still with c

It is 7.30am. Everyone is still sleeping. This is my morning pages. Jeff has moved out. He's with stela now. I feel like this is a new chapter in my life. It feel like a fresh start again. We are meeting them for lunch. I think it's a good opportunity for me to go out and ride my bike. Yesterday was bright and sunny.

I moved my default pc to hp. The asus is for the kids while they are on term break. I think they like it because of the wide screen and the location. I am getting the seat for this replaced on the next recycling day. What's next for me here.? I am going on my way now. Theirs is a different path. Not that one is better than the other, only different. I know this. I allow this. Things are different for me. No need for me to compare in their standards. We are all different.

I don't feel like having breakfast now. I can have lunch and go low carb. This is a choire. I am now consistently going to make this choice. I see where I am headed. I did not feel up to par yesterday. I can ever go out for a walk later in the day. It would be fun to be like them, but that is not my path. My path is different. I am who I am. I know things they do not. It is time to go my way.

What is my way. I live in the fourth dimension. Things work different in here. I can't explain it how it works, only that I can live it. I do not have to change people into this. If they are of that vibration, then we will see eye to eye. In the meantime, you do not have to know about how it works in order to make it work in your reality.

Sometimes you are in the light and everything works out. That's how things are around here. I think things are going to synchronize here. I have openoffice on this pc. I like how it works. It's a monday. We have trading today. But I won't do anything until much later in the day when the spreads have settled down. That mitoy guy has such a powerful voice. I think he sings in bands. Things are like this for now. I think I am there. That's my age range. No ned to know the exact number. The other people are going on their own way. Mine is different. No need to go their own way.

I think joey is doing ok. Do I need to email him? Things will work out on their own timing. Right now is not the right time. It will fall into place for me here. What else. Wife is still in bed. I don't think she is going to work out.

I am going to bookmark that weather site. This way, I know if I will hang the laundry outlide or not. Wife is not going to work out today. That is her path. I do not have to judge her for it. When she thinks the timing is right for her, then she is going to go in that direction as well.

Mine is different. This is where I am right now. Just do this and see what happens. And then what? Did I just make a new friend there? I don't know. If it is, then so be it. I think he is a sincere person. He talks about himself a lot, but that's ok. I can just listen and zoom out when needed.

Things are a lot more quiet now. The kids sleep in their own beds. This is how things are going to be for a while. Kila is getting a new laptop on her birthday. I can speed up the laptop asus by removing the game from there. That will be less issues and complications in there.

The router timer is on right now. It will turn off at nine. Every two hours hence, the internet will shut down for them for an hour. This way, the pc is going to have an hour's break. This gives them time to do something else.

I think that be good. They can choose to go outside, but I don't think they will. They know what's good for them. I encourage that. I don't have all the answers. This is what's happening right now. I think this pc has enough tools in it. It is running fast. It is faster than the newest pc here running on windows.

This is why I love arch linux. It takes a lot of tweaking, but it will never hide anything from you. You will have to tinker with it a lot, but you will learn something in the process. This is why I am learning c. it is a lower level programming language. It takes a while to learn it, but when you have a good grasp of it, then you are the master of the universe. I am going to keep at it then.

now into java

I am putting more interest into java and android dev rather than mono. Mono feels like a bandaid solution to android dev, and like microsoft, there's money involved if you want to go further into learning it.

It's like, “i learned this from someone else and now you have to pay to learn from me.” I don't subscribe to that. Why spend time in a system like that? There are alternatives and I can keep to the open source light with android.

I find it weird that I can't open my xdd. I will try open it in windows or a different system. Last time I played with it, I imported some files into it. And I also ran antivirus on it. But I rememrber that I still put files into that last night. It must have been the antivirus. I will make test to see what happened there.

I was able to open that in my other arch pc. That means it could be that last update. I may have to restart this machine to see if that will work. It seems to have stopped raining. There's still winds today. I will make the kids lunch after 7. I have a lot to learn/go through today. There's c and golang and now java is in the mix. Better to learn java than mono. Same banana, but java is free and open source—that I know of. We'll see. I think there are other resources that I can use to make things work for me.

In the meantime, I will only do this. Two more days and a new chapter opens up. It's always a new chapter. Every moment is a new chapter, if you want to see it that way. Is that bullish? I think it's weak. I can test a buy on support and see what happens.

We are headed into the asian session. Oz will open in a few hours. I think I can watch the market from there. I think paitence is the best strategy with this. But there is something better than patience.

I don't know what that is at the moment, but I feel that energy. Then I will go to that light. I am also writing. I don't need a new url. That's just one more layer of abstraction. Better to go in there and get close to the metal. That wy, I get a better understanding of how theset ings work. That way, you will know what is happening in here.

I don't think I will want to go in there, but I have a good linux setup. It's pretty fast and works well. I learn how to be a better hack by making things work with this machine. I think I will learn moro and 2014 is an exciting era coming up. We will see and watch. Participate isa better word for that. Get in there an run with the wolves, so to speak. And how to do that? Choose.

You always have a choice. There is always that oppeortunity to choose the light. Or dark. It doesn't matter which way. It is only labels. No need for judgement. Only go there. What to do today? I haven't been walking out because of the rain. I have been cleaning up though. What to make for lunch? I don't know yet. Maybe it is time for intermittent fasting.

Do I have to learn more about it? No need. Only go by experience. That is more interesting that wy. I am a better dvorak user now. I can write better this way. And now the practice things are kicking in. that way, I get to write more often. No need for expectations.

What if I went for c as my first language? Will things be more different? Tehre are concepts that I do nont understand and had to learn. That is why the path I took, although it looks like going around in circles was the best path for me.

I have a better understanding of how these things work because of that path. If I took the short and direct path, I might have lost interest in this sooner. Or maybe not. But now and here is where I am. I am supported in my decision here.

I think I need to have a date with the wife. Where to go from here? I don't know. Only get to the othrer side and see what happens. And do I want to go to odesk with this? Maybe. We shall see. I think there'- more learning ta have from there. If it is interesting enough, then I can go that way. I have tools in my pc. Now I need to restart this. Then things will work again. Posting this now.

monday new person

I have lost count how many days i've had openoffice. It works very well, doesn't crash, and I like the user interface. I am wondering why this is not the default for linux? At least this is available on arch. One more reason to love arch linux.

There you go. I right clicked on a word, on the dialog box, I found something to untick where it checks spelling as you type. I also unticked check grammar as you type. My son is up surprisingly early today. I made some changes to the laptop. I can test them changes from here. I think that is possible when you change that id and the router will not recognize it. I can test that later. In the meantime, keep writing.

She's not herself when she plays that game. I think we need to scale things down a bit. She did not ever finish her meds. That was her responsibility. But I can't instill discipline on her. I am not being positive here. But how do you do that? I don't know. All I know is that lessening time on that will help her get her senses. Or maybe I can limit the streaming on that pc. Why not her tablet as well? I don't know.

Maybe we can do something in here. Why not install raiders in here. That way, her playing time is limited. I think the hardware acceleration, rather, the graphics on this machine is not working well with that game. Do something else.

Like what? Keep writing. Only do this. I will fast today. That is something I can do about. Youngest daughter is already up. Someone turned on the internet a while ago. I have dvorak for programmers. I think it is working ok. I will focus on c, doing that with golang as I go. Then I go for mono and python. Those are on my todo list for now. I am doing this not to get a job, but because they interest me.

This process is different. I am being supported and it is all around me that supports me. I do not have to do anything. It just gets there. Accept that. Allow that and things will fall into place. That is Synchronicity for me. This is what it feels like.

Wife wanted to go for a run in the mornings. I don't like getting up that early. She can work out on her own. I would rather work out in the afternoon, or late mornings. This is who I am. I only want to do that if I can commit to it long term. I don't see it going that way. Why is this teenager hanging out in our house. Do I need to control everything? I think you know the answer to that. It is obnoxious. Is that how she is with her friends? I don't think so. They are just being themselves. I would rather have a more decent conversation. I think that is more enjoyable. So be it.

I don't go to church anymore. It's bullshit. They always make you feel bad. They put you down all the time. You go there and they brainwash you into thinking that you are not a good person and that you need them to be a better person. There is something wrong there.

I also quit the different forex groups on facebook. It's all a venue for scammers. Maybe they are able to help, but I don't like being sold to. That was the intention there. I think there is a more subtle way of doing things. I can write about it in my blog. I havent been in the light withthis for weeks now. It is time to get moving.

I need to make their lunch soon. Kids are getting ready for school. I am now better with dvorak. It feels better to write this way. The fingers do not jump all over the place. I tride something else a while ago and the process did not lign up for me. Do something else.

What else is there? Not much but to continue writing. I can do the unotelly thing from in here. I haven't been into that cloud thing for a while. I can do something about it later. For now, I don't think I will need it. When I need it, it will be there.

I think it is better to be up front with things. He paid for the gas anyway, and the food. I think that is something there. But that is behind me now. This is where things are headeds.

At least she can google it if she really wanted to do things there is something in windows to do that. I think she can look into that herself. If she was diligent about it, she can find crumbs that will solve the problem for her. But only if she becomes that person. I think she will let me figure it out. So be it then. I need to get things ready now.s

four degrees morning

I removed libreoffice and put in openoffice. The problem is, I installed the whole suite. I will look into that next time. Maybe I can do a select what's installed on pacman, then remove stuff from there.

I like this interface better. It's more refined. I don't know why lidreoffice is the default when this, on the outside, feels like a much better product. I'll use this for now—maybe there is something here I can do.

I am testing that double dash and see if it works here—it doesn't. I wonder how to do that. Maybe there is something else that keeps it there. I can look it up when I have time. I have time. All this is Synchronicity and I can work with it.

I made a new entry—this time, it still did not work. Anyway... time to write. I will find that when the time comes. I have event lined up for tonight. Marcus has school thing that needs parents to be there. Wife is going to be at work. I am going there myself. I can put the drumsticks in the oven and have that for dinner. What else?

Why does he keep whining? I think I can put the responsibility there. No need for me to respond this way. This is so much better. I am going to stick with this. It has others in the suite. I don't mind. I can keep them there for now.

I am writing with openoffice. This is such a better product. The sun is out. I can go out for a ride later on? If only the kids knew how fun it is to ride the bike. Wife got them used to sitting in the car. If it were me, we would all be riding bikes from the get go. Even if it were raining. But that's just me. I can trade in the library later on. Bring the laptop and sit in the library.

But the internet connection there is limited. I can stay here and do my trades. I think I came up with a better trading system last night. It builds up on the method I had before. If the market moves without zigzags, it will work. I get stopped out on breakeven, or if she were trending strongly. But if it's rangebound, I can make something out of it.

I am so happy with this setup. The os is fast. It boots up faster than most I have tried before. Shutting down is within three seconds. Try that on an old windows install. That one takes forever.

I think bootups are time to get coffee. Maybe the developer is training you to do that. Turn on the pc and you get coffee or something else. Everything is initializing. I am learning c and it's not as hard as I thought it would be. I should have started with that. But maybe I wouldn't be here. I learned all the others because it was easier to understand.

It is four degrees this morning. I woke up freezing. Sex last night was good. It got me warmed up and had a good night's sleep. I woke up freezing. Only here and now. I can choose how to respond. And this is what I am being right now. Being or doing.

What is up for today? I will finish this and do my son's lunch. He is asking for something else. My body says it is processing. I feel hungry. What does that tell me? Redefine things and see what happens.

Maybe that is what it is. I can ride to albany. That is interesting going through that bike path. It is the closest and I enjoy going through that.

Where else can we go? I think they can get married in there. I can bring him there. There is that part of the park where they can go. That way, they do not have to go very far. They might have to ask permission from the council for that.

There are more of those around the city. I think you will find more info on that on the internet. I might look into that later on. For now, I just want to finish these and see what happens. I have one more paragraph to go.

And it will be over in two more sentences. I am teaching these kids how to be responsible. This is where I am. No need to respond in a way that I do not prefer or is not in alignment. I am done.

all contrast

These corrupt politicos, they are like spriritually impoverished. They never know when to say enough. They keep hoarding even if others will not have anything. But that is part of the process. It's there for a reason. It may seem unfair, but both parties gained something from the process. Seeing it this way, I let go of judgement. But it seems everywhere. Why is this my reflection?

Because you are positive. How can you be positive if there was no negative? The contrast is there to let you choose who you want to be. Keep to the light. Choose. You do not have to respond out of the light.

There's something in my butt. I will shower earlier today. Allow the negative to be there, but choose how you will respond to it. This is what positive—being a person of integrity is about.

I made an autocorrect entry. See if this will work—no, it did not. I don't get why that one doesn't work. Why not get open office? I don't think that is available in the repos. Is it?

It's not entirely there. There is the package, but I am not sure how to go there. The laptop setup has issues with sound. If I sat with it I am sure I can fix it. Plex doesn't update the files. Why is that. I am not seeing something there. If I worked on this I can figure it out. It's not perfect. What if it were in windows then? The laptop is on and running while they are watching tv anyway. Why can't plex run in there?

I just turned it on so I can run antivirus. I think windows is slow compared to arch. Arch is not perfect as not everything runs out of the box. Windows get them issues too. The difference is that you can do something about it with arch. You just have to sit with it to figure out how to do things. It's like a blank page. You can do anything with it that you want.

Antivirus is now running. I may need to connect that to the battery, but I can do that later. For now, I write. I did not get out much yesterday. I walked with the bike to get ice cream. I enjoy doing that. I ride like a little boy. There are birds in that tree. Are they waiting for food? They are playing.

These are part of the reflection. Why learn cpp? I don't know. There is mql4 that I will work on. There's not much there with cpp atm. But that interests me. No need to get a job. I get one and before the end of the year I am ready to quit. I do quit in fact. I would rather build up my own business. In one year, I would have gotten far enough.

I think the reason is that I don't care much about the capital. I see that. The motivation is going for the win. Change that into preserving capital. Not growth, but to preserve capital. Growth will follow when you get good at preserving that. Preserve sounds like it's not te right word. A spider came down from the ceiling and sat there beside me. That was different. It stood there while in the sunlight. It was beautiful. I did not freak out. I am not afraid of it. It is part of me. There it is. The legs are catching the sunlight. Imagine how strong the web is. It can go down frow the ceiling like that . Can see its web. How can she do that? It is beacutiful. I think it is weaving the web. If I got up here, I might ruin its work.

Just sit here and describe. The hind legs seem to work with weaving while the fron is for navigation. Is that how it functionsL in has eight legs. Not entirely legs. It is something else to them. It is higher than my head now and goung out of view. It is gone. Where did it go to? I don't know. Maybe there was an insect that needed eating. Or something else. Why not get a different word processor.

I need one that will auto capitalize. That's the only thing that I need here. I don't really need all the magic it can do. What can I do to make windows run better? I don't know. I have malwarebytes running on it. I think that be good enough for now. I have the full license version. I think it is doing good. This is recommended malware on the net. Hackers, those in the know recommend this. I seldom run clam in it because of this.

I was able to catch malware off edy's laptop. I think I made some good there. She'll be back. They do not act responsibly with it. They are going to catch virus with it again. They click on those malware when they go online. It's like religion. You need to learn how to think for yourself.

luvs open source

Sometime I don't feel like writing, but I do it anyway. It's part of the process, expression. This is consolas. For the same size font, this looks so much smaller. I have to set this two points higher. This looks better than that last one. This is a contender with monaco. I think I will use this one for now.

This is what I enjoy about arch linux. It doesn't get in your way. It's like a blank page and you can write and take the story anywhere you want. With other distros, they have rules as to how you can use them. This is more evident with windows. And windows, it's a headache. It's the most common target for malware.

I am fixing someone's laptop. I just reformatted it over the weekend. She sent it back to add some programs. When I logged in, I was greeted with malware pretending to be helpful program. I can't believe people buy into that.

It's because they want a faster computer without having to look under the hood. It's like adding a fan inside your car to get wind into your hair as you sit in traffic. It's not the real thing. And I can't do much to enlighten them. Or is there?

I can put in a basic ubuntu and see if they like it. If not, I can remove it. I think they only want a faster and stable pc. If they can run it, arch is probably the perfect one. But it takes a lot of effort to make it run. It's because it's pretty bare. As I said, it won't get in your way, but you won't get any hand-holding either.

Is this a good font? I think I like it. I am going to stick with this for a while. I have already changed my terminal font. I will now change my gvim fonts and all that. If I can remember how to change that. It is available in the internet just google it and you will see.

I found google through that jlo movie. She mentioned it in the movie and I started using it when I got home. I have been hooked since. I wonder how many people were affected that way. The glazier is coming later on.

Wife is going to be home early tonight. We will have chicken. I still have something to eat later. We do grocery tomorrow nigt. One more week and stela gets here. Also jeff is moving out soon. Next week I think.

The kids might miss him, but there's really not much interaction going on in there. He's not that influencive. If there is such a word. His is he minor changes. This is interesting and I go down this road. This is what life is about lately. If that one other guy is going to do that, I think we can do something else here.

What else is there to write about? I think I can handle somethitg around here. Let's see where this is headed. Things fall into place. I can schedule that one and go from there. There is a thirty dollar difference. It has something to do with them being able to respond sooner.

Am I deficient this way? Only that I am different. I can find my way around linux but not windows. I spent more time on this already. It's because the programs I am running is different. But if we have mono, why is there a need for wine?

Can you not simply port a program into mono and run them from here? I think that is possible. I can look into that and see what happens. Using mono, I can write code in this one and port it into another os. I can also do that with go. And go is much simpler to learn. Then why go mono? I do't know. Maybe I can learn faster by learning how to write it another way.

And then there's javascript. With node running, my apps can run faster without blocking. I am still with that. I haven't given up on that yet. I can go in there and go deep. I have mongodb. But couchdb is less complex. Should I go with couch?

I think the initial startup is a problem. If I can have that running in my pc, it is going to respond so much faster. And it's less complicated. If that is so, then I can do something else with it. It's all json and javascript. I think I can do something here. I can use node and couch readily with that trading bot.

I will look into that.

looknig for rentals

I still have anxiety. I was able to help someone with their computer today. They got the fbi virus. It was terrible, I think. It was bothersome and they were considering paying them off. I think she called my daughter knowing that I might be able to help.

That lady in the tv is hot. She has hot bod. We were looking at this house and I felt less value for myself. How come he can do it and I couldn't. I think he is differet. His path is different from mine. I am keeping myself busy with c sharp. Is that something that I want to do?

I have golang and I can run that with less windows interference. I wonder how the community is? Wil I find more information on the internet about it?

I am learning csharp to learn more about go. I am getting bored with python although I have started development on that python algo trader. Next stop is to get that connected with mongodb. From there I can run tests. But as it is, it is easier to do all that through mt4 than to go through all that in python.

So now I wonder why learn csharp? To add variety in my daily stuff. This guy sounds boring. I can also do this in coffeescript. It is built for web development. Csharp is faster than python but it is going to take time to code. I will get there. It is all a part of the process as I am interested in it.

I wonder how far I can get with this. It is the open source version of a prop software dev. What can I do about it? I don't know. All I know is that I will know what to do when I get there. The thing is it's all about spending. Do I want to get a job with this? no. I just want to learn this because I am interested with it.

But in the back of my head is to learn and get a job. But a job is not what I want. It is a distraction for me. I have mono and mono basic. That is good enough for me and I can make things with this. I will learn things as I go.

The development environment I have is gvim, the terminal and code. I am able to do hello world with it. I wonder if csharp can work with mongodb.

I am losing interest with csharp. It's because it is based on prop. I can do things with python and nodejs. Also golang. That is good enough for me. Find something that works for me, then get going from there.

I don't think being a hotshot able to trade big amounts is a big deal. What's a big deal is to grow a business from a small amount. That is more rewarding for me. And that is what I am going to do from here.

What else is there? Will I be able to do stuff with node? I think that is possible. There is a lot I can do with javascript. They can do virus from javascript. And you do not need a compiler into it. They are able to get in your pc from the browser.

I can finish this intro to node, then I can get into coffeescript. I can then get going with the traderbot from there. It can then run from a browser or standalone via node. I think that be great. I can run a webserver with that. It can run from heroku? I think that is also possible. Get deep into it and you will find what you are looking for. Only get to the other side and see what happens.

Is there a way to be a javascript ninja? Not a ninja. An adept is good enough for me. I think we can get going from there. Is there anything that javascript cannot do? I don't know. Node is such an interesting subject. Is it a programming language? no. javascript is the programming language. Node is the library. Given the basics, I can run with this and go for as far as possible.

I think I can do things with javascript as coffee. No need to branch out, but I will know them when I need to go there. What else is there for me to learn here? I don't know. The kids just sit around the house when they are at home. It's rest day for them. When there is school, they do a lot of walking anyway. That too, is what I am going to do here.

What is next for me? I want to see what else they can do with node? I think the async function can create errors for me. I can look into that and see what happens. I will learn what needs to be learnede around here. Get to the other side. It will be interesting for me.

I can write pseudo-code for that and then see what will happen. Will this be in windows? It is.

tuition to learn

I paid tuition yesterday. I don't think I need to be judging my work. That's not my job as creative. I am here to do the work, not to criticize it. I can do a look back on it, but when the working hat is on, work—write, trade, whatever it is that needs to get done.

I missed out on that other two candle headed into the pivot. How to trade this now? Zoom out and look to trade that instead. Why not look for them bounces off those levels and trade that?

It's easy when looking back. You need something more consistent. I think gimmee bars work well. I only need to be more patient with it. What else to write about? I don't feel comfortable with people seeing my work.

Not everyone can write. It's like public speaking. People want to be that person who can captivate the crowd, but nobody wants to put their work out there. That be the lesson for me. I have been writing for more than a decade now. It is amazing how time flies.

Today is my eldest daughter's birthday. This is he work, that I write. Sometimes it is the ozy that has the lower spread. I can watch that too and I am. I moved eddie out of my watch list. It doesn't move as much as ej. The latter moves a lot. I can watch geppy or ozyyen, but the spread on that is much more. At least this watch list of mine is not correlated. I can trade this without having to worry about correlation. You don't want to go there.

The light in the kitchen needs to be turned off. I can do that, but daughter can turn it off so I do not have to go there. Smoky is in the yard. I think he is going to poop there. What to do next. I am waiting to short ozy on the overbought.

I think it is one of the majors as it is on the list in mt4. This is what I do all day, watch the market to see how things are doing. This is where the work is. What color to use for that? I think I would rather have arch on the hp. I don't do much with windows these days. I would rather do open source dev. There's so much leg room for me here and I can only do so much with windows.

I don't think jeff will get the video hardware anyway. So I can do this. I think ozy is going to go range soon. The bbs are starting to contract. I am more aggressive now, trading gimmee bars before they start to happen.

You can't tell what the market is going to do next anyway. I think I can use another screen. What do I do with this one then? People are on the lookout for free stuff that are in good condition. I am too. There is plenty out there. Only need to be patient. Tehre is no need to be patient. All things happen by synchronicity. That is another long word there.

I just made changes to auto correct. Now synchronicity goes into automatic. I wonder if those dashes work—and it doesn't still. I wonder how I can change those. Open source will let you do that. You only need to look for a way to do that. We are going to valentines later. I will pick up wife and jeff at their office later.

Price is on the pivot and the us market is going to close soon. There is no market close on forex. There is only sessions and since everything is algo traded, the machine, the bots are on anyway. When the triggers kick in, the trades go official and get painted into price action.

Knowing that bots are out there, how do I use that? Trade the way they do. No need to go against them. I can ever write my own bot. Will they work? I don't know. I think they will. I can use python on my bots myself. I think it is possible to hack that web app and make trades from there. I can ask for the api. It's out there and the machine is my extension. It is a tool.

Think that way and it will be that way. I can finish that python tutorial today and move on. I can also do that game programming. That will go a long way. I have several tuts on my list. I can do that for the rest of the week.

How to trade this? What if you did a variety on martingale? I think it is possible to do a study on that. The thing is, I still need to see the tools that are available for me. I can go back there. No need to be fancy with the programming. Things will fall into place when I go there.

I was able to get ruby with the video tutorials. How hard can python be? It is the same as ruby. When I go find it getting fancy, I can choose to make it work for me. How to do that? It is all about choice. I can choose.