create stuff

The long on ej last night was a dud. It got stopped out. Lesson there is that the position was not on oversold at h4. There was no bounce to it. That was a good trade then. This time, I went long and h4 shows gimmee bars.

I allow trades like this as they are a part of my process. I have little risk to the position, and yet if the trade works out, my profits are big. This is variance. Not all trades will work and that is why it is important to ride the trend when you get them. I think the wife wants to have coffee later.

It's a wednesday and it's our anniversary. We still mark that fateful day we got 'on'. It has been a great ride. I feel old. This is why the reflection is true. How to change that? Use up that energy. I wasn't—chose not to go for a walk yesterday. Too many things in my plate, I was busy.

This long is not happening. Be prepared to close this one. Again, like baseball, take plenty of singles. Do not always go for homeruns. Buy on strength, sell on weakness.

The kids are still sleeping. Why is that anxiety there? There is a belief in place. That I have to control things and know how things will turn out. But it doesn't work that way. All is reflection. Tehre is no reality other than my definition and my experience of it. Therefore, if this is the reality I see, it's not that it is out there... it is only reflection of what's inside.

If this is going to go south, how to trade this? On h4, this is gimmee bar. Do you think it will go south some more or is it time to go long? I don't know. Only trade what you see, not what you think. It may go south. I am opening an account with mahi. I like the name. I like the interface. It's also from around here. It's a local business. The spreads on eddie are low. I can do a lot of short term trades there and those will add up over time. The question is, will I be able to trade with very little?

The thing with hotforex is that they give you additional 50% on deposit. This adds to leverage. I tend to trade more. The losses are magnified, but so does profits. Nothing is ever inherently good or bad. It's how you use it. Use it for positive reasons and you get positive results.

There is no good or bad, only positive and negative. By being positive all the time, even when there is negative, you negate the negative. You render it useless. It will not have an effect on you. But if you choose to allow the negative to have an effect on you, that is still being positive. It will still give you something positive. It won't be immediate, but if you were to look inside, you will see that there is peace of mind.

I feel like I am supposed to do something but I forget what it is. I am to get my daughter's phone later. I wonder if wife will want to be there too. I don't want to drive. I intend to go by bike, or go for a walk.

Walking will get my workout done for the day. I can do yoga later this afternoon. Or maybe make this my break day. Breaking bad has a lot of memes on the internet. I am not as captivated by it. It is the adventures of what seems like father and son.

It's ok. It grabs you, but it's like bland content. It's like they are just extending things to see what happens. I am not a fan of hollywood. It was great when you were a kid, but growing up, for me, I am starting to lose interest.

I would much rather watch real life. Now there is a lot of drama. I wonder why I had to go through all that? It is a part of my process. Without it, this life wouldn't be me. I will not get to who I am. Is it time to switch? Where to get funds to trade that? Is that a better broker?

They are market makers. How is that different from my broker now? They take the opposite side of the trade. They make money when I make a trade. So far, it looks ok. They have good vibes on the forum community et al. But hotforex also has good feedback. I know how the game works. I think I am skeptical about the feedback they have.

But, it is all a tool. Use it how you may. The kids are up except for marcus. I wake him up later when his sister has left for school. He won't be leaving soon until his mom leaves. No need to get up early. But he does get up early. He does so when there is no school. He gets up at eight. That's not early. Everyone gets up late and he is the first to be up. Is this going down? I think so. Get ready to bail.

What will move this down? I don't know yet. It looks weak the bands are low. Is it better to trade the levels? How to trade that then? It's the same thing. I would rather trade bbs. This way, I know where my stops are and I can see how much I am risking in each trade. If it's out in the middle, it can easily go both ways. I would rather open positions with my back against the wall.

sunday night with nothing to do

Me racking my brains again thinking of what to do next. The odesk thing is not getting any response, and I don't feel so eager about it. I am thinking of going back to programming while I trade forex. I can also write updates to my niche websites. That's something I can do. It's the short term that I am concerned about.

But what if I was that person who unnderstood how the universe works. How would I behave as that person? I will choose to be happy at all times. I will choose. Every effort to be in that direction. And then what? I'm not sure what's next. I haven't written an update for my traidng blog just yet. It has been a week and I am to update my pnl.

This is going nowhere? It's not. This is part of the situation. And what else am I going to do about it? This is going to go from here. Just get to the other side. The movie they are watching is kinda slow. I don't think I want to see it but I glimpse at it every now and then.

This is only page one. This lady who got my computer, she has a shop in a mall and she does web development. I wonder how things are doing with her. Maybe I can do something myself. I can start something at home, offer that to the locas business. But that will entail cost. I can get a gig with odesk, then use the money to generate mailers. That will then help me to get gigs. But what if I just focused on odesk?

This is the anxious me talking. That's not what I prefer. What can I do about this now? Only that I get to the other side and see what happens. I am watching that movie. What else can I do here? Get to the other side and see what happens. That is a cliffhanger there. And then what? This is just me writing.

I do not have things writing here. This is me writing. And then what? I don;t know. Wife will watch something. I did not do anything today. I just sat here watching movire. And then what? I don't know. The colons are swapped with the apostrophes. And then what else is there for me.

It is bed time. Kids do not want to sleep yet. This is something here that we can do. Then what I am just writing here. What else to write about. How am I going to make myself healthy again? Go low carb for a week, exercise everyday. This keyboard is flat. Wife will watch the tudors again. Do I want to see a movie in here? I don't know. Only get to the other side and see what happens.

From here on, this is the second page. Now what? I would like to do something that will captivate me. Now what? I don't know. Only that I get to the other side and see what happens.

This is going to the other side and then I can go there. Do I want this? I want to work with vim again. But which language. I think...i don't know what to think. I am only doing this writing what comes to mind. Nothing in particular. Only write what words come in there. I am going to bed in about an hour. The kids are getting ready for bed.

This is page two. I have more to come. Now I am writing. This lady here is hot. Why do they have hot ladies on this movie? To catch your attention. It is there to help them get there. It's the questions that haunt us.

It is almost recycling day around here. I think that will go in a month or two. We have seweral junk in place here. I can get rid of them on those days. I want to install arch on the new computer but I am not doing anything.

Do anything? I lost my train of thought in there. I think so. This keyboard is like silk. I enjoy writing in here but there's not much to write about.

What else can I write about? This is the home row and I am writing. It's not perfect. There is no perfect layout. There is nothing here that will happen. I will only write and see what happens. This guy is black. I am writing. There is nothing good on tv today.

So I just write and see what happens. They are serving him food. And then see what else is there. There is trading tomorrow. It's a monday. Not much happens on a monday. I can watch kiwi. It's not correlated with ej. That will be something to trade. I can add that later.

I will finish this and then see what I can do later. Marcus tends to whine a lot evern at this age. I want to do something awesome. What will that be? Programming? That is a possibility. What else? Will I get known for that?

Why not create a trading app. Create something with golang, get that connected to the trading room and ther I can create something that will trade. I can also learn algrithms and machine learning.

That will be interesting. Is that something that I want to do? I don't know what else to do here?

back to dvorak

I went back to dvorak. The workman layout seemed logical on paper, but in practice, as I was using it, the keys, how my fingers were moving wasn't that comfortable.

So how are we going to go about this? Practice writing. Keep on writing. I think I just need to practice with this. I got me a dvorak programmers layout. Now the numbers are better and the symbols are easily accessible. I don;t have to do a shift to access them.

I think ej is oversold and that I can short at this level. I think ej on the h4 is going to retrace. Do I short this? I think it will work. Where to take profits? It's too close to short this, unless ej is going to break past support. You don't know that. Nobody knows what is going to happen next.

Now what? I don't know. Only write and get to the other side. I think the fingers are working just fine with this layout. I can stick with this. At least I can get this layout on every computer that I will work with. I can easily install this on any computer, even windows.

And that I can work with. Should I play with his laptop? I will need his permission. I can have raiders installed into that so kyla can play with it. I wonder if there is a password to access it. We will have to make clear that these things will happen. What else is there for me? I don;t know yet. Only get to the other side and see what happens.

This is so much easier to write on. What else to write about? I don't know yet. Should I do the applications with odesk? I can choose to do that. Or do something else instead. Like what? I can make this a write-about for the trading blog. I haven't written anything to update that blog.

Do something else now. Wife is watching tudors. I think it is boring. It is about politics and a bit of history. What else is there for me? What can I write about? The system that I am using. What else? I don't know.

I am almost done with this single page here. There is someone outside putting out the trash for tomorrow. I do that in the morning. This way, there... I lost my train of thought.

This is last paragraph for page one. What's next? I don't think I need to see what happens next. Only write and get to the other side. I don't have to do anything else and see what happens. So just write. What is happening here. I don;t know. What is she sending him? A locket. It is something with a picture on it. That is a young boy. He is going to own his own house. He is a duke. It is sad that he has to move away from his own mother. It's weird that she can't beat him if he was wrong. It is the king's illegitimate son. He has a right to be there. So the sister is on her way back. She is going to marry anyone he wants.

I write a lot but I do not update my blog that often. Why is that? I am not putting myself out there. If I did, this will not be a concern. So what's next? Write whatever comes to mind. There's a lot of politics involved. I don't want to deal with that.

I have a good setup here. I think I am happy with this for now. This will go on and I can work on something else. I have mql to learn and also golang. That's a lot. It will take a lot from me. I was there already. I only need to review things and I can get something going.

How soon can I get something up and running? I don't have to get something up and running. I only want something that will stream prices and update regularly. From there, I can do calculations and make tests from there.

That is something that I can put in the open source community. That will help hasten things. Then we can have an open source trading platform. It is something that we can do here. What else is there for me to do.

I will start tomorrow. I spend half the day for go and the other half for mql. That will be enough time for learning. I don't have to force myself to learn stuff. Ej might go sideways. It might go down a bit. But that is not certain for me. I think it is better to wait for a long entry and see what happens.

What else is there for me. I think game of thrones are showing next month. That will take some time. Also walking dead is coming soon. Then we have a lot of things to do after dinner.

That will keep my wife busy in the coming days. At least I have her off my back. The kids are getting ready for bed now. I can make sausage for tomorrow. That is three sentences. I can extend that into somethitg else.

This is the last paragraph. I will be done here for now and post this on one of my blogs. But then what else is there for me to write? Just finish this.

better volume indicator

I just opened a short on the kiwi. Price action on h4 shows that it went past resistance levels, but closed back within. Bbs are expanded. IME, this tells me that the bulls are probably exhausted. Zoom in to m5, price just gave me a doji with long legs both sides. I forgot what it's called. It also failed off the r1 level of the h4 pivot. I opened a short off that pattern with stop set above r1 off the high of that doji long legs.

Target? I'm not sure yet. I will look to s1, but I will wait to see how volume works out around those levels. If this trends towards the downside, I will keep the short, then start zooming out time frames.

I think buyers just came into the market. Is this better volume indicator reliable at all? We will see. In the meantime, I will see how this will fare during the week. It's a new tool. It takes getting used to.

This tool helps me see more depth to price action. It tells me how much uptick or downtick there was. That is a magenta bar on the volume. That is an alert bar. What is it telling me? My risk is low as I have stops above that doji. If I am wrong, then I close the position. If I am right, then it is better for me.

The tick chart isn't moving. I think the better volume indicator for forex is based on that tick chart. There is no central clearing for the forex market. You really can't tell how many trades there are for each side. The only way you can tell is from the ticks. If there be more upticks, then that's buying volume. Of course if price equilibrium was there you will not have upticks or downticks. Price will only trade on that level. Why is the candle not moving?

That's good. At least it is staying on that level. Is this institutions selling into the market? I think so. I hope so. Why is my chart not updating? I don't know, but at this time, I like what I am seeing. This is the first trade for the day, first trade for the week.

I am not going to let these trades affect me. Poker is easier. You play as many hands as you can and that's where the edge is. That is, assuming you are playing well. If you are not playing well, then it is going to work against you. But how do you do this in trading? Trade only when the odds are in your favor?

It's that trade with the wall behind you. Tick chart is flat. What's happening? Is this accumulation? That's a harami pattern that just formed there. That's good news. And it failed off resistance level. That means this is support level? I have the order window open and I can't see the volume indicator. So be it. At this time, I don't need it. I am about to close a position and this is more important for me.

At least price is steady at these levels. I am trading like wholesale now. How is that different? I behave like someone trading from divisoria. A rice trader.

Price is moving down. Bears are back? We will see. It has to move past the h4 pivot. Then we will see price action on support levels. At the moment, volume has dried up in the last two candles. We are not out of the woods yet. The bulls are still there. That's not what you want.

I got stopped out. I am leaving it off at that. I see price testing supply area again. I am redefining these levels into zones. Supply and demand zone. These used to be support and resistance levels. They are not levels but zones where buy and sell orders are placed. Redefining them this way gives me a better perspective on price action. How to trade this then?

That magenta was an alert. It was followed by a buy candle. It wasn't a downtrend but the buy candle appeared after that magenta. That was buyers there. How to trade that then?

Price went back down. I think my stops should be moved someplace else. Like where? I don't know yet. Maybe the five minute chart is too choppy? Not really. I did not have confirmation there that price has indeed gone down. Upticks are still common. This means that they are buying up. Buyers are hitting the offer price that's why there is an uptick. How to trade this? Do I go long? It's right in the middle of trouble. Do nothing for now. Look for something else to trade.

Usually, r1 or s1 is a weak-ish level to trade. Price can easily break through that. Unless of course there is a volume behind it. There was volume behind that stop that I made. I think it was a good stop. Do something else now. Look to buy on support. See price action on those levels.

Right now, do nothing. I think I can do this while blogging so I can see how price is doing. Or maybe I can run a video of all this while I an trading. It is the first few minutes of a trade that I want to record. After things have moved in my favor, I can update them later using screen capture. There is screencastomatic. I can use that to record three candles worth of trades.

going out for a ride

Oldest daughter gets into dark mode like her mother. They choose passive aggressive. It works for them. But I think it don't settle anything. You don't get what you want, they don't get what they want. Better to be assertive and say what you feel. It takes practice. I thought wife wanted to work out and get up early?

I guess she has other plans then. I like opening up the curtains in the morning. I can write an article this morning while I am here. I have several audiobooks on the download. I can listen to them when I go out for a walk. I think daughter can move her files someplace else.

How to get them? I don't know yet. I can get a gig at odesk. I have enough content in there. Or maybe do ten articles in fiverr per day. That will do me a lot of good? Fifty bucks a day isn't bad. In a month that's like a grand something. If my calculations there are correct. I think I can handle ten in a day.

That is something to consider. What else am I going to write about? I have a lot coming in threugh me. I can edit them and see what happens. I think that is something I can do. I can recharge my phone later on when they are away. That is going to be good writing practice. What else can I write about? I don't know yet. Just get to the other side and see what happens. A thousand words is like two hours. That's two pages I think that is more than enough.

That's ten hours each day. Fifty bucks a day in ten days is five hundred in thirty days is thousand and half. That's not bad. What about the research? I can finish that in an hour. That will be like one hour break in between. I can get better rates from odesk. How to do this then? Should I short this eddie? It is on resistance and looks overbought.

That alarm sounded critical. That really gets the attention there. Wife is still working on her hulu. She gets my help to get things done. Do I get anything here? I don't know. Does it matter? I think that writing gig looks appealing. I can and will look into that. If I were working in manila, that is going to be a good deal. I can upload them on a website somewhere and make them my portfolio. A writing portfolio. That will be nice. What about seo? It doesn't matter. What matters is that I have something in there to show.

I can do that. What else needs to be on the other side? I don't know. What about writing for my own content? I have finished making lunch for the kids. This is me time now. Do I want to go out and ride my bike later when they are all away? That be nice. I think the sun will play nice today. I can go to the library and return some books.

I just put my water bottle in the freezer. That is good as it turns into ice. When I get there, the water is just about thawing. I think there is a word for that when it rains on the earth and it smells good. I forgot what it was. Cockburn is olivia's surname. That is a hot name then. Good thing she changed it. Why not be a comedian then? I don't know if she has that. I think it's not important for the wife.

It doesn't have anything to do with discipline. Look into your definitions. If it's in alignment, then it comes easy. If it is not, then you need desicipline and patience. It is because it is not in alignment with your joy. I think it rained last night. The ground is wet.

Daughter plays games before leaving for school in the morning. I think it's weird if you were an only child. But some will like it. If it works for you then it works. If not, you find it some place else. The kids are getting ready for school. I have a lot of baggage myself. No need to put them into that. There is my reversal pattern on eddie but it is headed into the asian market. I don't think price is going to do much from here. How to trade this?

If it doesn't grab you, then it's not a trade that I will consider. Do something else instead. The fingers feel tight at the moment. I haven't been writing a lot. This is the time I can practice with this. This is how I do my process.

This is going to end soon. This is where the practice is. The process of connecting the fingers to the imagination. I think I can create some stuff and make that work.

I will look into odesk for that. In the meantime, I think sem is about making content that gets searched. I don't like that I will be using keywords, but some people do not get what it is about. I can ghost write. That be good enough. I can research for one hour then start writing about it.

Where to get materials? I can go wiki or do reddit. Either way, I am reading about the expeirence of others. I don't think wife is going to workout today. How else are we going to do this? I don't know. Only get to the other side and see what happens. Things happen for a reason. It pushes you to a certain direction. Not push, opens up doors. It is up to you to go in or not.

cloudy saturday morning

Between good and the best. Best vs good? I am listening to first things first. I think he was listening to bashar, then put these things together. Did he not give credit? Maybe. We shall see. It is about excitement and interest. Do I want to play poker? It's here now. That is synchronicity. Why is that lady outside running?

I woke up before five am. I had to pee. Second or third night in a row last night that we had sex. Why is she hot? I don't know. What is important for me? Following my excitement. Things that happen out of it is part of the synchronicity. It is how you define things. I think it is going to rain today.

Then I am not going to do the laundry today. I can take things easy. I can work on that bike there's not much to do. They are going to skype later. Do I want skype into arch? I don't have to. Only write and get to the other side. Do I want to see the charts? I think it has potential. Look for touch? Where to put stop? Somewhere that's away?

I think eddie is more volatile? I don't think that is the right word. Manipulated? I don't know. Do I want bb trading? Not really. I can trade something else. Like ej. It has lower spreads.

I just checked it out. The spread is less than two pips. I am making that and the kiwi to trade next week. Do I want to listen to this? It is running in the background. My kids are different. Do I want to listen to something else? Keep it here. I want speakers that are big and loud. I also need a good equalizer. What else. There's a lot of junk on the internet.

Stephen covey is so 90s. I am past that already. What I know is beyond that. Not that it is better, only that what I know now works better for me. I think I have outgrown covey. And that's ok. Growth is essential. I don't have to hang there if I don't need it anymore. So I write. I think I can look for articles to write in these forum. I have them set up. I don't have to create a trading journal.

I can create a new one called chicken trading, but how to trade that? I don't know yet. I will know when I see it. I think eddie is so erratic so choppy because of the spread. I am going to trade something else now.

I used to trade with five pip spreads. I think hotforex is doing something good. I will go for a withdraw, but why do they not have someone in the forum? I think that is one of the best social media marketing that you can do. It is not about doing facebook. It is attending to each customer and making sure that they are happy. Not everyone understands that. Most of the big boys do not have that at heart.

Pokerstars used to be that good guy. I don't think that's them anymore. I think there is opportunity there to make good. I think people will talk about you if they have a good experience with you. It's not, it's rare, but when they get a bad experience, they will talk about it. They will tell their friends.

In the old days, that was just ten friends. These days, they post it on their wall and instantly tell three hundred friends, on average. What's worse is that if these friends are going to tell some of their friends as well when they post that to their wall. When that happens, you have shit happening.

So how do you clean up rep like that? You don't. You let them go through the consequences. I don't think I want to write for someone else anymore. This is why I do not do odesk anymore. The pay is better than playing poker, but I like what I am doing here. What else can I do around here? I don't know. Only that I write. It is a juiet moring right now. Later it's going to be a full house .cat is sleeping. Cats are cute. I like this cat smoky. I think that's how the kids spell its name.

It is past seven, almost eight. Everyone is still sleeping. That be good. It's a weekend. A saturday. They can sleep over if they want. We had a sleepover last night. It was impromptu. She was hanging out with us and just like that, asked if she can sleep over.

I don't mind. This one is quiet. Tash is and can get a bit loud. But that's her. I wonder how it's like in their house. I can't give money to my kids. That's not my process right now. Things can get different. I can see that. How to do this then? I don't know yet. All I know is that I can do something here and see what happens.

I can add pages to my site. I think it is running well. I think couch can have some issues online. What else needs to happen here? I moved from appfog. They only allow one custom domain. Nodejitsu is ok but they do not have free accounts where my app can grow. Heroku so far is good for me. I can put three apps in one account. I can choose to add more later when I have to and that is how you grow paying customers.

I think they are doing something good in there.

This is page three and I do not have to stop now. I am maore comfortable with dvorak these days. I have forgettentouch typing with qwerty. That is good as well. Things can everlve there. I can do something there. Like what? No need for that. Only that I do this. No need for the us market. I can trade asia to london. That will get me going from there.

back to trading

I feel lost again. I want to go full time with forex trading. I have regrets that I stopped trading forex. But I was losing money. I felt like I did not have what it takes to be the trader that I used to be. So I stopped trading right then and there. I think I went to playing poker instead. And I made good.

And now I think it's a good time to get back into trading. I have good insights. I have discipline, if that meant anything. What's better than discipline is understanding risk and how to make money with risk. That's the path I am on.

I can go ride my bike today, but my wife might want to have dinner later. Lunch rather. I think I can stay home today, then go out for a bike ride tomorrow. That's good. I can do yoga, then go out for a walk later on. I did not get much sleep yesterday. There was vian, then the electrician, then had to go to the airport.

I saw this hot japanese lady working in a restaurant in takapuna. I was so enamored of her. I pretended to watch the tv so that I can stare in her direction. Maybe she has a boyfriend. But she is hot. If I were single, i'd make an effort to get to know her.

But that's me. I am married now. Since it's not within reach, that tells me that it's not part of my process. What I have is here and now. I am writing and I am going to finish these soon. My palms are slipping off. I decided to up the keyboard stand at the back so I can write. I don't think it's helping.

And again I write. I think the blogger format is pretty good and I can stick with that and see where that takes me. For now, I think I can use the dotme url. But is it going to be of any help? Why not use something else?

Like what? I don't know yet. All I know is that if it is not here and now, then I don't need that. What is here and nowL writing. I write morning pgaes and I finish these. I do not have to. Why not go into odesk, get a job in there and use the money to fund my trading account. That way, I get to practice on my writing and see what else is out there.

I think that be a good idea. I can write stuff and get to the other side. That is good enough for me. What else needs to be here? I think it be easier that way. I am done with programming for now? I think so. Unlsess there is something else here for me.

What else to write about? I write a lot. And most of this is nothing. It is writing down words that come to mind, words that come up in my magination. No need to make this make sense. I am not writing for anyone. I am only writing for myself.

I think I can make better headway by focusing on the content. Blogger loads pretty fast. It's also secure. It's not seo friendly, but I can work with that. I can move the url into blogger, then start getting busy from there.

I am sleeppy? I think so. I can write with my eyes closed. Some kid out there calls me uncle. That feels good. Does that mean I am a good person? I hope so. How to trade the kiwi? Noting. I don't think it is going anywhere some time soon. It is going to form another short candle on the h4. Let it be then.

It is interesting sometimes to do express and node. But when I get to think about the things I have to do to get content out there, I procrastinate. It's easier to curate content through blogger. All I need to bring is my url or custom domain and the content.

I will play with that then. And what else? I don't know. Only do this and get to the other side. No need to be corporate sounding. Be the person you are and see what happens. How do you instill trust? By being yourself. I can go out and ride my bike. It's bright and sunny outside. It won't take a lot of time. I can go out and ride later on. I will make adobo later. The beef needs to be softened.

I can do that later. I think there be enough time for that. They changed the library schedule. It's now only once a week that the library is open late.

So be it then. No need to go to the library anyway. I can do something else in the meantime. How long before I can start getting clients again?

It micht take some time, but we will get there. Only do one thing at a time. No need to be the best. Only that I say what tneeds to come out. No need to be like someone else. Their path is different from mine.

So be it then. Why is the kiwi going back up? It's on a trend. I was in before. Why did I close that trade? I know. Trade what you see. No need to look at the news. I think there is something here for e. is this a good spot to go short? no. I don't think so. The trade pattern is not always reliable. Do something else.

arch linux router

Two pages today. After these guys leave for church, I will do a fresh install and work on that router thing. I have ubuntu on the laptop. That is going to be the backup os. I don't have to install arch, although I would love to have arch in it. The wife will want to see movies in it. I have vlc in there later. I don't get why streaming from the net doesn't allow it to go double screen.

For now, I do this. How come there is a lot of noise downstairs? I want something that will run when I need it. Arch is more for tweaknig when it's a fresh install over time, it's going to be a beautiful os. When it's a new install, there's not much you can do about it.

I think I made the windows fixed in the laptop. I can let it go at that. I feel like I am stuck in os limbo where I am always reinstalling one either here on my work pc, or in the laptop. I have a good set of installers though. I don't have to worry about all these other things. I can let it go at that.

My coffee cup needs cleaning. One moment please.

The cpu seems to be doing nothing at the moment. What else can I do that will get me moving forward? Do I want to ride out? I walked yesterday, last night. Daughter has that reyes smile. That's their side of the family. I wonder how that is. But that is her process. No need for labels here. Only get to the other side. The weather app isn't much for anything. I think I can replace that with something else. For now, I will only write. I have this thing on my table to remind kids how to log in to this pc. Only when I run the terminal that the keyboard will go into dvorak.

Others are using this pc. That is what is there. I think there is a better way to do the vpn for roku. Or maybe I can do something else. I don't know what that is now. I will only write and get to the other side. I used to write faster. But wanting that only messes things up. I can do this, then get to the other side. We will see how things go from here.

I think a virtualbox install is a pussy way of doing things. It is like having a fuck buddy. There is no commitment. Vian is a beauty. She is growing up and will be a teener soon. Kyla is gaining weight. Marcus too, is gaining weight.

Marcus just got up from bed. He doesn't want to go to church. I just realized why I am going through all this. It is reminding people that they are not in the light. So be it then. I am going to stay here. I should have bookmarked that. It is in my history list. I can go back to that later. Tomorrow night there is trading. That was what worked for anton. I am sure that there is someone out there that's living the life. I wonder how I can see into his or her life. I just got my answer.

Use your imagination. How will it be like to have that life? I know the answer. I am going tehre. I am now.

So this is what it is like. It is only the definitions that are different. Definition leads to me feeling things and then I get the reflection. It's not that it's out there and bring them in. it is more about inside out.

It is cloudy at the moment. I don't think I can do laundry now. There's still clothes that are unfinished. I can do them tomorrow. It's a monday tomorrow. I will do that then. For now, I will only do this.

What else? I will document doing that roku thing. Start from scratch. I think there is going to be one more day for unotelly. What else is there? Call tech support and ask if they have something there. If not, so be it.

I can call them now, after I finish this. I don't think they support that, but I will give them a call and see how things go. What else is there for me?

I think thoat others were able to connect their roku. I think there is .otential for that one. The kids are growing up. It's going to be me and the wife alone soon enough. It gets there when it gets there. So be it. Then we can do a lot of things. I am going to stick to this path for now and see where this takes me.

All this has something to do with fourth density. I am learning a lot of things here. This is the underlying current of my life. I was typing lie there. Is it? It's a freudian slip. That is the contrast of all this. What does that text mean.

I think wife is going to get up soon. I wonder if they are finished with this already. I don't think she can mess things up just so they can practice things. I can let her install by herself, and I will be support for her. If she has a question, then I might be able to give the answer. Otherwise, she can always find the answer by herself. Moving on now.