tuesday AM

Finished my yoga just now. Price just broke below previous hour low. I am looking for a 123 entry to go short on eurusd. Target? Moving average? Probably so. We'll see what happens. Where's the stop? Previous candle high on m5, or so. Yes. That's the one.

Kids are home in the living room. This is summer vacation for them. Wife's px90 arrived an hour or so ago. She will start exercise protocol tomorrow. I don't have to go there myself. I already have three days under my belt. Today is the third day. I started sunday, or probably saturday?

People are posting these facebook stuff about privacy. I think I am going to not do that. I understand that I make myself public, rather lose my privacy when it comes to facebook. Some people get paranoid about it. So be it if there is a concept of privacy. People will know anyway. Besides, there is a sense of dishonesty about it.

Do I need to show myself as a good person? I don't have to. I am who I am. No need to prove anything to anyone in anyway. Just be myself and if I step on other people's toes, so be it.

Looking to go short soon. We will see how this will go. This is a new candle showing up soon. Where is opening price? I don't know yet. Do I want to short this? Trade what you see, not what you think.

This keyboard feels different. The other one is smoother. This is a dell keyboard. Let's get used to this one. I made changes to the shortcuts anyway. Do I want to switch back to ubuntu? Maybe so. But not anytime soon. I have a lot of stuff here with me. I don't want to be moving things around.

If the next hour candle will have my entry to go short, then so be it. The candles are starting to get wider. I think that is resistance there. But really, it is just going back into the congestion area. Do I go long here? Not yet. Why go long? I don't know. Do nothing is easier. There is nothing good to trade here anyway.

I am going to do more of that—do nothing. That is ok. I guess I just get bored with not having a position. This is not going to test the moving average anytime soon. I don't think so. Then why go short? I don't know what is going to happen next. That is the logic in there.

What to do now? I can take a nap. I can have lunch when I get up. I can have coffee then. I can do ruby programming when I finish these, or if I don't get to sleep. I think taking a nap is good. 02:02 is the time. I keep seeing a lot of that lately.

Price id headed down again. Do I short this? I don't know if I should it is a tte for the opening price. We'll see how things go from here. Do I really think it is going to go down?

Where is the continuation pattern?