four degrees morning

I removed libreoffice and put in openoffice. The problem is, I installed the whole suite. I will look into that next time. Maybe I can do a select what's installed on pacman, then remove stuff from there.

I like this interface better. It's more refined. I don't know why lidreoffice is the default when this, on the outside, feels like a much better product. I'll use this for now—maybe there is something here I can do.

I am testing that double dash and see if it works here—it doesn't. I wonder how to do that. Maybe there is something else that keeps it there. I can look it up when I have time. I have time. All this is Synchronicity and I can work with it.

I made a new entry—this time, it still did not work. Anyway... time to write. I will find that when the time comes. I have event lined up for tonight. Marcus has school thing that needs parents to be there. Wife is going to be at work. I am going there myself. I can put the drumsticks in the oven and have that for dinner. What else?

Why does he keep whining? I think I can put the responsibility there. No need for me to respond this way. This is so much better. I am going to stick with this. It has others in the suite. I don't mind. I can keep them there for now.

I am writing with openoffice. This is such a better product. The sun is out. I can go out for a ride later on? If only the kids knew how fun it is to ride the bike. Wife got them used to sitting in the car. If it were me, we would all be riding bikes from the get go. Even if it were raining. But that's just me. I can trade in the library later on. Bring the laptop and sit in the library.

But the internet connection there is limited. I can stay here and do my trades. I think I came up with a better trading system last night. It builds up on the method I had before. If the market moves without zigzags, it will work. I get stopped out on breakeven, or if she were trending strongly. But if it's rangebound, I can make something out of it.

I am so happy with this setup. The os is fast. It boots up faster than most I have tried before. Shutting down is within three seconds. Try that on an old windows install. That one takes forever.

I think bootups are time to get coffee. Maybe the developer is training you to do that. Turn on the pc and you get coffee or something else. Everything is initializing. I am learning c and it's not as hard as I thought it would be. I should have started with that. But maybe I wouldn't be here. I learned all the others because it was easier to understand.

It is four degrees this morning. I woke up freezing. Sex last night was good. It got me warmed up and had a good night's sleep. I woke up freezing. Only here and now. I can choose how to respond. And this is what I am being right now. Being or doing.

What is up for today? I will finish this and do my son's lunch. He is asking for something else. My body says it is processing. I feel hungry. What does that tell me? Redefine things and see what happens.

Maybe that is what it is. I can ride to albany. That is interesting going through that bike path. It is the closest and I enjoy going through that.

Where else can we go? I think they can get married in there. I can bring him there. There is that part of the park where they can go. That way, they do not have to go very far. They might have to ask permission from the council for that.

There are more of those around the city. I think you will find more info on that on the internet. I might look into that later on. For now, I just want to finish these and see what happens. I have one more paragraph to go.

And it will be over in two more sentences. I am teaching these kids how to be responsible. This is where I am. No need to respond in a way that I do not prefer or is not in alignment. I am done.