friday afternoons

I was thinking of removing the unwanted libre office stuff, but then it had to remove everything. So I stopped right there. Jeffrey got nowhere. He missed his bus. Why not in the maxx website? It should have been updted there. That way, we would have known. I think that site has to be notified or something.

I am doing morning pages on the old pc. This is going to be called that. This is the oldest in terms of model. Mine, the desktop is oldest as it was bought earlier than this pc. The latest is the tablet which my daughter uses, but is of no use to me at the moment as I don't see myself hacking through there.

Is that how I see myself now? As a hacker? I think hacker like tony stark is builds stuff. Is there a term for that? To build stuff? I don't know. Maybe mechanic is a term for that. Geeks will get that now. I don't know. We shall see what happens there.

If I were to create a virus for an alien tech, which language will I use? If I just introduced a python script to it, will it work? I don't know if that will work. Will it? I am not sure. There has to be an interface to that to make it work. Some sort of similarity for the virus to latch on.

The files in this dropbox has been updted. Typing on this pc feels like I am folding my fingers too much. I lowerd the top of the keyboard a bit. I think the fingers are more relaxed this way. This is tough writing on qwerty. What can I do about this?

So is this guy starting to get anxiety attacks? I think he has to relax and enjoy being in the moment instead. This is all about reflection. What you pu out is what you get back and that is related to prgramming. The kids are playign all the time, on their gadgets and on the internet.

If I were to shut down the itnernet for a day, I wonder what is going to happen. I can change the password. Maybe they can figure it out. Or I can write a script that will crach passwords. Is that possible? I think so. How to do that then?

I don't know. Start with a hash of words from the dictionary. Where to get that? I don't now. Or connect to google or soemthing throught the search query. This keyboard is really tough on my fingers. I set it back to the higher top level. This way, I don't hit the space bar as I type. The acer keyboard which is based on the hp is better for typing. At least in my experience that is true. It doesn't have to be true for you.

Write down words and ideas. No need grammar correct. Write like tarzan talks. That is how you write ideas as they flow through you. When you make grammar correct, then you pause a bit, there is a misconnection there.

Wife is jealous me. I don't know. There is proximity. I don't t hink I need to be worried about her. I am secure in that position. And if things turned south, these are part of process anyway. Synchronicity and this is going to be a present for me so I will look forward to whatever it is that is happeninng.

I did not do yoga today. I had spaghetti for lunch. I do day one tomorrow. He's a kid. He has a lot to learn still. I too have a lot to learn. His reality is different frommine and that is a different perspective. Then I welcome that. Should I have gone off with him? I chose not to. He did not ask. If he had asked, then it is synchronicity and I will not say no to that. Why am I saying no to my reality then?

It is the ego. It is me. No need to put blame on ego. I am ego. I chose that. I chose to deny my own experience. Why? I did not like it. But then I catch myself doing that and I am in the light. This is what my process is about. It is being in the light unconditionally. It is being in the light no matter what.

How is this going to benefit me? None. That is expectatton. I just choose to be in the light. There is the awareness and awareness brings choice and choice is to go to the light. I can also choose to be in the dark. That is also valid. But it does not make me happy. It is contrast, but I would rather be happy, or at peace.

This is page two. I am going to write in this pc. I am going to get stuff from here to, but I need to figure out how to set up network connections with this. If so, it will be easy to get there. The one in linux mint is a bit confusing. Maybe there is a cli for that which I can use.

There are plenty of things to learn here. Shell scripting is one. Also python and coffeescript. That will come over time. I am also maintaining my blogs. That is also there. I am also doing that ebook one dollar thing. It has been weeks. I feel like this is not interesting. So I let it go.

What else is there for me to leran here?

I think I just figured it out. What are my other skills then? I don't know yet. Maybe pus shomething kenjutsu? no. write something else altogheter. Like what? I don't know yet. When that hits torrents, then the selling power is lost. People will only get it from there.

So what else am I going to do here? I don't know yet. Just get to th e tother side each time. This is to finish writing this and I can go do soemthing else. I don't watch movies that much. If the tech is less, then I am not interested. I think there is something there for me.

Write novels. There is soemthing to learn there. Write like a superhero would. What would stark do? If it were not for the suit, that is one to one. What is one to many stark? I think it is through software. Why not develp software for that?

I don't know yet. There is soemthing there to do. Why not go in that direction. I think that is possible. Is there a way to do that? Id on't see that now. So I sit here and do nothing. Like what? They are taking stark to different levels. How will he think?

I think that is something there. What about a poor stark? It is not that he has money. He only has ideas. And that is the difference one makes. What is lesson there? That money tdooens't matter. It is the quality of the ideas. It is the passion.

I want to go to the city and just hang out there. If I can't then so be it. They are going to put bike racks onbuses. That is going to be cool. I can do that. And if the bridge path is up, I can go there more often. It is easy to go there then. I can pay the tax on that. It is only two dollars. But it's like taking the bus already. Why not just take the bus?

It is going to eat on your expense. I t hink it has to be removed as we are paying taxes indirectly.