nothing whatsoever

There's more people these days claiming to be the messiah. In a sense, it is true. They are shards of the fragment of the one. Each one of us is a shard. That shard. Each one of us is the messiah. Not the savior though. Everyone is a savior, then who else is there to save? We only save ourselves. I am not a religious person. I am far from that. I am a here and now person. I am this and I am that.

I am also doing the laundry. And that is who I am. Right now I am a writer. I am writitg this. It doesn't have to be the greatest novel in the world. But I am writing. There is only here and now. Why would people want to put someone else above them? Maybe they were meant to do that. That there is something there for them. I miss the madness in the philippines. When will I get back to all that? When the timing is right.

Why am I going back there? I don't know. All I know is that I want to ride my bike all over samar and leyte. I am going on a bike tour there. Who knows what will happen. All I know is that it is going to be fun. That it is there and it is going to be that.

How will it come about? I will hop on a plane, get a bike soon as I land there, then start riding. Where to get the money? I don't know. All I know is that there is that direction that I want to take. When will it happen? It is happening now. For there is only here and now. Why am I not there then? Because I am here. Why am I here if it is happening now? I am not of the frequency. Soon as I match that frequency, then I am going to be there.

I am not the messiad. I am trynig to make sense out of all that. I woke up at three in the morning and couldn't go back to bed. I think the game is going to be available later after lunch. I am going to be on the lookout for that. I think it is possible to create a script that will wait for that, then dovnload the files necessary.

How am I going to do that? By metacode, rather pseudo code. You map out how things are going to happen, then you write code as to how things are going to happen. It is getting warm around here. I am going to get ready to move now. I ma going to mow the lawn some time later. Maybe not yet. Then I am not going to do anything just yet. I can start packing stuff. That will come esay and things wil become evident when the time is near. Not now. There are other things to do.

I am going to install later when kids is done playing her game. I don't know if she is going to be able to play tomorrow. I am lazy to go there. I will want her not to go tomorrow so I don't have to go. Not that there are stuff that are urgent. It'- not fun anymore to go there.

What would I rather do then? Ride my bike if it is not cold. Or sit in front of the computer. I dave arch linux installed and stable. I also have conky running and I like that plus my background. I like my computer right now. I am going to extend that to the laptop. I was headed in that direction. I think that it is possible to install my tools in the laptop even with arch. I will do that later on then.

In the meantime, I just write. There is nothing else here that needs my atteniton, so I am writing. I am getting sleepy. What else can I do here? Finish writing. Then I will hang the clothes in the garage. Then, after all that, I can take a nap. I will take a long nap that hen I wake up, I will feel disoriented. That is how you sleep.

When was the last time I had that? I can't remember. Usually, when I sleep through the night, I get that in the morning. But when I spesd a few minutes in bed, I can reorient myself so when I get up, I am back in the world. That is how it feels like to have agood sleep.

I am writitng this and then I will hang the clothes outside. Do I have to see what I am writing? Not necessarily so. I just write. I am going to have to turn off this heater. Does daughter have to be absent tomorrow? Only if she wants to. I don't think I will make a good media person. I am a writer, not a speaker. I can connect with my writing better than when I speak. I speawk like I write. I dump out everything, and then I edit later.

And that'- where I get in trouble, sometimes. I think sito and company were into linux long before I was into it. I remember mike telling me about it. I onder if he is still into that. I can look him up and see how things are doing with him.

If he loved coding, I wonder if he'd still be practicing medicine. Probably so. There's a good chance that he wil. I think he will make time for it somehow. As I am making time for it. This is how you get to the other side. This is where the practice is. So how am I going to get to the other side? One word at a time.

I will write and this is probably the last paragraph. I will fill this in with words even if they do not make any sense. The key is not to edit as I write. But I am doing that. It doesnt matter. I just write. I wonder if sito is still with that girlfriend of his. I forgot her name. I remember that I knew her. They used to train with bong. That was a long time ago.