first day of school, term one

I don't feel like being an achiever today. I think the right word is 'hero'? Not really. Productive is more apropos. I'll go out later. Maybe ride my bike, or take the path of least resistance and go for a walk so I can do yoga in the morning. Or I can take a nap later after lunch.

But I have been reading all these scary stories on reddit. I am creeped out right now. I am going to cut that for now. Do something else instead. Am I not ready for this? Allow things as they should be. I think this tells me what my definitions are.

It's good to type on this keyboard. I feel like my palms are sliding off and had to remove those little back stands at the back and test having the keyboard flat. The kids, three of them are still in bed. Should I wake them up? I got up before six. It felt different. I sleep better on the right side of the bed closest to the door. On the left side, I tend to wake up some time after three.

I think it's because I am leaned back that makes my fingers slide off the keyboard. This is day one. I had a fast for 16 hours yesterday. I stopped eating after lunch. My next meal is going to be after the kids have gone off to school. I can make hamburger, or bacon—maybe both. What was that noise? Is there someone on the door? I think that was elise walking in the bathroom with her shoes.

Kyla just got up. The sausage rolls are cooling off on the table. I don't wrap them until the kids are about to leave. That way, it cools down and do not get wrapped hot/warm.

I am done with programming for now. I am not interested in that, or find that exciting for now. It feels flat atm. I am allowing that. Do something else instead. I can choose to go back to that later on.

Leaning back makes it slide back. Do omething else instead. Like what? What to eat for breakfast? Nothing. I will make some burgers later on. Do they have carbs? Yes. Should I be eating them? It's what I want to eat. Or I can make something else. Like that steak I had the other time. I can unfreeze that now and see what happens.

Wife is coming home late tonight. I will pick her up from mork at midnight. This means I will have two nap times later on. I can go out for a bike ride later. I haven't ridden for a while. I forgot what my bike's name is. I think it's number two.

When my fingers go off the keyboard, the flow stops. Do I do something else? Movies are disappointing. I think we can do a lot more with tv series. And what else is there for me? I think I am goetting hooked on that. Do something else. Why not work on odesk?