I quit odesk. I don't know what's going to happen next. That's good. I guess. All I know is that I wasn't happy writing for other people. I did not know what to write about and they are always rushing things. I write better my way my pace. Better that way.

Now, my goal is to be better one percent each day. Did I make that? Am I a one percent better copywriter? Yes I am. Am I a one percent better programmer? Yes, I am. Then I can go to bed now. My day has been productive.

If I don't check in like that, I get anxious and wonder what the future will be and I regret the past. That means I am not in the present. I see that. This is why I write. To check in, to connect tot he flow. I was going to call it higher self higher mind, but the flow seems more appropos for this situation.

Wife came home late and we had late dinner. I was upset with that. What to do next? Pluralis doesn't seem to work. I was thinking of going there. It's been weeks and it hasn't worked since? I think it was working before. Or was that just the test page?

I emailed their support. If that doen't work out, then I go for peopleperhour. Or pph for short. I am also learning new stuff. Did I learn something new today? Tehre's bootstrap and golang and python. Also angularjs that's on my list.

That's all I am doing right now. I don't know how toat is going to work out, but this is synchronicity. This is what's happening and this is where I need to be. I think daughter's online game download is going to finish later.

Do I still want to learn dvorak? I think I can do that now. There's not much happening here. I can do that all day. Do the tests all day long and not write much. Will I get bored with that? I sure am going to get bored witht hat.

What else is there? Will I write better code that way? I don't know. It is going to be slower. So we stick with this for now. ok. Write three pages and take it to the other side. I see that.

Facebook is starting to get boring. No more conversations. What you put out is what you get back. Then I am not being social anymore. I don't think I can make money on odesk. They pay so low and the talent is not appreciated. I can withdraw my funds tomorrow check in on the account.

I have everything covered, but if syncrhonicity requires that, then so be it. I am writing three pages. I don't know how things are going to turn out from here. Just write. Finish the pages. Write what comes to mind. No need to be better. Just be in the moment. Be that which I seek today. No tomorrow. No past. Only today.

I can write with y eyes closed. The speling sucks but I can write fast. The thing here is to get what comes into mind and put that on paper. That is what I am doing here. No need to edit. I can do that later as always. What you want is to firm upt he connection. That is what I am doing now.

The next walking dead is in october. At least we get some early bed time on mondays. And I can get the other shows at a more convenient time. I think they have such a great show going on in there. Good thing I saw that in netflix.

The kids do not watch netflix that much. I watch it. I enjoy some of the shows in there. Not all, just some. Not all of it is up to my taste. I stopped watching there actually.

Do I start playing poker again? no. i'd rather write or learn howt o code. This way, I am moving forward with this. What else is there for me to do aroun dhere?

Just write. Do three pages. I am past two pages. That is one and a half more and I am done. I am getting sleepy? I have a lot of learning materials in here. Am I going around in circles? no. I am learning stuff and I am doing soemthing about it.

For now, just write. Then I post this. I like deep waters. I like swimming and diving into the deep. More so in bright sunny weather. I got that from puerto galera. I think that is a good name. Galera is a good name. What else?

I don't know just get to the other side. Victoria is the name of that beach in samar. I will go back there one of these days. I am going to bike ride through the whole province and back. That's what is going to happen when I visit the philippines. I can go frm luzon to mindanao while I am there. I wonder what happened to that guy who was going on tour?

I don't know. He's probably still on it. I think he had a blog. Is he still updating them? I don't know I don't care really. Maybe he is or maybe not.

I have this anxiety in me. What is the worst that can happen? Emergency happens and I can do nothing about it. Nothing. I guess this is what I a going through. I am allowing this to happen then. No need for fear. I think it will be good to do dvorak now.

I can dvorak as I learn how to code. I am going to have to make canges to vim. Do a little remap things. I think there are people out there who are doing that. I can look it up and see what happens. It is the location of the keys that matter. I can learn soemthing else there. Like j is somewhere in the bottom row. That is a bit different. I can do a lot of remaps as I go along.

I think I am already halfway on page three. I used to frequent halfway inn. We used to go there on weekends for beer. Didn't meet any ladies while there. That's what I did not do when I was younger. Feeling regret for that.

Anyway, it is not here anymore. I am moving on now. Maybe in the next life. Maybe I was such in a previous life. I see it in my head. So maybe in a different reality, I am.

Can touch base with that? I feelt hat. I know I can touch base with that alternate self. But I am here. The awareness is here. That means I am supposed to be here. Otherwise, the awareness is giong to be there. There is s subtle difference there. I see that. I am going on from here.

I have like two or three paragraphs to go. Just write and finish these. Then I post this on my blog. Don't care if anyone reads this. Just write and see what happens.

That is one paragraph down. That means three or four sentences to finish these. I can have a month on me to write. I can do that eveyr hhour when I am not really doing anything. I can print out the keybord and get started.