back to dvorak

I went back to dvorak. The workman layout seemed logical on paper, but in practice, as I was using it, the keys, how my fingers were moving wasn't that comfortable.

So how are we going to go about this? Practice writing. Keep on writing. I think I just need to practice with this. I got me a dvorak programmers layout. Now the numbers are better and the symbols are easily accessible. I don;t have to do a shift to access them.

I think ej is oversold and that I can short at this level. I think ej on the h4 is going to retrace. Do I short this? I think it will work. Where to take profits? It's too close to short this, unless ej is going to break past support. You don't know that. Nobody knows what is going to happen next.

Now what? I don't know. Only write and get to the other side. I think the fingers are working just fine with this layout. I can stick with this. At least I can get this layout on every computer that I will work with. I can easily install this on any computer, even windows.

And that I can work with. Should I play with his laptop? I will need his permission. I can have raiders installed into that so kyla can play with it. I wonder if there is a password to access it. We will have to make clear that these things will happen. What else is there for me? I don;t know yet. Only get to the other side and see what happens.

This is so much easier to write on. What else to write about? I don't know yet. Should I do the applications with odesk? I can choose to do that. Or do something else instead. Like what? I can make this a write-about for the trading blog. I haven't written anything to update that blog.

Do something else now. Wife is watching tudors. I think it is boring. It is about politics and a bit of history. What else is there for me? What can I write about? The system that I am using. What else? I don't know.

I am almost done with this single page here. There is someone outside putting out the trash for tomorrow. I do that in the morning. This way, there... I lost my train of thought.

This is last paragraph for page one. What's next? I don't think I need to see what happens next. Only write and get to the other side. I don't have to do anything else and see what happens. So just write. What is happening here. I don;t know. What is she sending him? A locket. It is something with a picture on it. That is a young boy. He is going to own his own house. He is a duke. It is sad that he has to move away from his own mother. It's weird that she can't beat him if he was wrong. It is the king's illegitimate son. He has a right to be there. So the sister is on her way back. She is going to marry anyone he wants.

I write a lot but I do not update my blog that often. Why is that? I am not putting myself out there. If I did, this will not be a concern. So what's next? Write whatever comes to mind. There's a lot of politics involved. I don't want to deal with that.

I have a good setup here. I think I am happy with this for now. This will go on and I can work on something else. I have mql to learn and also golang. That's a lot. It will take a lot from me. I was there already. I only need to review things and I can get something going.

How soon can I get something up and running? I don't have to get something up and running. I only want something that will stream prices and update regularly. From there, I can do calculations and make tests from there.

That is something that I can put in the open source community. That will help hasten things. Then we can have an open source trading platform. It is something that we can do here. What else is there for me to do.

I will start tomorrow. I spend half the day for go and the other half for mql. That will be enough time for learning. I don't have to force myself to learn stuff. Ej might go sideways. It might go down a bit. But that is not certain for me. I think it is better to wait for a long entry and see what happens.

What else is there for me. I think game of thrones are showing next month. That will take some time. Also walking dead is coming soon. Then we have a lot of things to do after dinner.

That will keep my wife busy in the coming days. At least I have her off my back. The kids are getting ready for bed now. I can make sausage for tomorrow. That is three sentences. I can extend that into somethitg else.

This is the last paragraph. I will be done here for now and post this on one of my blogs. But then what else is there for me to write? Just finish this.