back to trading

I feel lost again. I want to go full time with forex trading. I have regrets that I stopped trading forex. But I was losing money. I felt like I did not have what it takes to be the trader that I used to be. So I stopped trading right then and there. I think I went to playing poker instead. And I made good.

And now I think it's a good time to get back into trading. I have good insights. I have discipline, if that meant anything. What's better than discipline is understanding risk and how to make money with risk. That's the path I am on.

I can go ride my bike today, but my wife might want to have dinner later. Lunch rather. I think I can stay home today, then go out for a bike ride tomorrow. That's good. I can do yoga, then go out for a walk later on. I did not get much sleep yesterday. There was vian, then the electrician, then had to go to the airport.

I saw this hot japanese lady working in a restaurant in takapuna. I was so enamored of her. I pretended to watch the tv so that I can stare in her direction. Maybe she has a boyfriend. But she is hot. If I were single, i'd make an effort to get to know her.

But that's me. I am married now. Since it's not within reach, that tells me that it's not part of my process. What I have is here and now. I am writing and I am going to finish these soon. My palms are slipping off. I decided to up the keyboard stand at the back so I can write. I don't think it's helping.

And again I write. I think the blogger format is pretty good and I can stick with that and see where that takes me. For now, I think I can use the dotme url. But is it going to be of any help? Why not use something else?

Like what? I don't know yet. All I know is that if it is not here and now, then I don't need that. What is here and nowL writing. I write morning pgaes and I finish these. I do not have to. Why not go into odesk, get a job in there and use the money to fund my trading account. That way, I get to practice on my writing and see what else is out there.

I think that be a good idea. I can write stuff and get to the other side. That is good enough for me. What else needs to be here? I think it be easier that way. I am done with programming for now? I think so. Unlsess there is something else here for me.

What else to write about? I write a lot. And most of this is nothing. It is writing down words that come to mind, words that come up in my magination. No need to make this make sense. I am not writing for anyone. I am only writing for myself.

I think I can make better headway by focusing on the content. Blogger loads pretty fast. It's also secure. It's not seo friendly, but I can work with that. I can move the url into blogger, then start getting busy from there.

I am sleeppy? I think so. I can write with my eyes closed. Some kid out there calls me uncle. That feels good. Does that mean I am a good person? I hope so. How to trade the kiwi? Noting. I don't think it is going anywhere some time soon. It is going to form another short candle on the h4. Let it be then.

It is interesting sometimes to do express and node. But when I get to think about the things I have to do to get content out there, I procrastinate. It's easier to curate content through blogger. All I need to bring is my url or custom domain and the content.

I will play with that then. And what else? I don't know. Only do this and get to the other side. No need to be corporate sounding. Be the person you are and see what happens. How do you instill trust? By being yourself. I can go out and ride my bike. It's bright and sunny outside. It won't take a lot of time. I can go out and ride later on. I will make adobo later. The beef needs to be softened.

I can do that later. I think there be enough time for that. They changed the library schedule. It's now only once a week that the library is open late.

So be it then. No need to go to the library anyway. I can do something else in the meantime. How long before I can start getting clients again?

It micht take some time, but we will get there. Only do one thing at a time. No need to be the best. Only that I say what tneeds to come out. No need to be like someone else. Their path is different from mine.

So be it then. Why is the kiwi going back up? It's on a trend. I was in before. Why did I close that trade? I know. Trade what you see. No need to look at the news. I think there is something here for e. is this a good spot to go short? no. I don't think so. The trade pattern is not always reliable. Do something else.