all contrast

These corrupt politicos, they are like spriritually impoverished. They never know when to say enough. They keep hoarding even if others will not have anything. But that is part of the process. It's there for a reason. It may seem unfair, but both parties gained something from the process. Seeing it this way, I let go of judgement. But it seems everywhere. Why is this my reflection?

Because you are positive. How can you be positive if there was no negative? The contrast is there to let you choose who you want to be. Keep to the light. Choose. You do not have to respond out of the light.

There's something in my butt. I will shower earlier today. Allow the negative to be there, but choose how you will respond to it. This is what positive—being a person of integrity is about.

I made an autocorrect entry. See if this will work—no, it did not. I don't get why that one doesn't work. Why not get open office? I don't think that is available in the repos. Is it?

It's not entirely there. There is the package, but I am not sure how to go there. The laptop setup has issues with sound. If I sat with it I am sure I can fix it. Plex doesn't update the files. Why is that. I am not seeing something there. If I worked on this I can figure it out. It's not perfect. What if it were in windows then? The laptop is on and running while they are watching tv anyway. Why can't plex run in there?

I just turned it on so I can run antivirus. I think windows is slow compared to arch. Arch is not perfect as not everything runs out of the box. Windows get them issues too. The difference is that you can do something about it with arch. You just have to sit with it to figure out how to do things. It's like a blank page. You can do anything with it that you want.

Antivirus is now running. I may need to connect that to the battery, but I can do that later. For now, I write. I did not get out much yesterday. I walked with the bike to get ice cream. I enjoy doing that. I ride like a little boy. There are birds in that tree. Are they waiting for food? They are playing.

These are part of the reflection. Why learn cpp? I don't know. There is mql4 that I will work on. There's not much there with cpp atm. But that interests me. No need to get a job. I get one and before the end of the year I am ready to quit. I do quit in fact. I would rather build up my own business. In one year, I would have gotten far enough.

I think the reason is that I don't care much about the capital. I see that. The motivation is going for the win. Change that into preserving capital. Not growth, but to preserve capital. Growth will follow when you get good at preserving that. Preserve sounds like it's not te right word. A spider came down from the ceiling and sat there beside me. That was different. It stood there while in the sunlight. It was beautiful. I did not freak out. I am not afraid of it. It is part of me. There it is. The legs are catching the sunlight. Imagine how strong the web is. It can go down frow the ceiling like that . Can see its web. How can she do that? It is beacutiful. I think it is weaving the web. If I got up here, I might ruin its work.

Just sit here and describe. The hind legs seem to work with weaving while the fron is for navigation. Is that how it functionsL in has eight legs. Not entirely legs. It is something else to them. It is higher than my head now and goung out of view. It is gone. Where did it go to? I don't know. Maybe there was an insect that needed eating. Or something else. Why not get a different word processor.

I need one that will auto capitalize. That's the only thing that I need here. I don't really need all the magic it can do. What can I do to make windows run better? I don't know. I have malwarebytes running on it. I think that be good enough for now. I have the full license version. I think it is doing good. This is recommended malware on the net. Hackers, those in the know recommend this. I seldom run clam in it because of this.

I was able to catch malware off edy's laptop. I think I made some good there. She'll be back. They do not act responsibly with it. They are going to catch virus with it again. They click on those malware when they go online. It's like religion. You need to learn how to think for yourself.