thursday 10.15pm

I made three trading losses earlier today. I was playing with different methods. I got bored trading with just the 200ma. I learned my lesson. Now, I have a long position on eurusd. Price just broke above 200ma, went back down but didn't hit my stop on the swing low. It's back above the 200 again. London session. We'll see where the bulls will take this and see what happens.

Day chart is playing around 200ma. Right now, it's below that. It wouldn't take a big move though for price on d1 to trade above this moving average. The theory here is that, in a trend, price will first cross the 200ma on the lower time frames. I can trade this from m1, but that's too much noise for me. M5 is more acceptable for me. Not too choppy and not too high a time frame that it costs a lot to trade.

We did grocery earlier. Wife is learning how to trade as well. I have rashes. I don't know where I got these. I think it was from the shirt I wore to the grocery. I started getting itchy at the grocery.

I took an antihistamine tablet. That's going to hit in an hour's time. That will help me sleep later. I have a stop order in place so I can walk away from this trade. I also have a take profit order just in case there be sudden spikes. Either way, I can sleep on this trade and not worry about it. One thing I will do before I sleep is set a trailing stop. Maybe fifty pips or so. That way, if price checks back again, I will have something to keep.

How will new york trade this? I don't know yet. All I can do is trade what I see and not what I think. So right now, I have a trade. There is a bit of a negative feeling in me. I know that. I am aware of that. I don't want to code right now. I have a lot of issues here.

I am starting grok lifestyle tomorrow. I did not have dinner. I wasn't feeling up to it. I did not have the apetite to have dinner. I had a chocolate bar coming home from the grocery. That rook care of the apetite. I can work out tomorrow when I get up. I can also choose to ride my bike after I drive wife to work.

Some time during luncht ime, I can do yoga. Then I can walk in the afternoon or so. That will be like three workout sessions. It's not much. It's not as intense. It's good enough for me.

The sprints, I do that with the hill climbs. Those are my all out workouts while riding my bike. So I kill three birds with one stone. I get sunlight, I do max heart rates and I go easy workouts as well.

So when I finish my bike ride, the only thing that's missing is the yoga part of the protocol. I can handle that. I think that be a good enough workout routine for me. This one here also smells like it's burning. I can use something else instead.

That I cannot leave with my kids when they go to sleep. The other one looks safe enough. I can give that to them. I can throw this one away, or get something else.