cloudy saturday morning

Between good and the best. Best vs good? I am listening to first things first. I think he was listening to bashar, then put these things together. Did he not give credit? Maybe. We shall see. It is about excitement and interest. Do I want to play poker? It's here now. That is synchronicity. Why is that lady outside running?

I woke up before five am. I had to pee. Second or third night in a row last night that we had sex. Why is she hot? I don't know. What is important for me? Following my excitement. Things that happen out of it is part of the synchronicity. It is how you define things. I think it is going to rain today.

Then I am not going to do the laundry today. I can take things easy. I can work on that bike there's not much to do. They are going to skype later. Do I want skype into arch? I don't have to. Only write and get to the other side. Do I want to see the charts? I think it has potential. Look for touch? Where to put stop? Somewhere that's away?

I think eddie is more volatile? I don't think that is the right word. Manipulated? I don't know. Do I want bb trading? Not really. I can trade something else. Like ej. It has lower spreads.

I just checked it out. The spread is less than two pips. I am making that and the kiwi to trade next week. Do I want to listen to this? It is running in the background. My kids are different. Do I want to listen to something else? Keep it here. I want speakers that are big and loud. I also need a good equalizer. What else. There's a lot of junk on the internet.

Stephen covey is so 90s. I am past that already. What I know is beyond that. Not that it is better, only that what I know now works better for me. I think I have outgrown covey. And that's ok. Growth is essential. I don't have to hang there if I don't need it anymore. So I write. I think I can look for articles to write in these forum. I have them set up. I don't have to create a trading journal.

I can create a new one called chicken trading, but how to trade that? I don't know yet. I will know when I see it. I think eddie is so erratic so choppy because of the spread. I am going to trade something else now.

I used to trade with five pip spreads. I think hotforex is doing something good. I will go for a withdraw, but why do they not have someone in the forum? I think that is one of the best social media marketing that you can do. It is not about doing facebook. It is attending to each customer and making sure that they are happy. Not everyone understands that. Most of the big boys do not have that at heart.

Pokerstars used to be that good guy. I don't think that's them anymore. I think there is opportunity there to make good. I think people will talk about you if they have a good experience with you. It's not, it's rare, but when they get a bad experience, they will talk about it. They will tell their friends.

In the old days, that was just ten friends. These days, they post it on their wall and instantly tell three hundred friends, on average. What's worse is that if these friends are going to tell some of their friends as well when they post that to their wall. When that happens, you have shit happening.

So how do you clean up rep like that? You don't. You let them go through the consequences. I don't think I want to write for someone else anymore. This is why I do not do odesk anymore. The pay is better than playing poker, but I like what I am doing here. What else can I do around here? I don't know. Only that I write. It is a juiet moring right now. Later it's going to be a full house .cat is sleeping. Cats are cute. I like this cat smoky. I think that's how the kids spell its name.

It is past seven, almost eight. Everyone is still sleeping. That be good. It's a weekend. A saturday. They can sleep over if they want. We had a sleepover last night. It was impromptu. She was hanging out with us and just like that, asked if she can sleep over.

I don't mind. This one is quiet. Tash is and can get a bit loud. But that's her. I wonder how it's like in their house. I can't give money to my kids. That's not my process right now. Things can get different. I can see that. How to do this then? I don't know yet. All I know is that I can do something here and see what happens.

I can add pages to my site. I think it is running well. I think couch can have some issues online. What else needs to happen here? I moved from appfog. They only allow one custom domain. Nodejitsu is ok but they do not have free accounts where my app can grow. Heroku so far is good for me. I can put three apps in one account. I can choose to add more later when I have to and that is how you grow paying customers.

I think they are doing something good in there.

This is page three and I do not have to stop now. I am maore comfortable with dvorak these days. I have forgettentouch typing with qwerty. That is good as well. Things can everlve there. I can do something there. Like what? No need for that. Only that I do this. No need for the us market. I can trade asia to london. That will get me going from there.