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The long on ej last night was a dud. It got stopped out. Lesson there is that the position was not on oversold at h4. There was no bounce to it. That was a good trade then. This time, I went long and h4 shows gimmee bars.

I allow trades like this as they are a part of my process. I have little risk to the position, and yet if the trade works out, my profits are big. This is variance. Not all trades will work and that is why it is important to ride the trend when you get them. I think the wife wants to have coffee later.

It's a wednesday and it's our anniversary. We still mark that fateful day we got 'on'. It has been a great ride. I feel old. This is why the reflection is true. How to change that? Use up that energy. I wasn't—chose not to go for a walk yesterday. Too many things in my plate, I was busy.

This long is not happening. Be prepared to close this one. Again, like baseball, take plenty of singles. Do not always go for homeruns. Buy on strength, sell on weakness.

The kids are still sleeping. Why is that anxiety there? There is a belief in place. That I have to control things and know how things will turn out. But it doesn't work that way. All is reflection. Tehre is no reality other than my definition and my experience of it. Therefore, if this is the reality I see, it's not that it is out there... it is only reflection of what's inside.

If this is going to go south, how to trade this? On h4, this is gimmee bar. Do you think it will go south some more or is it time to go long? I don't know. Only trade what you see, not what you think. It may go south. I am opening an account with mahi. I like the name. I like the interface. It's also from around here. It's a local business. The spreads on eddie are low. I can do a lot of short term trades there and those will add up over time. The question is, will I be able to trade with very little?

The thing with hotforex is that they give you additional 50% on deposit. This adds to leverage. I tend to trade more. The losses are magnified, but so does profits. Nothing is ever inherently good or bad. It's how you use it. Use it for positive reasons and you get positive results.

There is no good or bad, only positive and negative. By being positive all the time, even when there is negative, you negate the negative. You render it useless. It will not have an effect on you. But if you choose to allow the negative to have an effect on you, that is still being positive. It will still give you something positive. It won't be immediate, but if you were to look inside, you will see that there is peace of mind.

I feel like I am supposed to do something but I forget what it is. I am to get my daughter's phone later. I wonder if wife will want to be there too. I don't want to drive. I intend to go by bike, or go for a walk.

Walking will get my workout done for the day. I can do yoga later this afternoon. Or maybe make this my break day. Breaking bad has a lot of memes on the internet. I am not as captivated by it. It is the adventures of what seems like father and son.

It's ok. It grabs you, but it's like bland content. It's like they are just extending things to see what happens. I am not a fan of hollywood. It was great when you were a kid, but growing up, for me, I am starting to lose interest.

I would much rather watch real life. Now there is a lot of drama. I wonder why I had to go through all that? It is a part of my process. Without it, this life wouldn't be me. I will not get to who I am. Is it time to switch? Where to get funds to trade that? Is that a better broker?

They are market makers. How is that different from my broker now? They take the opposite side of the trade. They make money when I make a trade. So far, it looks ok. They have good vibes on the forum community et al. But hotforex also has good feedback. I know how the game works. I think I am skeptical about the feedback they have.

But, it is all a tool. Use it how you may. The kids are up except for marcus. I wake him up later when his sister has left for school. He won't be leaving soon until his mom leaves. No need to get up early. But he does get up early. He does so when there is no school. He gets up at eight. That's not early. Everyone gets up late and he is the first to be up. Is this going down? I think so. Get ready to bail.

What will move this down? I don't know yet. It looks weak the bands are low. Is it better to trade the levels? How to trade that then? It's the same thing. I would rather trade bbs. This way, I know where my stops are and I can see how much I am risking in each trade. If it's out in the middle, it can easily go both ways. I would rather open positions with my back against the wall.