sunday night with nothing to do

Me racking my brains again thinking of what to do next. The odesk thing is not getting any response, and I don't feel so eager about it. I am thinking of going back to programming while I trade forex. I can also write updates to my niche websites. That's something I can do. It's the short term that I am concerned about.

But what if I was that person who unnderstood how the universe works. How would I behave as that person? I will choose to be happy at all times. I will choose. Every effort to be in that direction. And then what? I'm not sure what's next. I haven't written an update for my traidng blog just yet. It has been a week and I am to update my pnl.

This is going nowhere? It's not. This is part of the situation. And what else am I going to do about it? This is going to go from here. Just get to the other side. The movie they are watching is kinda slow. I don't think I want to see it but I glimpse at it every now and then.

This is only page one. This lady who got my computer, she has a shop in a mall and she does web development. I wonder how things are doing with her. Maybe I can do something myself. I can start something at home, offer that to the locas business. But that will entail cost. I can get a gig with odesk, then use the money to generate mailers. That will then help me to get gigs. But what if I just focused on odesk?

This is the anxious me talking. That's not what I prefer. What can I do about this now? Only that I get to the other side and see what happens. I am watching that movie. What else can I do here? Get to the other side and see what happens. That is a cliffhanger there. And then what? This is just me writing.

I do not have things writing here. This is me writing. And then what? I don;t know. Wife will watch something. I did not do anything today. I just sat here watching movire. And then what? I don't know. The colons are swapped with the apostrophes. And then what else is there for me.

It is bed time. Kids do not want to sleep yet. This is something here that we can do. Then what I am just writing here. What else to write about. How am I going to make myself healthy again? Go low carb for a week, exercise everyday. This keyboard is flat. Wife will watch the tudors again. Do I want to see a movie in here? I don't know. Only get to the other side and see what happens.

From here on, this is the second page. Now what? I would like to do something that will captivate me. Now what? I don't know. Only that I get to the other side and see what happens.

This is going to the other side and then I can go there. Do I want this? I want to work with vim again. But which language. I think...i don't know what to think. I am only doing this writing what comes to mind. Nothing in particular. Only write what words come in there. I am going to bed in about an hour. The kids are getting ready for bed.

This is page two. I have more to come. Now I am writing. This lady here is hot. Why do they have hot ladies on this movie? To catch your attention. It is there to help them get there. It's the questions that haunt us.

It is almost recycling day around here. I think that will go in a month or two. We have seweral junk in place here. I can get rid of them on those days. I want to install arch on the new computer but I am not doing anything.

Do anything? I lost my train of thought in there. I think so. This keyboard is like silk. I enjoy writing in here but there's not much to write about.

What else can I write about? This is the home row and I am writing. It's not perfect. There is no perfect layout. There is nothing here that will happen. I will only write and see what happens. This guy is black. I am writing. There is nothing good on tv today.

So I just write and see what happens. They are serving him food. And then see what else is there. There is trading tomorrow. It's a monday. Not much happens on a monday. I can watch kiwi. It's not correlated with ej. That will be something to trade. I can add that later.

I will finish this and then see what I can do later. Marcus tends to whine a lot evern at this age. I want to do something awesome. What will that be? Programming? That is a possibility. What else? Will I get known for that?

Why not create a trading app. Create something with golang, get that connected to the trading room and ther I can create something that will trade. I can also learn algrithms and machine learning.

That will be interesting. Is that something that I want to do? I don't know what else to do here?