going out for a ride

Oldest daughter gets into dark mode like her mother. They choose passive aggressive. It works for them. But I think it don't settle anything. You don't get what you want, they don't get what they want. Better to be assertive and say what you feel. It takes practice. I thought wife wanted to work out and get up early?

I guess she has other plans then. I like opening up the curtains in the morning. I can write an article this morning while I am here. I have several audiobooks on the download. I can listen to them when I go out for a walk. I think daughter can move her files someplace else.

How to get them? I don't know yet. I can get a gig at odesk. I have enough content in there. Or maybe do ten articles in fiverr per day. That will do me a lot of good? Fifty bucks a day isn't bad. In a month that's like a grand something. If my calculations there are correct. I think I can handle ten in a day.

That is something to consider. What else am I going to write about? I have a lot coming in threugh me. I can edit them and see what happens. I think that is something I can do. I can recharge my phone later on when they are away. That is going to be good writing practice. What else can I write about? I don't know yet. Just get to the other side and see what happens. A thousand words is like two hours. That's two pages I think that is more than enough.

That's ten hours each day. Fifty bucks a day in ten days is five hundred in thirty days is thousand and half. That's not bad. What about the research? I can finish that in an hour. That will be like one hour break in between. I can get better rates from odesk. How to do this then? Should I short this eddie? It is on resistance and looks overbought.

That alarm sounded critical. That really gets the attention there. Wife is still working on her hulu. She gets my help to get things done. Do I get anything here? I don't know. Does it matter? I think that writing gig looks appealing. I can and will look into that. If I were working in manila, that is going to be a good deal. I can upload them on a website somewhere and make them my portfolio. A writing portfolio. That will be nice. What about seo? It doesn't matter. What matters is that I have something in there to show.

I can do that. What else needs to be on the other side? I don't know. What about writing for my own content? I have finished making lunch for the kids. This is me time now. Do I want to go out and ride my bike later when they are all away? That be nice. I think the sun will play nice today. I can go to the library and return some books.

I just put my water bottle in the freezer. That is good as it turns into ice. When I get there, the water is just about thawing. I think there is a word for that when it rains on the earth and it smells good. I forgot what it was. Cockburn is olivia's surname. That is a hot name then. Good thing she changed it. Why not be a comedian then? I don't know if she has that. I think it's not important for the wife.

It doesn't have anything to do with discipline. Look into your definitions. If it's in alignment, then it comes easy. If it is not, then you need desicipline and patience. It is because it is not in alignment with your joy. I think it rained last night. The ground is wet.

Daughter plays games before leaving for school in the morning. I think it's weird if you were an only child. But some will like it. If it works for you then it works. If not, you find it some place else. The kids are getting ready for school. I have a lot of baggage myself. No need to put them into that. There is my reversal pattern on eddie but it is headed into the asian market. I don't think price is going to do much from here. How to trade this?

If it doesn't grab you, then it's not a trade that I will consider. Do something else instead. The fingers feel tight at the moment. I haven't been writing a lot. This is the time I can practice with this. This is how I do my process.

This is going to end soon. This is where the practice is. The process of connecting the fingers to the imagination. I think I can create some stuff and make that work.

I will look into odesk for that. In the meantime, I think sem is about making content that gets searched. I don't like that I will be using keywords, but some people do not get what it is about. I can ghost write. That be good enough. I can research for one hour then start writing about it.

Where to get materials? I can go wiki or do reddit. Either way, I am reading about the expeirence of others. I don't think wife is going to workout today. How else are we going to do this? I don't know. Only get to the other side and see what happens. Things happen for a reason. It pushes you to a certain direction. Not push, opens up doors. It is up to you to go in or not.