luvs open source

Sometime I don't feel like writing, but I do it anyway. It's part of the process, expression. This is consolas. For the same size font, this looks so much smaller. I have to set this two points higher. This looks better than that last one. This is a contender with monaco. I think I will use this one for now.

This is what I enjoy about arch linux. It doesn't get in your way. It's like a blank page and you can write and take the story anywhere you want. With other distros, they have rules as to how you can use them. This is more evident with windows. And windows, it's a headache. It's the most common target for malware.

I am fixing someone's laptop. I just reformatted it over the weekend. She sent it back to add some programs. When I logged in, I was greeted with malware pretending to be helpful program. I can't believe people buy into that.

It's because they want a faster computer without having to look under the hood. It's like adding a fan inside your car to get wind into your hair as you sit in traffic. It's not the real thing. And I can't do much to enlighten them. Or is there?

I can put in a basic ubuntu and see if they like it. If not, I can remove it. I think they only want a faster and stable pc. If they can run it, arch is probably the perfect one. But it takes a lot of effort to make it run. It's because it's pretty bare. As I said, it won't get in your way, but you won't get any hand-holding either.

Is this a good font? I think I like it. I am going to stick with this for a while. I have already changed my terminal font. I will now change my gvim fonts and all that. If I can remember how to change that. It is available in the internet just google it and you will see.

I found google through that jlo movie. She mentioned it in the movie and I started using it when I got home. I have been hooked since. I wonder how many people were affected that way. The glazier is coming later on.

Wife is going to be home early tonight. We will have chicken. I still have something to eat later. We do grocery tomorrow nigt. One more week and stela gets here. Also jeff is moving out soon. Next week I think.

The kids might miss him, but there's really not much interaction going on in there. He's not that influencive. If there is such a word. His is he minor changes. This is interesting and I go down this road. This is what life is about lately. If that one other guy is going to do that, I think we can do something else here.

What else is there to write about? I think I can handle somethitg around here. Let's see where this is headed. Things fall into place. I can schedule that one and go from there. There is a thirty dollar difference. It has something to do with them being able to respond sooner.

Am I deficient this way? Only that I am different. I can find my way around linux but not windows. I spent more time on this already. It's because the programs I am running is different. But if we have mono, why is there a need for wine?

Can you not simply port a program into mono and run them from here? I think that is possible. I can look into that and see what happens. Using mono, I can write code in this one and port it into another os. I can also do that with go. And go is much simpler to learn. Then why go mono? I do't know. Maybe I can learn faster by learning how to write it another way.

And then there's javascript. With node running, my apps can run faster without blocking. I am still with that. I haven't given up on that yet. I can go in there and go deep. I have mongodb. But couchdb is less complex. Should I go with couch?

I think the initial startup is a problem. If I can have that running in my pc, it is going to respond so much faster. And it's less complicated. If that is so, then I can do something else with it. It's all json and javascript. I think I can do something here. I can use node and couch readily with that trading bot.

I will look into that.