looknig for rentals

I still have anxiety. I was able to help someone with their computer today. They got the fbi virus. It was terrible, I think. It was bothersome and they were considering paying them off. I think she called my daughter knowing that I might be able to help.

That lady in the tv is hot. She has hot bod. We were looking at this house and I felt less value for myself. How come he can do it and I couldn't. I think he is differet. His path is different from mine. I am keeping myself busy with c sharp. Is that something that I want to do?

I have golang and I can run that with less windows interference. I wonder how the community is? Wil I find more information on the internet about it?

I am learning csharp to learn more about go. I am getting bored with python although I have started development on that python algo trader. Next stop is to get that connected with mongodb. From there I can run tests. But as it is, it is easier to do all that through mt4 than to go through all that in python.

So now I wonder why learn csharp? To add variety in my daily stuff. This guy sounds boring. I can also do this in coffeescript. It is built for web development. Csharp is faster than python but it is going to take time to code. I will get there. It is all a part of the process as I am interested in it.

I wonder how far I can get with this. It is the open source version of a prop software dev. What can I do about it? I don't know. All I know is that I will know what to do when I get there. The thing is it's all about spending. Do I want to get a job with this? no. I just want to learn this because I am interested with it.

But in the back of my head is to learn and get a job. But a job is not what I want. It is a distraction for me. I have mono and mono basic. That is good enough for me and I can make things with this. I will learn things as I go.

The development environment I have is gvim, the terminal and code. I am able to do hello world with it. I wonder if csharp can work with mongodb.

I am losing interest with csharp. It's because it is based on prop. I can do things with python and nodejs. Also golang. That is good enough for me. Find something that works for me, then get going from there.

I don't think being a hotshot able to trade big amounts is a big deal. What's a big deal is to grow a business from a small amount. That is more rewarding for me. And that is what I am going to do from here.

What else is there? Will I be able to do stuff with node? I think that is possible. There is a lot I can do with javascript. They can do virus from javascript. And you do not need a compiler into it. They are able to get in your pc from the browser.

I can finish this intro to node, then I can get into coffeescript. I can then get going with the traderbot from there. It can then run from a browser or standalone via node. I think that be great. I can run a webserver with that. It can run from heroku? I think that is also possible. Get deep into it and you will find what you are looking for. Only get to the other side and see what happens.

Is there a way to be a javascript ninja? Not a ninja. An adept is good enough for me. I think we can get going from there. Is there anything that javascript cannot do? I don't know. Node is such an interesting subject. Is it a programming language? no. javascript is the programming language. Node is the library. Given the basics, I can run with this and go for as far as possible.

I think I can do things with javascript as coffee. No need to branch out, but I will know them when I need to go there. What else is there for me to learn here? I don't know. The kids just sit around the house when they are at home. It's rest day for them. When there is school, they do a lot of walking anyway. That too, is what I am going to do here.

What is next for me? I want to see what else they can do with node? I think the async function can create errors for me. I can look into that and see what happens. I will learn what needs to be learnede around here. Get to the other side. It will be interesting for me.

I can write pseudo-code for that and then see what will happen. Will this be in windows? It is.