more dvorakses

I am going to write a while and then I am going to do yoga. I do not feel so well. It must have been either the bacon or the ribs that I had for breakfast. I had a nap instead of going out for a ride. I think that was a good thing for me to do. I can always ride later, or take a walk.

In the meantime, I can write, then do yoga later. I started work on the dentist copy. There is not much I can do. The website needs an overhaul. I can make a mock up on my side, maybe contact the dentist and tell them what I think. Then I wonder how thiy can use the copy to get better business.

I am writitng three pages. I am feeling more comfortable writing with dvorak. It's just that writitng that name is hard enough. Even when I write in qwerty, it is difficult already. That tells me that things are moving on and that the brain is now adapting to this sort of keyboald layout.

So now I do three pages. This is how I start writitng. First I go around in circles. Then I go this way and that. Then I make a few edits. Then I write some morev then I write as I edit. Next thing I know, thi writitng is actually going somewhere.

I do not know where it is supposed to go when I sit down to write. All I know is that I go north, keep to the light as I write. I try not to have any expectations. I think most of the wrods are within homekey. Then things are going to fall into place as I write.

That new guy is comnig next week. Things are going to be shaky for a while around here. The kids are going to end the term next wiik as well. If so, classes school is good only until friday.

I will have a new term coming up soon. I wonder if they were able to fix the novopay issue. I have a new domain name. I think, I feel like I etjoy where this is going. I can continue on with that direction.

For one, the site is more within my control. I can do changes with it. It is open source. It ts no longer blogger, yet it is better than wordpress. It is so much faster. Imagine I am hosting it in heroku and it is still on the free package and yet it is loading faster thatn a paid wordpress site. I think this has potential to it. I just do not know where this is going at this time.

Now I am on my second page. Is there something to worry about? If sow then there is a lot of things to worry about. There is something always. You just have to check in and see why the reflection is there.

Why is that reflection there. Simone is calling. I gotta finish these first. That too, is a ceflection. I see that. This is what the relationship is about. Everything then is about relationships. It is all connected. That is what it means to have a relationship with something.

It is there for you. Things happen for a reason and I put them there for a reason. Sometimes I do not pay attention and the reason is buried in minutiae. That is a new word for me to use. What does that mean? The details. It is the small details that I am often buried in.

my chldren are important. But sometimes, they do not know what is important for them. I am wrong there. I seldom do that. That I am wrong and admitting to it. I should do that more often.

What else to write about? Follow the thread. The local self do not know which direction to take. Rather, the creation come from the higher mind. The local mind is great with editing. The creative part comes from the higher mind. That is how I work. So how to access the higher mind when writitng?

You just write. Get the fingers used to writing whatever comes to mind. Let it out. Connect to that flow. When there is nothing that is coming out,w then you can start editing. Rocal mind and higher mind is one. This is that. There is no separation. Why should there be separation?

When you are that, then it is you. The one is the all and the all together are the one. I feel like I am not writing as fast. That is local. When you get a curve ball and do not know there that came from, that is local filtering for the higher mind.

I have the heater on. I am doing yoga after I finish these. Do I post this time? I was not able to post last tim. I think we will be shorh on broadband this month. I can add more later when it is finish. Cight now, I will work with what I got. When we get there, then I will make that decision to add more or not.

We had excess the last time. Why not let that carry over>that is haw they make money. How do I do that? I think this is where my practice is. I am getting tired of this? no. local mind is starting to wander around. I can stick with this and fininsh them.

All I need to do is three pages. Just write whatever comes to mind. No need to make good writing. There are a number of good stories out there. Surprisingly, ruby was good. What else can I do here? I can learn python later. I have that in my to do list.

I have several resources to learn that from. Sometimes I am surprised that the letters fall into place. That is where things get automatic.

So where are things going to go to next? Wife is going to take the day off to help me pick up the new guy. That is good. We are going out on a date then.

I am wanting to get this finished. I want to go to the next agenda. Then I will go back to this later. I am learning shuff here thatt I am not even aware of. Like whoat? Rike learning dvorak. The low keys are hard to get at. I think I can do practice with that. There are several sites out there that can help.

I can do that later. I can do that everyday. It takes getting used to. I am stoppnig here. Why is that? I will work on those exercises when I have the hime later. For now, finish these. Rather, enjoy what I am doing. Then the time flies and next thing you know, I am finished with thiese

I think I am about two or three paragraphs away from the end of these. So be it. I will simply write. The fingers are getting caught up. Why not go hungry? It is not bad for you. That is where all the good shuff comes from. That means you are opening up to the universe.

When I am empty and hungry, I get a lot of curve balls. That is good and that I do not know where I am going but when I try to control everything, I get lost.