mixed weather

Wife is in the office, and the kids are still in bed. It's time for my morning pages. It's bright and sunny outside. I just hope that we don't have rain later so the clothes outside can dry. But if it rains, so be it. I am not going to fight it.

I will go out for a walk later, maybe when the kids have taken over the computers. I do that everyday. School starts on monday. That means more quiet time for me. But afternoons get busy then. On holidays, the schedule is stable. Although I do things for them, I tend to oversee things and teach them how to do things themselves, like cooking their own meal.

Wife and I often discuss about the possibility of a friend being gay. He's not open about it, at least that's my opinion. Based on experience, I am convinced that he is gay. It's fine with me if he is gay. I don't mind and I accept him for who he is. It doesn't matter also if he doesn't come out. It's all up to him. If he's happy that way, then it's his choice not mine.

I've seen a lot of friends in the past who were suspected of being gay but I did not care. The truth came out eventually, and on facebook. But that's a different story altogether.

I am doing two pages. This makes them easy to read on the blog. Not too long and not too short. It tends to be longer than what is commonly available out there. I am following the market. I am watching how things turn out. There's news coming out later on. I think that news will only confirm price action. No need for me to watch the news. Anyway, what happened yesterday was interesting.

During the asian session, h1 chart was showing all whites going up and not a single down candle. I suspect that normal price action has a mix of both up candles and down candles. All of asian session was up candles. I did not initiate a position on the long side when the signal came up. It's a good thing I did not. Immediately after london opened, price went south and steep. It tested previous day's low. If I had a long position, I would have been stopped out.

There's one more thing I want to test. Holding a position for a short period of time. It's true that holding them longer is good for the account, but there's a lot of uncertainty that way. I would rather get my one percent for the day, then get on with my life. But that's just a theory. I can do that, or go for swing trades. We'll see what happens.

I need to start losing weight. I am over forty inches in my waistline. Something needs to be done here. But I am surrounded by sweet lovers. How do I get out? Choose. I always have a choice.

Having junk food no longer pleases me. What else can I do here. The act loves my daughter. She feeds her everytime. And gives her a good pat. They talk to each other. The cat sleeps on her bed whenever she is in the house. That is her pet.

Kyla is up and playing raiderz. I think she is, but she might be checking her social media sites first. Now I hear the background music. She's online and playing now. The two younger kids are still sleeping. The youngest is usually last to get up. He is also last to go to bed.

I have several movies lined up from the library. I think they will finish later. I wonder what the wife will want to see later on? I want to see a comedy. Maybe I can check the library list and see what else I can borrow.

And what lese can I write about? How come daughter has a notebook with her while she's playing? Do I want to install windows? That's all for gaming. I don't think I want to go there. I would rather go out and ride my bike. So I will not go there. I already have a good arch install. Everything is working as expected. I have expectations then.

That's normal. I allow that in myself. No need to fight these things. And what else can I write about? This keyboard types like a dream. It's soft and sensitive enough. And what else is there to write about? I don't know. Only that I finish page two. And then after that, I can go on with my day.

If the bin fills up fast, I can save the plastics and when the time comes, I can share with the neighbor's bin. That worked out today and it saved the neighbors' bin that had plastic in them. I remember that plastic bags are not allowed in the bin. If there was someone checking these bins, theirs would have that sticker in them. I think I will be more careful next time.

I also have several trading videos checked out from the library. Do I have to see what I am typing? I don't have to. Not seeing them helps me connect to source and write faster. No need for that. It helps now and then, but I don't have to dwell on that. I am allowing who I am. This is the path I am in. I am different in the way that my path is here. No need to judge otherwise.