learn self

Three pages wam up before I start writing. This is to get that connectiono going, priming the pump so to speak. No thinking, just let the fingers do thee typing. I watched sergei brin on youtube. He had that iron man-esque energy about him. He was is surprisingly lean. He must have time to work out all the time. Is he eating?

What is that red thing on the odesk thing? I don't know. I looked into it a while ago when I was using it but couldn't find anything. I will see before I log into that.

I am going to finish one letter. Then it goes easyer from there. What was that going on in there. I think the laptop is on cruise control now. How to get that wise screen thing onto the tv, I don't know yet. I will figure it out with google. I am sure with billions all over the world using it, someone must have dealt with it already.

What do you think is the cause? I don't know. It could be with the video settings. Or the display settings. Is it a flash thing? I think it has soemthig to do with flash. Is it a browser thing? Maybe so. What is that red thing here on odesk? It catches my attention. Is it like that always?

Maybe I need to udpdate it or something? Why not change font? I can change that. I can change the keyboard layout so it's easier to type, but it will be that much harder to code later on. I can maybe make changes to vim. It's the vim that's holding me back. It makes navigation easy on the keyboard. How to do that?

I saw some questions on the vim website. I think I got turned of fbecause it wasd getting too difficult. I can make changes after this assignment. I will do that then. I am thinking of doing programming as my main stay. I will write copy for the contests. Then I can do the websites of mine, interenet marketing on my free time. This way, I grow as a programmer, and my business as a copywriter is going as well. So I have three things going on for me.

How to do that? Just walk tdown that road. I don't like working for clients with copy. I tend to not have enough research for that. How to deal with that then? I don't knw yet. I just write. There are a lot of pages already done here. Sometimes I come in early. I remember that back when I worked in a call center. It was early. I did not have much to do so I went in and wrote. Then I posted. I think we had otuside internet access back then. I don't think we were allowed to write about the work, I was just writing morning pages on a night time when my day was about to start.

Did I learn something from that? I think so. Is my fingers doing all the working here? I can learn dvorak. This is going to be the third time I am going to do that. Just do three pages each day and I wlll get there in no time. It is the practice that makes the difference here. I can make changes to the keyboard. I think I can make them on vimperator, but it will be easier on vimium. The docs are right there and no need to save them or what not.

What else to do?

I can finish these. I go out to ride my bike later on. What else is there for me to do here? Just write. Finish these and see what happens. I can finish the other one tonight. I have time since wife is coming home late later on.

Do I listen to something here while I write? I don't know. Maybe. That might make sense. I have coffeetivity in the background. It gives a sense of a lot of talk going on in the back. This is good for writeing. Like I get that feeling that I am in a coffeeshop o rin the mall.

I thin that gets the flow easier. I can hear the backrgound noise in the real world, I guess it's ok. It's not such a loud thing. It's not even weird. I think the brain likes what is going on in there. Is there a way to download this? I don't know. Why would I want to listen to it outside?

That would be weird right? I think I can go to that beach in milford. Was that lady living in milford? I think that may be an uptight lady. I don't know. I am not there. I am more easy going bohemian lifestyle. Surfer dude thing. Sometohng like that. But I ride a bike instead. And the streets are where I srurf.

No need for grammar to be correct. What is important is the connection. Am I able to connect with my audience? I think that is more important. Phds do not connect well with their audience. I like teaching? I don't know. I don't teach. I never taught anyone per se. I just share my experience. I don't think that experience was for me. I learned something rom it, but I never did enjoy being up there. Or was I? I don't know. Right now, there is no ops there, so letting it go for now.

What else to write about? I don't know. If they can adjust to volume for that, then the music is going to be sort of above that as well. I don't like to listen to musc right now. I just want to set that connection. Connect from there and connect to heere. That is what I am doing here.

What do you do there? I don't know. Just tune in and type whatever comes out. There is the practice, to connect to that.t hen I get to the other side. The fingers coiuld get tired at tiems. I am going to learn that dvorak thing. Its' going to ake amonth to do that. So be it. I am writing a lot lately.

I remember I used to write well already at that level. It's not as fast, but I was getting comfortable with it. It's just that the real world, I was trying to change that.

I can't do that. I can only change myself. How I respond. I know things, but I don't teach, I show by example. This is how I do things. Then is there a need to teach? Only if they want to listen. Otherswise, I don't teach. It was not really a good fit. I had a great time, but I think it was time to move on.

What else? I can run that video, then I can make that connection there. You won't find your kids on youtube being beat up but you wont' see them bullying othes as well. That's important.

They will have self control. They will have discipline. You will have discipline if you were the parent. That is part of the process. That is what the philosopy is about. I don;t think it's about beating ten japanese warriors at the same time. It is being in the moment, one person at a time. No need to be some place else.

Then you can't be ip? Of course not. His path was different. You can learn something else and it becomes you. There is no succession. That is a false reflection definition. There is only you and how you use it.

That's what this is al about? I think so. I was able to fix that clock on the laptop.