not afraid to lose money. Either way, the odds of making money is better in the forex market than it is in poker.


The odds of having a pair on preflop or on the flop is one in three. The odds of making a big hand is one in ten. One in ten big hands is what you are after. But when villain doesn't have anything, then villain folds. So my one in then and villains' one in ten is the times you go to showdown with a big hand.

In rush poker, max chips is 100 big blinds. That is not much of a return to make a big bankroll for me. Playing in regular tables, I will need a bigger bankroll as they need 250 bb to play full stack. I did make some money while I was in there. I'd start with minimum or so, then i'd be able to double that or twice double in a year's time.

I can get a stake, but I get pressured to play more. I will not have time for programming and trading forex and anything else. I just play get the number of hands each month. That takes too much time.

Anyway, I am back in trading. Maybe I can install the poker software in the laptop. Maybe not. I am happy with this. While not trading, I can do somethine else.